11-13 Homework

Math: Review the study guide for the test tomorrow. Focus on reviewing these skills: metric conversions, addition, subtraction, and solving word problems. Also, Zearn is a great resource for reviewing important math skills.

Reading: Continue to work towards your goal of 45 minutes of iReady for the week. It’s always great to read with someone at home, too! 🙂

Spelling: Continue to review your words on iLearn. I would highly recommend always complete the vocabulary match. This helps with reading comprehension in the future!

11-8-19 Homework

Math: Complete pages 113-114 in the Succeed book using complete sentences, standard algorithms, and tape diagrams. Also, review important skills on Zearn, emphasizing Module 2 lessons.

Reading: Continue to practice reading comprehension on iReady for 20 minutes each day. Students should be passing lessons with 80% or higher.

Social Studies: Read the Immigrant Stories and answer the comprehension and multiple choice questions. The emphasis is on Push and Pull factors as part of our Human Geography Unit.

Spelling: Students completed the week 9 Spelling Test today. They can now begin reviewing the words for Week 10 on iLearn. A paper copy of the list will be sent home on Monday.