Shared Artworks from the Week of April 6-12

These are some of the artworks shared with me lately. Keep drawing and having fun. Don’t forget to share pictures of your artworks with me so I can post them on my blog. Make sure to join Google Classroom with the code provided earlier so you can view the assignments for each week. Also, I included on my Google Classroom , some instructions on how to upload a picture of your artwork in order to share it with me. Try to spend at least 45 minutes on each weekly assignment. At the same time stay safe and healthy. Don’t forget to wash your hands frequently. I miss all of you and I am looking forward to seeing your artworks soon.

Realistic eye by Maysa
Realistic eye by Jad
Three Dimensional hand by Musaid
Three Dimensional Hand by Sukina
Realistic Eye by Rim
Prezna and her beautiful Landscape

Three Dimensional Hand by Albara

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