Good Evening Parents,

I have just uploaded the Module 2 Math Review answer key into the study guide section on our web page. Feel free to check over your child’s review sheet and make any corrections.

Good Evening Parents,

Thank you to all of those parents who have signed up for our Kid’s Heart Challenge! Our class has the most individuals signed up so far! Please continue supporting this challenge and collecting pop tabs/pet supplies! Our community thanks you! This week marks the final week in our second marking period. During this week, your child will be taking some assessments to determine where they are in our class.

On Friday your child received their science test from Unit 2. Please make sure to sign this test and bring it back to class tomorrow! In addition, today your child received their mid-module unit 2 math assessment. We took this assessment back at the start of December, however I wanted students to take it home to show you how they were progressing before our final test. Please have your child make corrections on this test. This will be another great tool for studying!

If your child scored below an 80%, and you would like for them to retake their science test I will be at the school at 8:00 am on Wednesday morning for retakes. Please let me know ahead of time if you plan on sending your child early.

Listed below in this email you will find some of the curriculum we will be covering this week. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!


Reading- Folktales, folktale structure (story plot and morals), and verb tenses

Writing- Developing personal narratives

Science- Engineering buildings to withstand natural disasters

Social Studies- How Michigan become a state, social studies review, and social studies test on Wednesday.

Math- Estimating differences using subtraction, math study guide, and math test on Thursday.

Spelling- No spelling this week due to testing!

Leader in Me- In Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind, we determine our personal priorities. In
Habit 3: Put First Things First, we learn to put our priorities first. “Quadrant 2
Living” is a key concept of Habit 3. The Time Matrix® tool helps us understand how
we use our time. Once we are aware of how we spend our time, we can manage it
and achieve what matters most to us. Ask
your child, “Which activity is your biggest time-waster?”


Upcoming Events this Week

Monday- Final day for Field Trip Shirts

Tuesday- In-School Field Trip Permission Slip and Money due and Social Studies Review Day

Wednesday- Science Retakes at 8:00am (if your child scored under 80%), Social Studies Test, and Math Review Day (please bring completed study guide)

Thursday- Math Test and In-School Field Trip

Friday- Half Day, end of Marking Period, and team sports permission slips due


Greetings Flyers Family,

We are off to an AMAZING start this year raising raising donations for the American Heart Association!  Students can collect donations one of two ways; registering online with the app or with the purple envelope that went home this week with the students.
Because of the overwhelming response already, I ask that students only turn in their envelope when they are finished collecting their donation on their PE days with the money in their purple envelope.  This way, I can assure that each child has received the necessary prizes they have earned and thank them for their assistance in helping out with this amazing program. If your child has loose money/checks to turn in, I ask that they keep it in their Kids Heart Challenge envelope until they are finished collecting and ready to turn it in during PE class  The deadline for the donations is Friday, February 15th.  Extra envelopes are in the office as well as when the students come to class.
Additionally, I encourage all students to register online for their FREE glow in the dark wristband and your chance at a $25 gift card and a free PE day for the entire class! The class with the most online registrations will claim the prize! Registration is easy, please go to, search the school and the rest is easy.  Another way to register is by downloading the Kids Heart Challenge mobile app and it will walk you through the necessary steps to complete the registration.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.  As always, thank you for your support,
Mr. Harvey

Good Evening Parents,

Since we are wrapping up the second card marking we will be starting some mid-year testing. Today your child received their study guides for math and social studies. If for some reason your child is still missing their study guide, or if you would like an extra copy, you can find them underneath the Unit 2 Study Guide tab. I will also be putting review games up there as well!

In addition, I am also putting down our upcoming test schedule. This will help everyone use habit 2: begin with the end in mind, and plan for those upcoming tests. I know testing sometimes makes students nervous, and so before the test we will be doing some yoga as well as some positive affirmation stress relief talk. Hopefully this will be a testing tool students will use to relax and calm down during the test. One way to help at home is to remind students to get a good night’s sleep, give a “pep” talk before school,  and a great breakfast before test days.


