September 8

Week 9/11/17

AP Computer Science

Monday: Check in HW. Continue with Chapter 4 discussion.

Tuesday: Share Source Code Folder and Chapter 4 Book Programs. Assign partners. Discuss partner programming projects. You have the following three days in class to work on your Chapter 4 programming projects.

Wednesday: Work Day. Partner Programming Project

Thursday: Work Day. Finish Partner Programming Project/Finish Other Assigned Projects

Friday: Work Day. Last Day to Finish Other Assigned Projects.

AP Computer Science Principles

Monday:  Show introductory video. Show vocab list. Double check MiStar grades. Lesson.

Tuesday: 2nd hour – turn in Lesson 1 assignment. Complete Lesson 2.  There are some supplies you will find in the basket for you to use. Please return them when you are done.  Answer the Unit 1 Lesson 2 questions in Code Studio.

HW (about 10 minutes): Watch these two videos about the Internet Simulator before class tomorrow:

Wednesday: Complete Lesson 3.  Also, finish questions in Code Studio.

Thursday: Complete Lesson 4. Also, finish questions in Code Studio.

Friday: Complete Lesson 5. Also, finish questions in Code Studio.

Freshman Computer Science

Monday: Read “An Introduction to the World Wide Web.” Quick follow up activity (4th 5th 6th). Begin HTML.


Tuesday: Continue with HTML.


Wednesday: Continue with HTML.


Thursday:  Continue with HTML.

Friday: Continue with HTML.

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