Hello Everyone,


Well this is our last week of school before our Winter/Holiday Break. Our last day of school is Friday December 21, 2018 and school will resume Monday January 7, 2019. I want to wish everyone and your families a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year!

This Friday December 21, 2018 we will be having a small Holiday Celebration.  I will be sending home a note tomorrow about our party.  Also, on this day we will be having the PBIS behavior reward in the afternoon, we will be playing Holiday Bingo.

Please NO SHOW AND TELL on Friday.  Our day will be too busy to be able to share with all our friends.  We will resume this activity in January after our break.

This week we are learning about the letter and sound Bb, Bennie Bear.  We are also learning the new sight word “like”.  We took home in our book bag a new book today called Bounce Bounce Bounce.  Please practice reading it and also practice the letters and sounds.  After the Holiday I will be reassessing some skills and hopefully more friends will be able to put their number in the hallway on our WIG (Widely Important Goal) board.

Last week I completed a Math assessment and was pleasantly surprised how well we did and what a difference in their knowledge from September.  Thank you for supporting their learning at home and school.

This week we have been busy making Holiday crafts, discussing Mystery Science lessons and learning about different types of weather.  We are continuing practicing counting by 1’s, 10’s, 5’s, and 2’s.  In Math we have exploring shapes and their attributes.  We have also learned a poem about Santa and have read many stories.  We also have learned an action poem with Gingerbread Man.  We are having lots of FUN and keeping busy!

LEADER IN ME NEWS:  This week your child has brought home an Act of Kindness activity sheet from the Student Lighthouse team.  Please try to find some time to work with your child in completing each task.  Please keep the paper in their folder and after the week is done it will be placed in their Leadership Binder.

Also, we are still collecting pop can tabs for the Ronald McDonald House.  We have a container in our classroom to collect the tabs and then we will deposit them in the school wide container.  Also, we are collecting new items for cats and dogs for the Dearborn Animal Shelter.

This month we are learning more about Habit 3: Put first things First.

Have a Great week,

Miss Schropp


Hello Everyone!


Couple of reminders:

Tomorrow Wednesday December 12, 2018 is a LATE START DAY! Arrival 9:35 AM.

Also, tomorrow Wednesday December 12, 2018 is our day to shop at the Santa Shop.  A note about the Santa Shop was sent home on Monday.  If interested, this a time for your child to shop for people that are special and important to them.  Each item in the Santa Shop is $2.00.  If you fill out the form that was sent home that will help the PTA members shop with your child.

Friday December 14, 2018 is NO SCHOOL for Kindergarten and Young Five only.

Please remember that we try to go outside each day.  Please bring hat, gloves, mittens for your child to wear.  Also, please encourage them to try to dress themselves.

Please remember to bring a healthy snack and water bottle for each afternoon.  Please no chips or cookies.

This week we are learning about the letter and sound  Tt Tiggy Tiger.  We are also learning the word “the”.  Please continue practicing the letters and letter sounds.  We want to get our sticker on our WIG ( widely Important Goal) board.  Also, we are practicing reading and putting sentences together. Hopefully soon we will all be briging home each day our reading bags.

We have been working in our journals each day and we are getting better at making pictures and writing stories but could always use extra practice.

Also, we have started learning about the attributes of shapes in Math.  We are practicing counting by 1’s, 10’s, 5’s and 2’s.  Also, writing and recognizing the numbers.  Can you believe tomorrow we will be celebrating our 70th day of school with a number party!

We will be having fun making some holiday projects and getting ready for the Holidays and Santa of course! We will be celebrating the Holidays on Friday December 21, 2018 with a small quiet party in our classroom.  No parent volunteers needed.  More details next week.  Thank you to all who have offered to help me and our class,  but I like to do this party on my own.  If I need anything or help I will for sure let you all know.  Thank you again for all that you do for me and my little friends.

Have a good week!




Hello Everyone!


Sorry this message is a little late this week.

Tomorrow Friday December 7, 2018 from 6:30 – 8:00 PM is Bingo for Books in the Cafeteria.  A Fun night for the family.

Leader In Me news:  The Lindbergh Leader in Me lighthouse team has two community projects.  First, we are collecting pop can tabs and we have a container in our classroom to collect them and then we will deposit them in the school wide container in the hallway. Second, we are collecting new items for the Animal Shelter.  Please refer to my last post for more information about these projects. We just had our First Class Lesson with the school wide groups on Wednesday discussing Habit 2 Begin with the End in Mind.  We discussed making a plan or goal and the necessary steps in achieving our personal goal.

