Today’s Assignment

Hi boys and girls!!! Can you believe that it is snowing!? I can’t! I hope that you are all doing well! Today I want you to work on your fine motor skills.

Here are some examples of fine motor activities:

  • play with play-doh
  • getting dressed or wearing clothes with buttons and zips that need doing up 
  • using clothes pegs 
  • coloring in or painting between lines 
  • stacking small cups
  • using scissors 
  • tearing paper 
  • using tweezers or tongs to pick up objects 
  • picking up marbles 
  • using stickers
  • folding paper
  • stacking buttons
  • pulling objects off sticky paper 
  • bending pipe cleaners or making wire sculptures
  • using stamps on paper or Play-Do
  • painting with cotton pads
  • using hole punches
  • stretching rubber or loom bands 
  • Playing with Legos