The Holiday Shop

The Holiday Shop will be at Snow from December 11th to December 13th. We are using a different company this year and they have some great new products for our kids to purchase. They also have gift certificates available for purchase online so if you don’t want to send the kids with cash this is a great option. Information will be sent home next week including the time the classes will be shopping. We have created a sign up for volunteers to help during shopping hours. If you are available to help please sign up, we can’t do events like this with out great parents like you!


Dear Parents,

As you may know, Wednesday, October 31, 2018 is Halloween.  We will celebrate Halloween (at school),  in the afternoon.  If they choose to, the first grade students may bring their Halloween costumes to school on that day.  Your child may bring their costume in a bag labeled with their name.  They will be allowed to change into their costumes in the afternoon, after lunch.  If your child would like to wear their costume in class all day, they may, however, remember, they will be going to lunch and lunch recess.  You may want to pack a change of clothes just in case we have any spills or accidents

Costumes need to be bathroom accessible – easy for your child to manage on their own.  Leave any accessories such as wands, swords, weapons, etc. at home.  No masks or scary makeup!

If your child would like to bring a special treat to share with their 20 classmates, please feel free to do so.  Make sure the treats are individually wrapped or packaged.  Thank you for all your help and support!



Walk to School Day

Oct. 10 is national Walk to School Day, and Snow School is planning to participate.  We are encouraging all families to consider walking or biking students to school that day.  A healthy lifestyle, including sufficient exercise, improves student achievement. Does your child get the suggested 60 minutes or more each day of physical activity?  More families walking would also reduce traffic congestion around the school.  Snow PTA will provide a small gift to all the students who participate on Oct. 10.
For more information, visit the Walk & Bike to School website at

Spelling Words Week 2 Test: Friday, September 14, 2018

Week 2    Pattern -ig and -id family

lid     slid     wig     pig     twig

Dolch Sight words:

in     said     for     up     look

Students will be tested every Friday.  Spelling words will be sent home on Monday.  They will have weekly spelling homework using these words.  Please make sure you sign and return the test booklet on Monday.

On the day of the test, the students will have:

  • 5 words that follow the word family pattern for the week
  • 5 “surprise” words that also follow the pattern for the week but have not been given on the list
  • 5 dolch sight words on the list