Drawing Topics:

40 Days of Drawing!

There are 40 Days in case you would like to do more than 1 drawing in a day!

You do not need special drawing paper, anything is fine, including mail or the backs of old school work, copy paper, or if you have drawing paper, that is fine to use!  Just have fun CREATING!!!!! 

For all drawings, include a foreground, middleground and background.  Add color if you have crayons, markers, chalk or oil pastels or paint!

Day 1: Draw a vase and a beautiful arrangement of flowers.

Day 2: Draw a vase and a beautiful arrangement of alien flowers.

Day 3: Draw your idea of paradise.

Day 4: Draw a picture of someone you love and why you love them.

Day 5: If a dog could draw, what would their art look like?  Draw it.

Day 6: Why are people afraid to draw cemeteries at night?  Draw it.

Day 7: Draw a necktie and design an interesting pattern on it.

Day 8: Draw a trophy for yourself.  Design it for what you do best.

Day 9: Draw a city on another planet.  

Day 10: You are a toy designer; draw your new toy.

Day 11: Create a new television show. Draw a logo for your t.v. show.

Day 12: What will you be doing in 20 years?  Draw yourself doing that.

Day 13: Draw a perfect garden for yourself.

Day 14: Draw a scene from when you were 3-years-old.

Day 15: Draw a parade.

Day 16: Create a new symbol for love.

Day 17: Draw a picture of where you would like to fly to.

Day 18: Draw a poster to advertise your favorite movie.

Day 19: Draw a construction site.

Day 20: Draw a view from an airplane.

Day21: Recreate VanGogh’s Starry Night.  Put your house in it.

Day 22: Draw Kandinsky’s World.

Day23: Draw a picture of a visit with someone you want to meet.

Day 24: Draw a garden from the view of an insect.

Day 25: Draw the world’s most amazing sand castle

Day 26: Draw an underground house.

Day 27: Draw a space command center.

Day 28: Draw a view under a magnifying glass, include the magnifying glass

Day 29: Draw a boat you would like to travel around the world in.

Day 30: Draw a scientist’s top secret project.

Day 31:  Draw a picture of yourself if you grew flowers instead of hair.

Day 32: An imaginative architect has changed the look of the skyline with an innovative new building; draw the building.

Day 33: Draw a modern house which would still look good in a neighborhood with older houses.

Day 34: Draw your dream classroom.

Day 35: Design a dream playground.

Day 36:  Draw/design a new park for Disneyland.

Day 37:  Draw your favorite animal.

Day 38:  Draw your favorite animal wearing a costume for a celebration.

Day 39:  Draw something meaningful to your family.

Day 40:  Design a new, futuristic bicycle.

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