Next week, December 11,12,13, 2018 The Lindbergh PTA will be having a Santa Shop.  We will have a specific day and time to shop for our families.  Each item is $2.00.  Usually an envelope will be sent home with a tally sheet for you to fill out and then the children know who they will be buying gifts for.  I do not have a schedule for our time yet.

I have started sending home the book bags this week. Not all children have received their bag yet.  Some children are ready and some of us just need a little extra time.  Hopefully soon we all will be taking our book bags home and practicing our reading skills.  Please remember to bring the bag to school everyday in their homework folder.

This week we have learned about the letter Rr Reggie the Rooster and the word a.  We have been practicing building the sentence I see a …

Please remember Friday is Show and Tell day.  This should be the only day where we are bringing toys to school.

Also, tomorrow is our weekly reward party day for good listening and behavior skills.

Have a nice rest of the week.

Miss Schropp




Here are some service projects that the students at Lindbergh Elementary will be working on for Leader In Me, please consider participating in them.

Community Service Projects

The students of Lindbergh have decided to do two community service projects.  This helps out the community by us giving to those that are in need. We are sharpening our saw by helping our hearts.  Please consider giving to one of our projects.


  1. Dearborn Animal Shelter

The Dearborn Animal Shelter is located on Michigan Ave. behind the Police Station.  They take care of many unwanted pets. Due to the amount of animals they need our help.  The shelter is in need of many new items to help take care of the animals. Here is a list of a few needed items for dogs and cats. Cats need dry purina, dishes and cat clay litter- non clumping. Dogs need Nylon 6 ft. leashes, pedigree(food). Both cats and dogs need new fleece blankets, toys and treats. We are collecting until the end of February. Put the donations in the box by the Auditorium.

  1. Ronald McDonald House

The Ronald McDonald House of Ann Arbor provides a “home away from home” for families of children experiencing a serious illness or injury required hospitalization in the Ann Arbor area.

The Ronald McDonald House needs pop tabs to turn in and they can recycle them for money.  Please bring your pop tabs to school and put them in your classroom container. We are collecting until the end of May.


From: The Lindbergh Lighthouse Leaders


Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!  Celebrating with your families and having lots of fun.

Next Friday December 7, 2018 is The Lindbergh Bingo for Books from 6:30 – 8:00 PM.

Also, Saturday December 8, 2018 is a book fair at the Barnes and Noble in Allen Park.

This week we are learning about the letter and sound for Mm Mimi Mouse.  We are also learning the sight word see.  We have been working on reading and finding the word see and I in sentences.  Book bags are coming soon.

Today we celebrated our 60th day of school.  We had a number party where we counted to 60 by 5’s.  We have started counting and practicing, counting by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s.  Also, practicing writing our numbers too.

We have also been talking about our 5 senses and how we use them.

We have been busy making color books for our book boxes at school.

In Leader in Me we have been discussing being Proactive, being a Leader, and beginning with the end in mind, setting a goal.

Please remember that we try to go outside each day even on cold days.  Please make sure child has a hat, mittens/gloves, and a warm coat.  Also, this would be a great time in practicing dressing themselves for the weather.

Reminder: Show and Tell on Fridays and Reward party for good listening and behavior on Friday too.

Have a good week!


Hello Everyone,

Parent / Teacher Conferences are Tuesday November 13, 2018 and Thursday November 15, 2018.  If you are unable to attend your conference time please see me to reschedule.  At conferences you will be receiving your child’s report card.  Please review the report card and sign and return the yellow envelope.  Please keep the report card at home.

Thank you to all who help make our Young Five basket for the Lindbergh Holiday Boutique.  The basket looked great and it would not have been possible without the help and donations from all of our parents.  Thank you for supporting our school and children.  I like to especially thank all our Young Five Room Mother’s Mrs. Bertolis,  Mrs. Cameron, Mrs. Dzinic, and Mrs. Elliott for attending the meetings and adding their special touch to our basket.

This Friday is Show and Tell.  Please remember to bring a small special object to share with our class.

Also, Friday November 16, 2018 is a POPCORN FRIDAY DAY.  Each bag is twenty – five cents and there is a limit of 4 bags per child.

This week we are learning our first alphafriend SAMMY SEAL and the letter and sound “Ss”.  We are also learning our first sight word “I”.   We have been completing many activities with the letter and sound “Ss”. We are also still building stamina with our book boxes.

Next week is our Thanksgiving holiday break.  We have been reading several books and having fun with our turkey songs and action poem.  We have been discussing what we are thankful for and making a class book and completing other activities.

Also, we have been learning about the basic colors and making word webs, color books for our book boxes, and color songs.

