Friday, May 1, 2020

Happy May Day! It seems like just yesterday I was writing September and now it’s May-Yikes!

Every student (except one 🙁 ) has been doing their reading on RAZ Kids and on Zearn. Kudos to every parent out there, who did NOT sign up for teaching when you enrolled your child in Kindergarten last fall. You are doing an amazing job. When your child is older, they will thank you for your help. They will also remember how you took a difficult situation and handled it with calmness and intention. I truly thank you all. I wish I could be with my kids and help but you are doing fine. Keep it up. My quote at the end is for you parents.

Class news…Remember that Annie has a cast on her arm? Well, Annie put a quarter-size token down into the cast. After mom and dad tried to retrieve the object, they headed off to the ER, where, after x-rays determined the location in the cast, a hole was made, object removed, and the cast was closed in a more secure way. Aahh… the things you learn in Kindergarten!

I have checked in all work sent to me this week. Please enjoy the weekend’s glorious weather. I will be working tomorrow on next week’s calendar and post it on Sunday or Monday.

We had a staff meeting today and teachers will be going to school this week to get the remaining Math Books. Pick up for the books will be on Thursday…time to be announced via the Howard blog. We will only be allowed to get the math books and any other materials needed to support our teaching. We will not be closing up our rooms-just get math books. Parents have asked if students will be allowed to pick up personal items…stay tuned for information on that.


Congratulations to Ameer! He guessed both.

  1. What invention makes you look through walls? A WINDOW
  2. What has a neck but no head, 2 arms but no hands? A SHIRT

Have a wonderful weekend.


Mrs. Smith

“Ships don’t sink because

of the water around them.

Ships sink because of the water that gets inside them.


Don’t let what’s happening around you, get inside you and weigh you down.”

Wednesday, April 29

I am glad to see that most of you are completing your weekly assignments and the assignments are of good quality. GREAT! I am also tracking your progress on RAZ Kids for reading and your progress on Zearn for Math. Again, most of you are doing so well. I have raised reading levels for some because of great progress. If you have not submitted Spelling, Writing, or Science work to me, you need to do so by Friday evening. We are to enter grades beginning from April 20, 2020.

Keep up your progress. It’s easy if you do a bit of the assignments every day. As I mentioned in my blog, I have eased up this week out of consideration for those celebrating Ramadan. I know your daily routines might be a bit topsy turvy, but keep up with the assignments.

Have a good evening.

Mrs. Smith

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

I really miss my class! I wish I could read with you, hear your laughs, see your smiles and spaces where teeth used to be, hear you tell me about the happenings in your day, your family news, and just be with you. I made a whole platter of butter cookies and frosted them with Sprinkles (I know you like sprinkles ) and I wish I could have you all over in my backyard and have cookies together. I know the time will come when we can be together and, until then, I will be patient.

I made the assignments a little lighter this week, with consideration for those celebrating Ramadan and I wanted Fridays to be Family Fun days.

Last night I had a visitor who walked all the way from her house by school over to mine. It was Annie! She has 3 pieces of news. I wish she could share this herself but I know you would want to know. First, she broke her left arm and is now wearing a PINK cast. She fell off of her play scape in her back yard. OUCH

Her second bit of news is that she is going to have a baby brother due in September. I think Annie will make a wonderful big sister, don’t you?

Her third piece of news is that she is moving to Belleville this summer. WOW We will miss her.

I saw Max and James today. They were riding their bikes and enjoying this beautiful day. I hope you are too. Maybe I’ll see you one of these days when I am out on my walks. I hope so.

Try this one…make some music

1.Fill 7-8 glasses with different levels of water.

2. Run one finger around the rim of the glasses and listen to the different pitches. Can you “play” a simple song on your glasses? How about “Mary Had A Little Lamb?” Try it and send me an email about how it went. Enjoy making music!!

Have a good evening.

Mrs. Smith

April 27 Calendar is all set.

Thanks for your patience. My learning curve with technology is STRAIGHT UP these days!!

Calendar for Week of April 27-May 1


I posted the calendar last evening but don’t understand why it is not showing up on my blog. I see that last week’s is showing up. I am working on it. Take the day off while I work on this. Sorry

In the meantime, here are 2 riddles to think about…

  1. What invention allows you to look through walls? Hummm think about that.
  2. What has a neck but doesn’t have a head and 2 arms but no hands? Humm??
  3. Answers on Friday 🙂

Weekly Calendar 4/27-5/1

Week of April 27, 2020

Unfortunately, our Google Meets have been cancelled until further notice, due to security reasons. We will NOT be meeting this Tuesday. I will let you know if and when we can resume. Please continue to send work for me to see. I will be checking in with phone calls to see how you are all doing.

To my families and friends who are celebrating Ramadan, I wish you a peaceful and blessed month. May you continue to be blessed with good health for you and your loved ones.

You may have fallen into a new schedule of school assignments, managing household needs, taking breaks, cooking more meals than you ever imagined, laundry, and hopefully, taking time for yourselves. You also are probably discovering things that you ABSOLUTELY need for your family and many things that you really don’t need. I know that my husband have realized this. I also have created a huge pile of items to be donated to charity when donations are accepted. Outside our church is a “Little Library” where books can be donated and shared with others. We now have temporarily removed the books and filled the library with food items. Last evening we donated many items, even in the “Overflow” box. If you are in need of anything, please swing on by our church and help yourself. If you need something else that is not there, please let me know and I will gladly share what I have. I am serious…just let me know.

The church’s address is 22124 Garrison, behind Buddy’s.

While it is very difficult not to be with my kids, missing time on Google Meets is adding more heartache. I will be glad when we can be together again.

I will end with this from another teacher friend of mine…

“Everyone is applauding everyone but our children! These little heroes have stayed indoors more than they’ve ever know in their lives. Their whole worlds have literally been turned upside down. All these rules they’ve never known. A life they couldn’t have imagined. All the things they love, like sports, being with friends, going to school, or just being with kids have all been taken away from them. Adults talking about others becoming unwell, news reporting death after death. Our poor children’s minds must be racing. Every day they get up and carry on, despite all that’s going on. So here’s to our little heroes-today, tomorrow, forever.

Love you and miss you all,

Mrs. Smith

Zearn-sign in

Parents, would you make sure that you have signed up for Zearn? I went to check progress tonight and found that several, while on my class list, have not signed up.

Here is the CLASS CODE; WK9X8B

Thanks and Good night!

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

We had a good visit on Google Meet today. There were 15 people on and some good questions and comments were offered.

Today’s visit included:

Hussain Ameer Sal Vera Calrson Fatima Leya Khadija Juliana Ali

August Ike Annie Ella Julia

We missed:

Malik Zack Taher Sara Scarlett Malak Vera Hamie Youssef James

Aicha Mariam

I am so pleased with the work that you are submitting. Keep up your efforts and Parents, YOU are doing an amazing job!

Mrs. Smith

Zearn questions-April 21, 2020

  1. Go to
  2. Sign Up/ Create an Account
  3. I am a Student
  4. User name is Student number
  5. Password is Birthdate (MM/DD/YYYY Sign in
  6. Class Code is WK9X8B

Hope this works! It was giving me issues today.

I will be back on for Office Hours at 2:00 today

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