Last week of September!

Well the year is already flying by! Here’s some info about our week.

Math: We did our quiz about forms of numbers and the class blew me away! They did an amazing job! We will continue to expand on forms of numbers by using their places and values to discuss how the value of each place goes up and down by ten times the amount depending on what place you’re in.

Language Arts: We finally published our writings. Most of the kids have finished their final copy and illustrations for their first narrative of the year. We are starting our beginning of the year writing test, which is informational. They will do a formal writing test in September, January, and May to assess how much they improved throughout the year and the fourth grade team chose to use the informational genre for the assessments.

Science: We are continuing on with our energy unit. The kids are making GREAT connections about energy and motion, and we’ve started to talk about light, sound, and heat, too.

Social studies: We are scooting along with location still. We’ve been a bit more focused on science this week because the investigations are taking a long time, so next week will have more social studies content.

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