Class Info

4th Grade

Room 204

Classroom Rules:

  • Be Kind
  • Follow Directions
  • Respect Others
  • Be Helpful
  • Clean Up After Myself
  • Do Not Talk When Others are Talking

Specials Schedule:

  • Monday – Gym and Library
  • Tuesday – Music and Art
  • Wednesday – Gym
  • Thursday – Science Enrichment
  • Friday – Music

50 thoughts on “Class Info

  1. Hi Ms.prebanda this is Faraah Nasser I really miss you and we all miss you to I am supposed to get ready for so I went on my teachers blog to see if I was missing anything and I can across your blog and I wanted to let you know you where the best teacher and when I cross your class room It reminds me of all I had in your room.

    • Hi Faraah! Reading your post was the light of my day – it made me SO happy! It is always great seeing you in the hallway and hearing about the great things you’re doing in 5th grade. You and the rest of the class from last year will always have a special place in my heart because you were my first class ever at Miller Elementary. Continue to work hard and keep your positivity!

  2. Abdulshaheed Elsaadi says:

    Ms Silva are we still going to have math homework we’re going to stay a month at home from the coronavirus

  3. mohsen says:

    ms silva we are doing this work for nothing we are not gonna get it graded and if some students need summer school they will not go.

    • Hi, Mohsen. The work that you turn in is graded. It’s just like it would be in school, however the work is online. I am checking everyone’s work each day and I keep track of iReady and Zearn, too. The work is all on Google Classroom. And yes, if there is summer school, then some students may go.

    • Hi Naba! You have to make sure to go to Google Classroom to get to the assignment. You have to be logged in with your Dearborn email. Clicking on the link from the blog post will not give you access.

  4. Abdulshaheed says:

    ms silva can you tell me what is our class code becuse when i try to join in it tells me what is you call code

    • Hi Naba. We have already been doing that. Every Tuesday from 1-2pm. We missed you this week. In order to get to it you go onto Google Classroom and click on the Google Meet link at the top of the page when it’s time. Please stay updated by going on Google Classroom. I also always send updates on Class Dojo, Remind and the blog. Send me an email at if you have more questions. Make sure to get all of your work done by Friday. It’s all on Google Classroom

    • Hi Zabiba. The homework is posted on my blog and everything is on Google Classroom. Please look there to get your work done. There is a video on Google Classroom that shows you everything that is due.

  5. ABdulshaheedElsaadi says:

    ms the video for the social studies says it is stricket must be appeoved to watch it plz fix it

    • Hi! You complete the problem set by answering the questions on the google form. There are pictures of the problem set if you’d like to complete it on a separate sheet of paper.

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