Amazon Audible

Amazon today canceled the subscription of books and audio stories for children and students of all ages as long as schools are closed. Kids everywhere can instantly stream an incredible collection of stories, including titles across six different languages, that will help them continue dreaming, learning, and just being kids.

All stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet using the following link

Google Classroom

Most of our remote learning will take place on google classroom. Unfortunately, Class Dojo seems to be overloaded and isn’t consistently allowing me to go on to check messages.

Please continue to check google classroom for assignments and updates. I will also be posting video explanations of what do expect.

week at a glance

Math: We will be dividing decimals this week! This is the last section of Module 1! The Module Exam will be next week.

Reading: We will take our inferencing pre-assessment today and start our unit on inferences.

Writing: Last week, we started out blue prints for our informational essay about matter. This week we will finish the blue prints and begin the five paragraph essays.

Science: We will work on our projects in class, both the essay and the model portion.

Cold weather reminders

Haigh Elementary
Winter Reminders

Winter Line up and recess: Please make sure that your students are coming to school with winter coats, hats, and gloves for morning line up and for lunch recess. We follow the protocol below for our students with outdoor lunch recess and morning student lineup:
Important Information
Haigh students go outside 3 times a day for recess. It is extremely important to follow the guidelines listed below.
Helpful items
An extra pair of shoes is suggested for “rainy or muddy” days.
Boots are suggested for the winter months. Students are not allowed in the snow without boots.
Snow and ice are to remain on the ground.


Students may wear a t-shirt outside. Long sleeve shirt or jacket is suggested.

students must have a coat, fleece, or hoodie with an undershirt to go outside.

students must have a winter coat or a fleece to go outside.
Boots must be worn in order to go into the snow areas.

students must have a winter coat, hat, and gloves to go outside.
Boots must be worn in order to go into the snow areas.

20 and Below
Indoor line up (District Policy-this is followed by each school in the district)
No class or lunch recess outdoors

Thank you for your help with keeping our students safe and warm during these cold winter months 🙂 Mr. Short
ابتدائية هيج
ملاحظات شتوية

الاصطفاف و فترات اللعب و الاستراحة خلال فصل الشتاء يرجى التأكد من حضور الطلاب إلى المدرسة مرتدين المعاطف الشتوية والقبعات والقفازات لارتدائها خلال الاصطفاف الصباحي وفترات الاستراحة بعد الغداء. نحن نتبع البروتوكول أدناه لطلابنا أثناء فترات اللعب في الخارج بعد فترة الغداء واصطفاف الطلاب:
معلومات هامة
يخرج الطلاب للعب في الخارج ثلاث مرات يومياً. من المهم جداً اتباع التعليمات الواردة أدناه:
أشياء مساعدة:
● نقترح عليكم إحضار حذاء إضافيا للأيام الماطرة و الموحلة.
● نقترح أيضاً ارتداء الطلاب الجزمات طوال فترة الشتاء. لن يسمح للطلاب بالتواجد في الثلج دون جزمات.
● يمنع اللعب بالثلج والجليد و يجب ان يبقوا على الأرض.
درجات الحرارة

● يمكن للطلاب ارتداء قميص في الخارج نقترح أن يكون قميص أو رداء طويل الأكمام أو معطف( جاكيت)
● يجب أن يرتدي الطلاب معطف، أو ملابس صوفية، أو رداء بقبعة مع قميص داخلي للخروج و اللعب خارجاً.
● يجب أن يرتدي الطلاب معطف، أو ملابس صوفية، أو رداء بقبعة مع قميص داخلي للخروج و اللعب خارجاً.
● يجب ارتداء الجزمات للعلب في أماكن تواجد الثلوج.
● يجب أن يرتدي الطلاب معطف، أو ملابس صوفية، أو رداء بقبعة مع قميص داخلي للذهاب للخارج.
● يجب ارتداء الجزمات للعلب في أماكن تواجد الثلوج.
أقل من 20 درجة
● الاصطفاف داخلي ( سياسية القطاع التعليمي المتبعة في جميع أمدارس القطاع)
● لا صفوف و لا فترات لعب أو استراحة خارجية.
أشكركم على مساعدتكم في الحفاظ على سلامة طلابنا ودفئهم خلال أشهر الشتاء الباردة.

السيد شورت

Week at a glance:

Math – we are adding/subtracting and multiplying decimals. Today it came to my attention that a lot of the class needs extra practice with multiplication facts. As stated in a previous post, please have your kids do as practice for fluency, they will also be getting worksheets coming home to help practice doing their facts “flash fast.” This will be extremely helpful as we get into more complicated math problems.

Reading – we are finishing up our main idea and details unit. They will take their post test this week. Next we will summarize and make inferences.

Social studies – they will take their quiz this week for government.

Science – we will finish up our unit on matter and particles. I was a week ahead in my mind, and our pennies experiment will be *next* week, not this week!

week at a glance

Math: We will start adding and subtracting decimals.

Reading: We will continue main idea and details, but also summarize.

Writing/Social Studies: The kids have been working on their blueprint for social studies about which is the most important branch of gov’t. They will work on those essays this week.

week at a glance

Week at a glance:
Math: We are working on expanded, unit, word, and standard forms of numbers up to millions and as small as thousandths.

Reading: We are continuing to do Main Idea and Details of short articles. This week, they will have a quiz about main idea and details.

Science: We are continuing discussing science vocabulary specifically models and types of observations.

Social studies: They are working on government with Ms Wilson.

FYI: Every week they will have an assignment on, a writing assignment, and word work to finish during Daily 5. If they do not finish this work, it will be homework over the weekend. They are welcome to do their word work all week at home if they would like. However, I would like them to use daily 5 time for writing and readworks so I can help them if need be.

If I notice that your child is consistently not finishing one or more of their daily 5 assignments, I will notify you by dojo message or phone call.

Thank you for your continuous support!

What’s happening in 5th

Math: We are working on place value of decimals, exponents, and expanded notation of numbers.

Reading: Our focus is main idea and details.

Writing: This week we are writing opinion essays about our favorite famous person.

Science: Our focus for the first unit is science vocabulary that we will use this year.

Social Studies: Ms Wilson is discussing the Branches of Government.