March 31, 2020

Hello out there to my students at Oakman and Geer Park! I miss you all so much….that I finally figured out how to do my blog again! I’ve spoken to all of you over the phone, and many of us have face-timed. I will continue to call you and hope to set up some group hang-outs soon!

5th graders at Oakman: Ms. Mosed and I are keeping in touch, and we have assigned lots of enriching things for you to do. Please try them. For reading, make sure you are reading daily. If you stop reading, you will lose all the tremendous progress you have made this year! For math, keep practicing up on your fractions. Don’t forget to keep fresh on multiplication facts and doing multiplication and division problems as well. Please follow Ms. Mosed’s blog and look at google classroom. There are many great sites for you to visit.

2nd and 3rd Graders at Geer Park: I have also been in touch with your teachers and know they are giving you links to great sites and other enriching work to do. If you want to get better at reading, then read, read, read! Practice with money at home, counting in patterns, learning your multiplication facts and lots of fun stuff.

I look forward to our next phone call/face time! I plan to try you on Wednesday afternoon. Miss you much!

Mrs. Warsop

2018-2019 Co-Teaching 3rd Grade with Mrs. Harb!!

Welcome to another school year! This year I am thrilled to be co-teaching once again with Mrs.  Harb! This year we are together in 3rd grade! I will be here at Becker for the first two hours of the day. After that, I will be traveling to Fordson feeder elementary, middle, and high schools coaching co-teachers. This is a new role in the district and for me. I am blessed to be able to still be here at Becker for part of my day at least. If I can be of service to any student, parent, or staff member….just let me know! Go Becker Bearcats!

Mindset Change!

In our lobby is a bulletin board about mindset change. Mindset change is about how we look at things. Have you ever heard of the saying,”Is your glass half full or half empty?”. Things happen everyday to us,and we have the choice to look at them positively or negatively. A positive approach will be make us happier and more successful.

We are facing some changes here at Becker as our numbers increase. There are pros and cons to these changes, but how we look at them is what will really make us happy and successful.

Try on a positive mindset change and see how much better the world looks!


Wishing everyone a happy and healthy summer. Students, please read every day for at least 15 – 30 minutes! Practice your multiplication facts if you are in grades 3 – 5. Count the change in your mom or dad’s wallet! Write a journal of your activities! Never stop learning!

Spring Break

So what are you doing over Spring Break? I hope your answer is reading!!

I have a book clue for you! If you figure out the answer, come tell me, and if you are correct, you will get a prize!

“Anything can happen, child. Anything can be.”

March is Reading Month!

“Once upon a page” is our theme! What does it make you think of? Do you see castles and a princess or three little pigs? Maybe you see George Washington or computers? Every genre takes you on a learning adventure! Personally, I love mysteries! I just finished a book last night by Harlan Coban. He is one of my favorite authors. Do you have a favorite author?

Holiday Activities to Keep Your Mind Active!

  1. Read every day for at least 15 minutes!
  2. Write a journal entry about something you did each day.
  3. Make a diorama out of a shoe box that shows a favorite scene from your book or movie or family tradition!
  4. Write a song to a tune (Like “Mary Had a Little Lamb”…) about vacation.
  5. Practice your multiplication facts! Make your own game! I made multiplication Jenga!
  6. Count how much change is in your mom’s purse or dad’s pocket every day!
  7. Follow directions….make a cake or some cookies!
  8. Plan some New Year resolutions!
  9. Make up a snow dance!
  10. Create a puzzle with your favorite book characters, cartoons, teachers, foods or something else!