Updates and Summer Information from Mrs. Yaros

Hello Students and Families!
Yes, Summer is here and the School Year is over. Enjoy the rewards of all of your efforts! 
For those attending McCollough Summer School the ‘Learning Continues’ beginning once again in July.  I will not be teaching Summer School but many of my colleagues from McCollough are looking forward to working with your students.  From conversations with staff, I understand students will be assigned a teacher to meet with remotely either individually or in small groups throughout the weeks of July into August.  For students requiring adaptations to the Summer curriculum, another Special Education Teacher from our building has been assigned to make these modifications as I had provided for our weekly Google Meetings. I will be in contact with this teacher to provide updates from where we left off at the end of the school year. 
Information should be shared with you soon since July is just around the corner.  I believe July 7th is the start of the program. 

As I mentioned when last meeting with your students, please contact me through my school email address anytime during the Summer. yarosd@dearbornschools.org
You may have questions or your student may just want to say ‘hi’.  I look forward to knowing how they are enjoying themselves.  Pictures and videos are, of course, welcome as well!   I check my email almost daily!

I am currently working on your student’s Progress Reports.  Look for them in the mail within the next week.  I have included special notes to each of them as well.

Thank you once again for allowing me to meet with your students and welcoming me into your homes each week!  
Wishing you and your families a Safe and Healthy and most Enjoyable Summer!💕☀☺☀💕
Mrs. Diane Yaros, Special Education Resource Teacher, McCollough Elementary School

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