Tuesday- 9/8

Happy Rainy Tuesday!

I just wanted to start by saying, thank you so much for being patient with me while we were having technology issues in the building .I greatly appreciate your patience and understanding. 

Here is today’s schedule: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pfw16oCcpH7XtpU6WVeZX0HI4sNK6mCueXJoYO4KOvs/edit?usp=sharing

This afternoon, your child will begin exploring Schoology and start their first assignment within our Schoology course. In case you need additional support, or help with this please see the Google Slide presentation below. In the presentation it will go over how to access your child’s courses, where items are, and how to submit assignments. 

Along with reviewing the slide presentation, here are some other great videos that go over how to do simple tasks in Schoology. 
This one’s how to upload a picture to Schoology (if you want students to turn math or worksheets in that way):

This one is how to actually turn in an assignment:

I will be in our Zoom meeting link during the student’s scheduled art time. If you need additional support with technology, feel free to pop into the meeting and I will try the best that I can to help you. 

Thank you for being flexible and understanding. I appreciate you! 

Happy Labor Day Weekend

Good Afternoon Parents/Guardians,

I hope you are having a great start to your Labor Day weekend. I have just sent out an email regarding next week’s announcements and learning lab schedule. Please check your email for this important update.

As always if you have any questions, please just let me know.

Have a great weekend!

PTA 2020 Virtual Election

Hello Parents!!! With the abrupt ending to last year’s school year, we were not able to hold a traditional election. We decided that with all the uncertainty surrounding so many in our community from the pandemic, we would hold off on making any important PTA decisions.  The Dearborn PTA Council held a virtual election for their executive board over the summer, and now we would like to do the same. Here’s how it’s going to work…

1.       Email nominees to LindberghPTADearborn@gmail.com

a.       You can nominate anyone, including yourself.

b.      Nominees will be accepted from September 7th until September 21st.

2.       Any person who is nominated will be notified on September 21st of their nomination.

3.       A document will be blasted out via email, and uploaded to Facebook on September 29th.

a.       This will have the list of nominees for each open position.

b.      This document will be available for 24 hours only.

c.       Once voting has closed and been tallied, Election results will be shared.

4.       Training and a transitional period will be available for those elected.

5.       If positions are not filled or receive ZERO nominees, they will still be vacated by the current board member and remain OPEN.

6.       We will be voting on 3 Positions: President, Father VP, and Secretary. See below for a quick description.

a.       President – Holds monthly meetings, schedules PTA Event Calendar, assist event chairs in promotion and running of events, work closely with staff of needs of the school.

b.      Father VP – Be a positive male role model for our school, attend monthly meetings, manage specials teacher wishlists, organize annual end of the year Fun Fair.

c.       Secretary – attend monthly meetings, take notes/meeting minutes, manage social media accounts and PTA publications.

Keep an eye open for the election details and updates via EMAIL, BLOG POST, and FACEBOOK POST (Lindbergh PTA Dearborn)!!!

Terrific Thursday!

Good Morning Parents/Guardians,

Happy Thursday and almost Labor Day Weekend. For today’s Zoom class session, we will be using the same link we have been using all week. Just in case you need it again, here is that Zoom link.


Please make sure your child has the following materials ready for today’s session:
-brown bag assignment
-glue (if you do not have glue, feel free to use tape, or the student can write the sentences down).


Please make sure to complete our parent contact survey below by Friday. This survey will help me get to know your child, as well as learn how to best communicate with your family.


Lastly, I wanted to remind you that we will not have school from September 4th-September 7th due to the Labor Day holiday. Our virtual class will resume on September 8th. Please be on the lookout for next week’s schedule later today.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding this week. I
appreciate how hard everyone is working.

Tuesday, September 1st

Good Afternoon Parents/Guardians,

I just wanted to start off by saying great job and thank you for all of your hard work this morning. Today marked the start of our first virtual Third Grade class session. While we did have some technical difficulties, overall I thought we did pretty well.

For today’s homework, your child will be expected to complete their Brown-Bag It Assignment. This assignment was in your child’s orange homework folder and was stapled to a brown bag. Students will have to place items and/or pictures that can represent each of the topics listed on the bag.

On tomorrow and Thursday, students will have an opportunity to share their Brown-Bag assignments. Please make sure your child has their bag ready and prepared for tomorrow.

Lastly, the Zoom link we will be using tomorrow is the same one we used today. I will resend out this link later this evening to the parent and student emails.

