ChromeBook and Food Distribution

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Dear Parents,

It is my hope that this message finds you and your loved ones well and in good spirits.

Please be sure to check your buildings website/blog for important information regarding ChromeBook and breakfast/lunch distributions.

Stay healthy and safe.


Remote Learning

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We are in uncertain times here and we have no idea how long this will last. So while we are homeschooling/remotely/digitally educating our kids, if you need assistance with understanding something that has been assigned for your student, or if you need more resources, please let me know. I will be happy to answer questions as best as I can. I am a Middle School ELA Coach and will be happy to answer questions as best I can.

(Copied from a teacher for AlL teachers to share)


Thank You!

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Dear Students,

I love this time of year because students and teachers come in with a fresh start, a burning curiosity, and a mind full of endless possibilities for a successful school year. I would like to share with you some exciting , yet sad news with you as well.

I hope you know how much I loved each and every one of you that walked through my door and how much Lowrey has meant to me. During the summer, I was offered a Middle School ELA Instructional Coach position at Salina Intermediate and Stout Middle School.  I want to thank each and every single one of my students and their parents for their support and loyalty to me the past seven years.  God above was watching over me when he placed me at Lowrey seven years ago. It has been such a blessing working with the most humble staff members, loyal parents, and the most dedicated students. To me,  Lowrey wasn’t just a “place of employment” I was going to every morning, it has been my home, A home that invited me in and took great care of me. For that, I will always be grateful to you. 
If you ever need anything, please do not hesitate to email me! I am always here for you!
Yours truly,
Mrs. Sobh


8th grade promotion pics

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Congratulations 8th-graders- we LOVE LOVE LOVE you! Best of luck in high school!


6th grade field day

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Due to scheduling conflicts, 6th grade field day will be TOMORROW!!!

We will follow the same schedule as planned:

8:30 a.m-11:15- outside on the field. Students can bring sports equipment, blankets, cards, board games, electronics, ect…

11:20- lunch indoors

4th hour elective

5th hour- movie


Please notify all of your friends- and spread the word!!!! Sorry for the late notification!



Book Talk Tickets:

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Fiction_2 (1)


due the first week of September!


Summer Learning- ELA

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Summer Learning: Math and Literacy


Dear Parent/Guardian,

      According to Johns Hopkins University, the effects of summer learning loss can result in nearly a three-month loss in grade-level equivalency in math and a two-month loss in grade-level equivalency in reading.  In order to close the summer learning loss gap in reading and math, middle school students will be expected to complete Summer Learning before they return in the fall.  Teachers will grade the completed summer work when school opens in August.  Below are the expectations for math and literacy.  Thank you so much for supporting your child’s development through summer learning.



  • Complete 60 minutes of Khan Academy a week (Practice only, videos will not count), based on their NWEA level.
  • Students need to access Khan through Clever from the Dearborn Schools Student page.



Below is the grade breakdown by minutes for Math.

480+ minutes    A  

384 – 479           B

336 – 383           C

288 – 335           D



  • Read 3-5 books from your building’s recommended reading list.
  • Be prepared to present a Book Talk in September when you return to school.
  • Book Talk rubric


All Middle School libraries will be open every Wednesday between 9 am and 11 am.


الدورة الصيفية : الرياضيات و اللغة الانكليزية

أولياء الأمور و الأوصياء الأعزاء:

بناء على دراسة لجامعة جون هوبكنز إن  الانقطاع عن الدراسة خلال الصيف قد يسفر عن تراجع الطالب بما يعادل فترة زمنية قد تصل إلى الثلاثة  أشهر تقريبا من فترة الدراسة العادية في مادة الرياضيات، و الشهرين في مادة القراءة. من أجل التخلص من هذه الفجوة التعليمية التي من الممكن أن تنشأ عن حلول فصل الصيف في القراءة والرياضيات، يتوقع من طلاب المرحلة الاعدادية إكمال واجبات بيتية صيفية  قبل عودتهم إلى المدرسة العام القادم وسيتم تصحيح وإعطاء علامات عن هذه الواجبات من قبل المعلمين عند بداية العام الدراسي في شهر آب القادم. في ما يلي توقعاتنا في مادة الرياضيات و القراءة. شكراً لكم على دعمكم ومساندتكم لأبنائكم في إكمال الواجبات الصيفية .


  •         إكمال 60 دقيقة اسبوعياً في التمرن ( التمرينات فقط، مدة المقاطع المصورة لا تحسب من ضمن الساعات المطلوبة) على موقع أكاديمية خان بناءاً على مستواهم في  امتحانات ال NWEA.
  •    على الطلاب الدخول على موقع خان عبر صفحة مدارس ديربورن الرسمية  الرئيسية / صفحة الطلاب. لا تقوموا بتسجيل الدخول من صفحة الطالب الخاصة.

اليكم فيما يلي توزيع العلامات لكل دقيقة في كل مادة : الرياضيات ( خان) اللغة ( موبي ماكس)

480 دقيقة و أكثر  = أ

479-384 دقيقة = ب

383-336 دقيقة = س

                   335-288 دقيقة = د              


اللغة الانكليزية:

  •        قراءة 3-5  كتب من قائمة الكتب المعروضة في مدرستك.
  •    تجهيز عرض تقديمي مكتوب لتقديمه في شهر أيلول عند العودة إلى المدرسة.
  •       سلم علامات و تصحيح العرض التقديمي.


نرجو منكم التوقيع على هذا الجزء و إعادته إلى معلم/ـة الطفل

سوف تفتح جميع مكتبات المدارس الإعدادية أبوابها كل يوم أربعاء من الساعة 9 ص وحتى 11 ص.



Spirit Day #5- Polar Pride

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 WE WON!!!!

6th- Grade Students will be treated to a day full of fun! More information to come. As of now, the field day will most likely be on TUESDAY! 


Character Autopsy Due on MONDAY!!!

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Find quotations/passages to illustrate at least SIX of the following “body parts” for a post-reading autopsy of one of the major characters from “Tuesday of the Other June”. Place these strategically on the body outline. Write the line number(s) in parentheses after each quotation or passage. (ALL 6 OF YOUR TEXT EVIDENCE SHOULD BE IN THE FORM OF A DIRECT QUOTE- “…….” (line #) All members should sign the project. Neatness, color, artistic effort, as well as the most appropriate quotations/passages will earn you the highest points.

Body Parts: ( 3 pts each- 18 points)

Background: What is the character’s environment/ background, and what are his/her struggles? ( Does not require direct quotes)

  1. Head: What does your character think about his or her world? What are the character’s beliefs? ( direct quote needed)
  2. Eyes: See the world through your character’s eyes. What fears affect him or her? ( direct quote needed)
  3. Arms: How does the character change? The LEFT arm should describe how she was in the beginning of the story, and the RIGHT arm should describe how she had changed by the end. ( direct quote needed)
  4. Wrists: In what ways is your character bound by historic restraints? How does the time period affect his or her behavior? ( direct quote needed)
  5. Hands: What traits does this character have? (does not require direct quotes- list at least 6 traits)
  6. Heart: Who/ what does the character love? Does the character struggle with a moral dilemma? ( direct quote needed)
  7. Legs: What are the character’s actions? What does he or she do, and what are the effects on others? ( direct quote needed)- Cause/ Effect
  8. Feet: Where does the character want to go? ( direct quote needed)
  9. Spine: What motivates this character? ( quote not needed)

Presentation/Visual Image- 5   Conventions-5     title/author- 2    Total- 30points

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