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Monday 04/20

This week we will start chapter 4. Please work on the following assignments due Sunday 26th.

4.1 Obj 1: pg 201 #1, 5, 6, 9-20

4.1 Obj 2: pg 201 #2, 21-28

4.1 Obj 3 : pg 203 #29 -31 4.1

Obj 4: pg 204 #45, 46

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Make up week

Please use this week to make up any missing assignments. No new assignments for this week.

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Monday 05/11

This week you will completing Review and Quiz for 4.2/4.3.

Please watch the following video made by Mrs O’rourke (stat teacher at Edsel), it will help you review those 2 sections. Here is the link

Complete the review and only ONE quiz. Complete Quiz A if your last name starts with A-H, complete quiz B if your last name starts with I-P, complete quiz C if your last name starts with Q-Z.

Everything will be due Sunday 05/17 through email

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Assignments for the week of 05/04

Please complete the following guided notes and practice problems for section 4.3. Assignments are due Sunday 05/10 through email.

4.3 Obj 1: pg 226 #1-4, 9, 17-20

4.3 Obj 2 (poisson): pg 226 #5-8, 10-16, 21-24

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Monday 4/20

This week will will be working on 4.2. Here are the assignments:

4.2 Obj 1 & 2: pg 215 #7-10

4.2 Obj 2 & 3: pg 215 #15, 17, 19 (formula only)

Assignments will be due Sunday 05/03 through email.

Throughout the week you can communicate with me anytime (no restricted office hours) through email and remind.

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FHS Remote Learning Plan

Please take the time to read the following important document that includes the school plan for the rest of the year. Also please watch the following video that includes a message from Mrs Alcodray.

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Tuesday 04/14

Please continue working on 3.4 worksheet it will be due tomorrow noon.

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Monday 04/13

Complete the following 3.4 worksheet for practice. You can either print it or write it down.

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Thursday 04/02

Please submit 3.4 Practice Problems through email. Each email has to have your name and title of the assignment on the subject line (example: chocor, sarah- 3.4 Practice Problems) . All assignments will be logged in to mistar next week and phone calls will be made home to students who are not completing any assignment.

Today’s thought: please send me a “note”, “videos” about anything you want to talk about!

Stay home! Stay safe! I miss you a lot!

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Monday 03/30


Last week most of you have completed 3.4 guided notes. Please complete the following textbook problems to practice: 3.4 Obj 1 pg 178 #1, 4, 7-10, 20-22, 25, 27.

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