Thank you for being such amazing rock stars! As always, if you need anything just let me know!

Student Login

Good Evening Parents/Guardians, 

I hope this post finds you and your family well this evening after a very unique first day of school experience. I do apologize for another parent post, but I wanted to touch base with you on two important notes for our first actual virtual meeting tomorrow. 

Today, I had some parents share that their child forgot their username and/or password for the Dearborn account. If this is the case for you and your child,  feel free to email me. I would be more than happy to email you that information. 

You may also try these hints: 

Each username for dearborn is their student number@dearbornschools.org 
Their student number typically starts with a 2000 number. So the email will look like (2000 number@dearbornschools.org)
Their password is their birthday in mmddyyyy format. 

The last item that I wanted to share was that I did forward your child’s Zoom meeting link to their student email along with your own email. If for some reason you did not receive this link feel free to reach out to me. 
Thank you for being willing to try something new and being flexible this year. We are going to do amazing things! 
Have a great night!–

Tuesday’s First Day of Zoom- 9/01

Good Afternoon Parents/Guardians, 

I just wanted to begin by saying thank you to those parents who came out the first day of school. I really enjoyed getting to meet each of the bright young faces that I will have the pleasure of teaching this year. 
Tomorrow we will begin our first day of virtual teaching through Zoom. We will begin our day at 8:55am and will go until 12:00pm. Since this is a long amount of time to be on a computer, we will be having breaks in between the lessons so we can stretch and get snacks. 
In order to login to Zoom, please watch the videos below that will explain how to login to our meeting and how to use the features as a student.  

After you have watched this video, please join our meeting using the Zoom Meeting invitation that was sent to your email.

Your child will need the following items for tomorrow’s meeting: 




– Completed About Me Sheet (located in first week back packet/email sent out this morning)

– Get to Know Your Teacher (located in first week back packet/email sent out this morning)

-First Week back packet (will work on in class)

-Quiet learning space

 -Positive attitude and a smile

Parents please be advised that we will be taking attendance this first week. 
 I’ve also placed a copy of the virtual first week plans below, in case you missed them.

If you need any assistance or have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I’m here to help.


Thank you for your kindness and support!

Happy First Day of School

Happy first day of school svg school svg First day svg cut | Etsy

Good Morning Parents/Guardians,

Happy First day of School! Please see your email this morning for today’s first day video and assignment. You will also find the instructions for today’s meet and greet.

I’m looking forward to seeing you soon!

Welcome to Third Grade 2020-2021

Good Afternoon Parents/Guardians, 

Welcome to third grade! I’m beyond excited to welcome you and your family into room 212 (virtually and physically) this year. I’ve been busy preparing lots of fun activities for our class this school year and learning new ways to engage our flyers.

Attached below you will find my Welcome Packet for the 2020-2021 school year. This document has some details on what our virtual classroom will look like, the first week’s lesson plan, communication information, and so much more. Please take the time to review this document. 

Along with this document you will find Mrs. Tiba’s information regarding the meet the teacher/student resource pick up for the first day of school.


 Please make sure to update your email with the Lindbergh office if something has changed. Over the next few weeks I will be using email to communicate with you, until we have Schoology up and running. 

As always, if you ever have any questions feel free to reach out to me. I will do my best to answer any question that you have. 

I can’t wait to meet your family and begin the new school year!

Final Post of the Third Grade Year!

Thank you to all of those who joined us for the end of year celebration this morning. I know that I will truly miss every one of my students, and I hope some day they will come back and visit from time to time.

Just to wrap up the school year, I wanted to give an update on a couple of things.

  • If you missed the ceremony today and would like to watch it I have uploaded a video of it into your child’s Google Classroom.
  • You will also find in Google Classroom, that I have posted the Classroom Slideshow, final balloon pop countdown activity, the Google Slide Award presentation that shows your child’s awards, and lastly an optional summer review packet (if you so choose to work on skills over break).
  • There are still some students who need to pick their school pictures or yearbook from this past school year. The names of those students are below. Please make sure to pick up your items by this Friday, June 12th at 1pm.
  • Leo Gallina
  • Ava Gayeski
  • Adam Houry
  • Andrew Marentette
  • Grace Post

Lastly, I just wanted to say once again how much I have enjoyed being your child’s teacher this school year. This year has truly been one to remember and I have loved every minute of it.

Have a wonderful and safe summer!