Next Week…

  • Monday 2/11: Barn Hill Assembly permission slips due today. No late permission slips will be accepted. If the permission slip sent home Thursday has been misplaced, click here for a copy.
  • Thursday 2/14: Valentine’s Day AND Half Day
    • We will have a pajama day and enjoy a pancake breakfast for our party. Students are welcome to bring in Valentines cards/treats to pass out to the whole class.
    • Dismissal at 11:45.
    • $3 for plant program is also due today
  • Friday 2/15 and Monday 2/18: No School – Mid-Winter Break

In the News…

  • Book orders:   will hopefully be here by the end of the week.
  • Reading Calendars:  If your child was interested, they brought home a February reading calendar today.  The process is easy, please sign each day that your child reads for at least 20 minutes.  Students who return the calendar on March 1st with at least 20 days signed will earn something small.  This is not mandatory for most students.
  • Late start:  Wednesday, Feb. 6th
  • Valentine’s Day:  We will celebrate on Feb. 14th with pancakes and pj’s!  A note came home today with a list of every student in our classroom.  If your child is choosing to pass out valentines, please make sure they have one for everyone.  Valentine 2019
  • NWEA:  We will finish up the math test for NWEA by Wednesday.  I will print out a report for each student and send it home on Thursday or Friday.
  • Save the date:  2nd graders will have a concert on March 28th at 7 p.m.

change in lunch menu

Monday, February 4th:
First choice will be bosco sticks
Second choice will be a grilled cheese sandwich
Tuesday, February 5th:
First choice will be fish tacos
Second choice will be a grilled cheese sandwich
Wednesday, February 6th:
First choice will be cheesy garlic flatbread
Second choice will be a grilled cheese sandwich

When it’s chilly outside, it may be a good idea to have your child dress in layers that include a sweatshirt and long pants to help them be cozy in our classroom.

Snow Day Challenge

I posted a quick, fun writing assignment in google classroom.  Students can complete this if they are interested and then “turn in” to me for a prize from the prize box.

The trickiest part will be logging in to google classroom.  They can get to google classroom by going to the Dearborn schools page, and then clicking on student resources or by clicking here.  You can also try just having them log in to google like you or I would with their email address and password.

Their email address is their student  They all have it memorized!


Their password is their birthday. (example:  08112008)

The classroom code is ie3doc6  (just in case you need it!)


If you cannot get in to google classroom OR if you would rather have them do it on paper, here is a copy of what it looks like (snow day challenge).  You can either print it off or they can just write on lined paper.

The directions were:

Finish the story starter by filling in the first sentence and then adding at least 3 details!

Make sure you:

  • Use complete sentences
  • Start sentences with a capital letter
  • End every sentence with punctuation


I feel like a lot of stuff came home today (please check folders or backpacks), so let me just highlight a few of them:

  • save the date:  2nd graders will have a concert on March 28th at 7 p.m.
  • spirit wear:  there is an order form for Howard t-shirts/sweatshirts, please return by Friday
  • book orders:  everyone gets excited about a book order 😉  You can order online by going to and clicking on parents.  Then enter our classroom code MK4VL.  OR you can send in your order form to me with a check made out to Scholastic.  Please place your online order, or send me your form, by Monday.

Also, new spelling words came home today.  Students are now expected to have a total of 4 activities completed when they turn their notebook in on Mondays.  We will start one of those in class (10 times each) and then they need to do 3 more at home.  I have also noticed that many of us are almost out of pages in our spelling notebook.  If possible, please grab your student a new red notebook (it does not have to be spiral).  If for any reason you are not able to get a new one, please let me know.

Some of us are still struggling with no headphones.  A huge THANK YOU to Hadi’s mom for donating 2 pair to the classroom!!  Please consider getting your student a pair of their own headphones if they don’t have them.

Finally, today was the end of the 2nd cardmarking.  Please don’t look for report cards before at least Friday.  It may even be early next week before they come home.  I will make sure I blog (and we will write it in our planners) on the day they come home so you know to take a look for them 🙂