Information for the Week of 1-14-19

New sight words:  an, me

Phonics:  long u

Math:  Lesson 14 and 15 (Module assessment the rest of the week).

Social Studies:  Time line practice.  Focus on history and how people learn about the past.

Science:  Tracking weather patterns

Reading Assessments will continue this week.

NWEA Math assessment Tuesday morning.

Time line projects due Friday.

I will be collecting reading bags and cleaning out books this week.  Please continue to use Razz Kids at home for nightly literacy homework.


Friday Newsletter 1-11-19

News and Information:

Calendar:  1/2 day Friday, January 18th

No School Monday, January 21st

1/2 day Tuesday, January 22nd

What We Did This Week:


  • Students are being assessed for the marking period.
  • We introduced long e
  • Our sight words were itbig
  • Our Poem this week was “What is Big”
  • We rotated through Daily 5 (read to self, work on writing, listen to reading and word work).  We met in small groups.
  • In Writer’s Workshop students were introduced to Informational Writing.  We wrote facts about ducks.


  • We explored weight using a balance and volume of different containers.

Social Studies

  • We introduced History, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow and Timelines.


  • We are beginning a unit on Weather.  We are tracking patterns in the weather we record.

We went to gym, art, music and media.

We attended the Healthy Heart Kick Off Assembly.

We enjoyed some free choice time with our friends.


Information from Mr. Harvey – Healthy Heart Challenge

Greetings Flyers Family,

We are off to an AMAZING start this year raising raising donations for the American Heart Association!  Students can collect donations one of two ways; registering online with the app or with the purple envelope that went home this week with the students.
Because of the overwhelming response already, I ask that students only turn in their envelope when they are finished collecting their donation on their PE days with the money in their purple envelope.  This way, I can assure that each child has received the necessary prizes they have earned and thank them for their assistance in helping out with this amazing program. If your child has loose money/checks to turn in, I ask that they keep it in their Kids Heart Challenge envelope until they are finished collecting and ready to turn it in during PE class  The deadline for the donations is Friday, February 15th.  Extra envelopes are in the office as well as when the students come to class.
Additionally, I encourage all students to register online for their FREE glow in the dark wristband and your chance at a $25 gift card and a free PE day for the entire class! The class with the most online registrations will claim the prize! Registration is easy, please go to, search the school and the rest is easy.  Another way to register is by downloading the Kids Heart Challenge mobile app and it will walk you through the necessary steps to complete the registration.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.  As always, thank you for your support,
Mr. Harvey

Student Timeline Project

Students brought home directions for their timeline project yesterday.  Below is the information:


Timeline Project

This month the children will be learning about timelines as a part of Social Studies.  We will learn what they are used for, to keep track of events from the past.  We will also learn how to read them and how they are organized, in a straight line and in order from the first event long ago until the newest event.  To make this new skill more real to the students, we will begin by looking at how we have changed from the time we were a baby until now.    Then I will model several timelines including timelines for our day, the week, our school year and so on.

To further enforce the learning I am asking your child, with the help of your family, make a timeline of their life, from birth to their current age.  I would ask this project to contain 1 picture from each age, starting at birth.  There should be a total of six or seven pictures on their timeline arranged in order from the left.  If you do not have any pictures the children can draw one in.  The children will need your help remembering the story or event about the earlier pictures, but encourage them to choose a favorite picture of the years they remember.  Under each picture I would like a sentence or two at the most describing the picture.  They will be asked to talk about their timeline in class before I hang them in the hall, so they may want to practice with you.  They can be done on poster board, or construction paper.The timelines will be due Friday,  January 18th 2019.  They may come in before that if they are ready

Key Points for the children to do:        arrange the pictures in order


write a few words about the picture

be able to tell about the pictures

I want to encourage you to have the children do as much work as possible, since they are responsible for their learning and we are responsible for helping them get there!

**As a precaution, you may want to send in copies of the pictures, as occasionally they fall off in the hall!

Have a great time exploring and remembering the past!

**Please see example of layout on the back of this page.

My Timeline


Birth     1 year     2 years    3 years    4 years     5 years    6 years


The day I

came home

from the



*Your timeline must be in a straight line across and read from left to right in the correct order.  This may mean cutting the poster board.

*Please do not use foam board as it is not able to be hung up in the hall.


Let me know if you have any questions!


News for the Week of January 1-7-19

Sorry for the delay!

Our new sight words are:  big, it

Phonics:  The long e sound

Math:  Weight and Measurement (lessons 10-14)

Writer’s Workshop:  Introduction to informational writing

Social Studies:  History and timelines

Many assessments are taking place this week and next for the end of the card marking period.  

Have a good rest of the week!

A message from Mr. Harvey


Dear Lindbergh Flyers Family,

I am very excited to kickoff our Kids Heart Challenge (formerly Jump Rope for Heart).  Information about the event will be passed out to students this week regarding ways to support the American Heart Association (non-profit) with a wonderful fundraiser opportunity to give back and provide assistance for lifesaving research.  Additionally, a one page flyer will also be distributed in Arabic for our families regarding the event. You can lead the way by registering and taking the challenge! Here is the link our schools web page to register and more information. Thank you for your continued support!

Happy New Year!

Thank you Lindbergh families for the thoughtful Holiday gifts.  Your generosity is much appreciated.  

Thank you to the parents who were able to volunteer at our Holiday party or donate supplies.  The students had a great time!

Wishing you and your families a happy and healthy 2019!  Enjoy the last couple days of Winter Break.

Holiday Party

Just a reminder that our Holiday Party is Friday, December 21st at 9:00.

Parents are welcome.

Party supplies can be brought to school Friday morning.

Don’t forget about the student gift exchange!  There is a 10.00 spending limit and girl students are buying a “girls gift” and the boy students are buying a “boy gift.”