Week of March 30-April 3rd

Hi everyone, I hope you are doing well and safe. Thank you for drawing at home! I get so excited when you share a photo of your artwork with me. I have been posting Art assignments on my Google Classroom . So, please consider devoting at least 45 minutes during the week to be creative. Also, besides the assignments on Google Classroom, you may find on the right hand side of my blog page, some art links to great resouces that you can visit .

I have set up an Art Google classroom for Grades 1-4. Fifth grade students have Google Classroom already set up. This will include similar activities to those that have been posted on my blog for the past two weeks.

The code for Art Google Classes are:

19-20 Google classroom for 5th grades:

Mrs. Zastrow Art Class : W2v67w7

Mrs. Alsabahi Art Class : osaphey

Mr. Hammoud Art Class : ehjq34e

Mrs. Moukalled Art Class : ehhna6c

19-20 Mrs. Saad Google Classroom for Grades k-4, use the code: epenwsb

Thanks to all students who shared their artworks with me through Google classroom. I will be posting photos of the artworks as soon as the students turned them in. I am very proud of the students who are taking the time to practice drawing and learning new art resources while having fun.

I look forward to see your artworks soon!

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