Digital Library Cards

Hello everyone.

Students will need to be reading for at least 20 minutes every night. This is VERY important for their reading development. I know that students may not have as many books at home as they did at school, so one way to access more books is by getting a library card.

I have a Dearborn Public Library card and use it all the time to check out books to read to my class.

Click this link to sign up for a digital library card from home!

Special Classes

Good afternoon!

I was so happy to see all of you on Zoom today! What a great start to the school year!

I know there was some confusion about Specials today. Special Classes are from 1:00-1:50 Monday-Friday(please see the schedule below). When your child logs into Schoology they will see all of their courses, including the Special Area teachers courses. However,  Mrs. Burek has not been added yet(Science Enrichment). Her course will be up next week. They need to find the special area teacher’s course and click on it. They only have an assignment to complete! They will not see a live teacher. A zoom link will be provided only if they need help completing the assignment. I hope this helps! 

Here is the schedule that we will follow this year:

** Reminder!!!  Independent work time is right after specials from 1:55- 3:50.  Please look in the folder for that day. They need to complete and submit their assignments each day.

Orientation Day!

2nd Grade Families,

Today is orientation and material pick up day. Please be sure to arrive on time with your Chromebook or digital device and a mask. Remember only the student and one parent should be attending so that we are able to better social distance.

After our orientation you will have some practice things to do on Schoology. I will also be sharing the presentation from orientation with all families.

We will begin live Zoom lessons on Tuesday September 8 at 8:55 a.m. Please have your child prepared!

I look forward to meeting all of you!

Wednesday Work

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today we are going to practice our first zoom call!

Practice is the very important word for today. Zoom is brand new for our school, so we are all going to learn together.

Please watch this video showing you how to get to our Zoom meeting on Schoology.

Our meeting will start at 9:00 am and go until about 10:00 am. We will read a book, and go over your Schoology assignments.

Your attendance today will be if you join our Zoom meeting or do the Google Form.

For the Zoom meeting please make sure your camera is on so I can finally see all your wonderful faces! 🙂

Zoom Meeting Tomorrow (9/2)

Hi everyone! I loved reading all about everyone that turned in their All About Me on Schoology!! I love learning more about all of my students! 😀

Tomorrow, Wednesday (9/2), we will try our first Zoom meeting! Our meeting will start at 9:00 am and go until around 10:00 am.

Watch this video to help you learn how to get to our Zoom meetings on Schoology.

Tuesday (9/1) Work

Happy second day of school!! Today we are going to practice going to Schoology.

Schoology is going to be where all our classwork, homework, and Zoom meetings will take place. Please look at the document below to help you log into to Schoology.

Today is our practice day for schoology, so it is ok if you don’t get everything done. Watch this video on how to get to Tuesday’s assignments.


Please fill out the Google Form again by answering the questions. This will be your attendance for the day.

Make sure you are logged into your dearborn schools account: