March 26th, 2020

Happy Thursday!  If you are following the Spirit Week activities from home today is “Family Self-ie” day.

Send the picture to me and I’ll pass it onto Mrs. Tiba for our school slideshow.  In addition to the Kindergarten Google classroom below are some resources for today:

Ideas for Read Aloud Stories:

Writing/ Sight Word:

Try drawing along with this lesson.  When you’re done with your butterfly use one of the following “sentence stems” to write a sentence about your picture:

·         My butterfly is…..

·         My butterfly likes to…….

·         I can see a _______ butterfly.

Did you write a complete sentence using our sight words? Remember a capital letter, finger space and punctuation!


Field trip!  Take a look at the Live Cams at the San Diego Zoo.  Count how many animals you see!

Find the missing number:


Teach your mom or dad about Mr. Harvey’s “Daily Dozen” – show them how it’s done!

To limit exposure Dearborn Schools will be providing food pick up M,W,F now from 10-noon.

Please let me know how I can help your family.

Take Care.

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