Parent-Teacher Conferences and The 24 Hour World Tour Culture Fair

On Monday, Parent-Teacher Conferences and the 24 Hour World Tour Culture Fair were canceled due to the weather, but they still had them on Wednesday. Parent-Teacher Conferences and the Culture Fair were very successful.

On Wednesday, parents and guardians could come in to talk with teachers about their child’s grades and how they are doing in class. If you attended Parent-Teacher conferences you received your report card for card marking one. Some students were happy when they received their report cards because they could show their parents/guardians how much they know and learned throughout the card marking. Other students were nervous and upset because their parents/guardians looked at their reports cards in front of them and they might not have the best grades. Overall, teachers and administration were happy with the turnout and got to speak with many parents and guardians. 

Also, anyone that applied for the 24 Hour World Tour presented a project they made about a country of their choice. They presented to teachers and parents. Many students enjoyed presenting their projects, and many teachers and parents enjoyed listening to the students present. Some students presented about France, Germany, Cuba, Indonesia, and so many more countries!

If you are upset about not getting a chance to go to Parent-Teacher Conferences on Wednesday, do not worry! You can still go on Monday, November 18. You will also have a chance to see other people present their reports at the 24 Hour World Tour Projects on Monday. Hope to see you there!

–Dalia Nedzinskas

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