Please remember that next week we only have school on Monday and Tuesday. NO SCHOOL Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Please remind your children the rules that we learned at the beginning of the school year…keeping our hands to ourselves, a quiet inside level one voice, playing fair and sharing, and listening and following directions the first time.

Also, we will still be going outside on cold days.  It is important that your child is dressed for the weather.  Winter, hat, coat, and gloves/mittens.

Have a nice week!


Hello Everyone,

Just finished the first night of Parent/teacher conferences.  Thank you to all who have attended.  It is nice to be able to share with you about all the hard work your child has been working on and their accomplishments.

Tomorrow Friday November 9, 2018 is our first day for show and tell.  Please have your child bring something small to share with their friends.

Saturday November 10, 2018 is the Lindbergh Holiday Boutique.  Come and see our wonderful raffle basket that our Young Five class was able to put together with your help and our Room Mother’s.  The baskets look pretty amazing and seem to get bigger each year.

Miss Schropp


Hell Everyone,

Tomorrow is our Halloween Party, Wednesday October 31, 2018.  The party is at 2:00 PM and the parade is at 9:00 AM.  Please wear your costume to school with clothes underneath or a change of clothes to change into.  Also, if possible please bring $5.00 for the party if you have not brought it to school.  The room Mothers and I have planned many fun activities.  All are welcome to watch the parade and also come to our party.  Our room is small but we will try to make it all work.  Also, if you are bringing a treat, please remember we have 16 children in our class.

Thursday November 1, 2018 is Picture retake day.  If you are satisfied with your photo package please bring the entire package and your child will have their picture retaken.

All PTA fundraising tickets and money are due Friday November 2, 2018.  Even if the tickets are unsold please return.

Friday November 2, 2018 is a Half Day of school.  Dismissal is at 11:45 AM.  Remember No lunch on this day but please remember a snack.

Happy Halloween and we are ready for a FUN day at School!

Miss Schropp


Hello Everyone!

OCTOBER SNACK:  Brooklyn Elliott and Tyler Elliott

This week the Young Five and Kindergarten students only have NO SCHOOL on Friday October 26, 2018.

Also, this week and possibly next week, all depending when they see our class, we will have vision screening by Wayne County.

PTA raffle tickets and money are due to school by FRIDAY November 2, 2018.  The money and any unsold tickets are due on this day.

Lindbergh Leader In ME Fundraiser “Boo Grams” are due by Friday October 26, 2018.  Since we have no school on this day, please if you are participating, the money will need to be at school on Thursday October 25, 2018.

Also, if you have not donated for our class basket for the Lindbergh Holiday Boutique there is still time.  All help is much appreciated and any donation is accepted. If you are interested in donating please send to school as soon as possible. Our theme for our basket is “Arts and Crafts”.  Thank you in advance for all you do for Lindbergh Elementary School.

Next Wednesday October 31, 2018 is our class Halloween party.  Our party will be from 2:00 to 3:00 PM. Our room parents and I have been busy planning our party.  Tomorrow, the room parents and I are going to finalize the details of the party.  I will be sending home a note on Thursday sharing the details of the party.  The Young Five and Kindergarten students will wear their costumes to school on this day and parade around the school showing off their costumes.  I will have them take off their costumes before lunch so we do not ruin the costumes at lunch recess. It should be a day filled with lots of FUN!!

We are still introducing a letter a day and learning about each letter.  We are building stamina with our book boxes and becoming young readers.  We have been starting to do some activities with Halloween fun and reading books.  In math we are learning numbers and counting and completing many activities.  Learning to be kind, being good friends, being respectable, and following directions.

Miss Schropp


Hello Everyone,

Just a reminder that tomorrow Wednesday October 17, 2018 is a Late Start Day.  School is one hour later starting at 9:35 AM.

Also, The Lindbergh Haunted School is this Friday Night October 19, 2018 from 6:30 – 8:30 PM.  All are welcome to attend the FUN family event and come in their costumes too.  Tickets are being sold before and after school this week and also at the door.

Please remember since our weather has changed, to have your child practice dressing themselves with their coat.  Putting it on, zipping, and making the arms go the right way.  Thank you in advance in helping me to encourage the children to do this themselves.

Thank you to everyone who brought in an apple to share with our Apple Tasting Party.  We had fun discussing apples and trying all the different kinds.  We still have some left so are party is continuing this week.

On Friday, our room parents sent home a letter seeking donations for our class basket for the Lindbergh Holiday Boutique.  Please consider donating to our “Arts and Crafts” themed basket.  You can either purchase an item for the basket or donate money in the envelope provided.  Thank you to our Room Parents for volunteering in helping with putting together our class basket.  If you have any questions, you can see me or I will point you in the right direction to one of our Room Parents.

Have a good week, and stay warm!!!