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24 Hour Culture Fair

In order to increase the rigor of our application process, we held a 24 Hour Culture Fair for our applicants. Their projects were documented by Dearborn Public Schools Technology Department and turned into this lovely video.

24 Hour Culture Fair: A Short Film

Lansing, MI

We are talking to Michigan’s Director of Appointments, Ghida Dagher.

What are 5 facts we learned?

  • She grew up in Dearborn and she still lives in Dearborn today.
  • She went to O.L Smith as well.
  • She wants to make sure that everyone has access to a solid education and people learn life-skills while doing that.
  • She also wants to change how people work by asking other what they’re working on and improving yourself by learning from them. Overall, working together as a whole more.
  • She works a lot mostly 5 days a week,or sometimes even a full 7 days

Thank you!

Ford’s Theatre

We are talking to David from the Ford’s Theatre!

The first fact is that Lincoln loved the theater. Another fact about the theatre is that John W. Booth planned to kill Lincoln. Yet another fact is that Lincoln didn’t have any security and that allowed Lincoln to get killed. That was a really surprising fact because, why wouldn’t one of the most important people back then not have any protection?!  Another, odd fact about Lincoln’s murder was that the rocking chair that was declared as evidence later was, sold up for auction and, purchased by Henry Ford, and that’s why the rocking chair is on display at GreenField Village, Dearborn, Michigan.

Thank you! All for keeping up with us at O.L Smith #OLSmith24HourWorldTour

By: Jenna Jamgochian, Jacob Brown, and Julia Tate

Crazy Horse Memorial!

Hello Vikings!

This time we are talking to Crazy Horse Memorial in South Dakota. They make larger than life mountain carvings similar to mount Rushmore. Crazy Horse was actually a  person in North America who is having a mountain Memorial made in his honor. The memorial has been under construction since 1948, and is still being worked on today. His mother’s name was Rattling Blanket Woman, and he also REFUSED to be photographed. Crazy Horse was born around the year 1840 in South Dakota. Growing up, the people in his tribe called him Curly because he had curly hair.

By: Olivia Draus and Sidnee Szymanski

Alaska Sealife Center, Seward, Alaska

Hello! Today we’re talking with the Alaska Sea Life Center! They have a 10 year old sea lion named Pilot. Male Steller Sea Lions can grow up to 11 feet and 2,500 pounds in the spring, and will eat up to 50-60 pounds of fish.

We are talking to the Alaska Sea Life Center! The man who we are talking to just showed us a stellar sea lion named Pilot. He thinks the sea lion will reach 2,000 pounds or more! This sea lion will eat 50 to 60 pounds of fish a day! That is quite a lot of fish! We learned so much from this call! Thank you for chatting with us! #OLSmith24HourTour2019  

Briarhill, Texas

Briarhill was the school that gave us the idea to do a 24 Hour World Tour. They gave us all of their materials, contacts, and resources. They already did a 24 hour world tour this year and told us how their tour went. One thing we got to experience that they didn’t was the South Korea Netflix food and the live octopus. One thing they did that we didn’t was have a cheeseball fight in the parking lot. Maybe we will try that next year!

Jerusalem, Palestine

Right now we are on a call with Jerusalem. Mrs. Jebril’s dad is from Palestine and right now they are sharing some of their life since Palestine is a common place for them. The boy we interviewed was in 10th grade and spoke 4 languages. He speaks English, French, Arabic, and we didn’t hear the other one. The boy explained how the place he is in is a safe neighborhood and no bad things ever reach where he is.  The boy explained how right now he is in the middle of Ramadan. He told us that the time is 5:04 pm which is 7 hours after us. Palestine is known as the small continent for its size. Olivia is telling him that when we talk about where we live we use our hand and point to it, because that is how our state is represented.  The interviewers are telling our guest about how we are the most Arab populated out of the middle east. He was very surprised to learn about our diverse culture.


Mrs. Hammoud introduced herself and was explaining about our national Arab museum here in Dearborn that shows real events and great information on the Arab culture. He is now explaining about what they have in there country, he said they are always trying to inform people about this amazing culture. Mrs. Hammoud says that Dearborn can seem like a collection of small Arab countries because we are a very diverse city.


-Moogie Fawaz and Jillian Nourie


We got to talk to a spider expert from Argentina.


  • Lives in the second biggest city in Argentina
  • Studies Arachnids, Daddy long legs aren’t spiders, they are a different type of Arachnid
  • One of the creatures in Harry Potter, (the 4th movie) is an actual living animal
  • She had a grant from National Geographic to go to Missouri and study arachnids.
  • There are more than 48,000 spider species that we don’t know about and they’re all different.
  • Jumping spiders are the most annoying to catch
  • Argentinians love animals mostly dogs!


We are currently talking to Ben  from Malaysia. Ben is teaching us a little bit about history of an elephant’s sanctuary. Ben shows photographs of an elephant. Elephants are very popular in Malaysia and can live until they are 60-80 years old. They eat a special type of rice. The elephants also eat carrots, apples, and sugar canes. People in Malaysia used to ride elephants but don’t anymore. Some try to hurt them, but others are trying to save them!

~ Julia, Mylah, and Kamryn.

Mystery Call!

Good Morning Viking Nation!

We’re currently chatting with a mystery Skype with somebody from South america. We just found out that they are from Argentina.We are showing the people our slides about Michigan,this is also our last mystery call, then the rest will be field trip type skype calls.

We’re doing a mystery skype with someone South America currently and it’s so cool, we found out that they are from Argentina. The people on the skype are so kind and understanding to us. Can’t wait to do this again!!!

Dr. Maleyko stopped by to chat with us and share some of the our experiences on Instagram! It was our goal to make his Insta!