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Woodworth Middle School – Dearborn Public Schools

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Hello families! Our names are Ms. Bazzi and Mrs. Tate and we are so excited to be your child’s math teachers this year!

Please take a few minutes to review this syllabus for some important information.  Be sure to subscribe to our blog for classroom news and homework alerts. 

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Contact Information

Ms. Bazzi –

Mrs. Tate –

Units of Study in 6th grade Math

  1. Ratios and Proportions
  2. The Number System
  3. Expressions and Equations
  4. Geometry
  5. Statistics

Important Dates to Remember

  • Open House: September 11th, 6:00-7:30
  • End of Card Marking 1: November 1st
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences: November 11th and 13th
  • End of Card Marking 2: January 17th 
  • End of Card Marking 3: March 27th
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences: April 16th
  • End of Card Marking 4 and last day of school: June 11th

Classroom Rules/Procedures

  1. Come to class prepared and ready to learn. This includes bringing ALL materials to class.
  2. Be respectful to others. Listen to them, and keep your hands/feet/objects to yourself.
  3. Raise your hand to speak.
  4. Actively participate in classroom activities.
  5. Follow all school rules
  6. Assignments for students who are absent will be available in the absent work folders. It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to obtain all missed work.
  7. You must be in your seat and starting your bellwork when class begins.

Classroom Discipline Plan

In order for all students to be successful, it is extremely important that students follow our classroom rules and procedures. When it becomes necessary to take disciplinary action, the following plan will be followed:

  • 1st infraction: warning to student
  • 2nd infraction: conference between student and teacher
  • 3rd infraction: phone call to parents/lunch detention
  • 4th infraction: referral to office


Student grades will be based on the following:

  • Summative Assessments (80%): Includes quizzes, tests and projects
  • Formative Assessments (20%): Includes classwork/activities, homework assignments, bellwork and participation

Summative and formative grades will be averaged to create a grade for each marking period. Students and parents can expect progress reports periodically AND may access their Parent Connect account at any time to stay updated on your child’s progress.

Percentage Letter Grade

  • 96.5-100   A+ 
  • 93-96       A 
  • 89.5 -92  A- 
  • 86.5-89   B+ 
  • 83-86       B 
  • 79.5-82   B- 
  • 76.5-79   C+
  • 73-76     C
  • 69.5-72  C-
  • 66.5-69 D+
  • 63-66     D
  • 59.5-62  D-
  • 0-59        E

Other grading policy information

  • Late/missing work is accepted up to the date of the assessment for the material presented. Late work will be accepted but students can earn partial points.
  • Test makeups are allowed before or after school. If a student is absent and needs to makeup a test, arrangements must be made to do so within 5 days upon returning to school.
  • Bellwork: Everyday for the first ten to fifteen minutes of class, there will be a bellwork task assigned. Students must finish this task in class and will receive credit for completing the task in the time allotted.  Each day, a bell work assignment will be given a point. At the end of the card marking, all of these points will be added together to get your bell work grade.  
  • Classwork: This work can be assigned to be accomplished independently, with a partner, or with a group.  Class work may follow the various rubrics or may have points that are determined by the amount of work asked for to solve each problem.  
  • Homework will be assigned on a regular basis, but most days students will be given time to start working and even finish it during class.

Retake policy

Students earning a 70% or lower on a summative assessment will have the option of retaking that assessment one time. There will be a specific day that students can come after school to retake the assessment. The retake will be a different version of the assessment and the highest score earned will be entered into the MiStar gradebook. 

Planner Procedure

  • The planner will be used daily in this class.  It is extremely important to keep your planner with you at all times.   The last 5 minutes of class will be dedicated to “PLANNER TIME”. At that point you will write the homework assignment in your planner as we write it on the planner side of the board.  
  • Your exit to leave class is by showing us your planner.

Recommended  Daily Supplies

Due by Friday, September 6th

  • 1  notebook (MANDATORY)
  • Folder 
  • Pencils
  • Highlighter (any color)
  • Sharpener with a cover

We keep a classroom supply of the following items, but most students find it easiest to have their own:

  • Colored pencils or markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks

The following items aren’t required, but if you are able to contribute 1 or 2 to our classroom supply we would greatly appreciate it!

  • Kleenex/tissues 
  • Sticky notes
  • Dry Erase markers (any color)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Cleaning wipes

We are available before or after school any day (except after school on Mondays) if your child needs extra help on an assignment or content.  Students just need to check with us during class to let us know they’d like to stay after for help! 

We are looking forward to a WONDERFUL year of learning with your child and working with you to ensure he or she has a successful school year!

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