Upcoming Test Schedule

Throughout Jan. – DRA (reading) Testing

Thursday 01/10- NWEA Science

Wednesday 01/16- Social Studies Unit 2 Test

Thursday 01/17- Module 2 Math Test

Wednesday 01/23- NWEA Reading

Thursday 01/24- NWEA Math

Monday 01/28-  NWEA ELA

Students at Lindbergh Elementary practice the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  We are calling on our Fantastic Flyers to submit ways they are leaders outside of school.  If you are involved in a sport, scouts, music, dance, theater, or showcase your leadership skills in another way, please participate.  Send in a photograph and a short description of how you use the 7 Habits in the activity pictured.  Use the form below to accompany your photo. The photograph will appear in the lobby showcase.  

Thank you for sharing your leadership with our school!

Fantastic Flyer Form


In order to go to Lansing in style, the third grade team has designed a third grade Lansing shirt! If you or your child is interested buying our shirt, all you have to click the link below by Monday January 14th and purchase your item! The shirts will ship free to our school and will arrive just in time for our trip!

Just think this a great to souvenir for years to come!

Third Grade Lansing T-Shirt Order Form

Image result for happy new year 2019 clip art

Happy New Year! I’m so happy and excited to see everyone back and ready! Welcome back!  I can’t thank you all enough for your generosity with holiday gifts. I am so honored to have your children in my class.  I want to begin with an apology.  I wrote out many thank you cards for your gifts but when I got home a few had no names.  If I accidentally do not send one home by the end of the week please let me know so I can properly thank each and everyone!

Over the next two weeks we will be wrapping up our second card marking! We also will be handing back our assessments that we took before break, please make sure to review them with your child.

We also will be looking forward to many fun events coming up this month in January. Next Thursday, we will have an in-school field trip! We will have a Native American Guest Speaker come in to discuss Native American tribes in Michigan and bring in artifacts to share with our class. In addition, we also will going on the Third Grade Lansing Field Trip on January 31st.

If you are interested in chaperoning our field trip, please make sure to stop by the office and get your background check completed. Only parents with current background checks will be allowed to go on our trip. The sooner the better please! Following your background check, please email me to let me know you are interested in chaperoning! Due to the amount people permitted inside the capital building on the tour, we are sadly limited to how many chaperones/parents that can attend. In order to select chaperones, we will be pulling names in a lottery system the week before the trip. I wish I could take all of you lovely parents!


Lastly, listed below are some of the items we are working on and upcoming events. As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Reading- Analyzing folktales by looking for morals/themes within texts and DRA assessment

Writing- Personal Narratives and presenting holidays around the world project

Math- Place value with digits, rounding numbers to the nearest ten and hundred, estimating using rounding for sums, and standard algorithm of addition

Social Studies- French and British history in Michigan, pioneers in Michigan, and discussing statehood of Michigan.

Science- Engineering weather proof buildings

Spelling- content words: explorer, lumber, subtraction, solve, and characters

spelling pattern /gr//br/&/cr: grapes, bring, cried, grow, and brain

Leader in Me: Habit 3: Put First Things First

Planning weekly is a key concept for habit 3. Weekly planning helps us schedule our most important things (big rocks) first and stay on track to accomplish goals.


Upcoming Events 

Tuesday- In-School Permission Slips went home

Wednesday- Heart Association Assembly

Thursday- NWEA Science Test

Coming Soon…

Next Tuesday- Social Studies Test

Wednesday- Math Test

Friday- NWEA ELA Test


Please see the below note from Mr. Harvey!

I am so excited to kick off this years’ Kids Heart Challenge Program (formerly known as Jump Rope for Heart)! Our kickoff assembly will be on Wednesday, January 9th at 9AM.

One of the fun incentives we are going to do with the students this year is have a Classroom Competition! The classroom with the most students registered for the program will earn a $25 Gift card & recess kit from the AHA to host a party and extra PE time from me!

All you have to do is encourage your student to get registered online! When the students register online they will be asked to take 1 of 3 challenges

  1. Choose water over sugary drinks
  2. Be Active for 60 minutes a day
  3. Do a good deed daily

You can lead the way by registering and taking a challenge as well! Here is our school’s webpage to register:

Image result for grinch day

Tomorrow our class will be having lots of grinchy fun! We will enjoy math and literacy activities all centered around The Grinch!


Your child is welcome to dress up for this fun day. Ideas include: wearing green, trying out some Who inspired hairdos, or wearing antlers like the Grinch’s dog Max to name a few. Have fun and Merry “Grinchmas”!!

The last week of 2018! Can you believe it?! This week is quite the festive week. We have a wide variety of activities that we are doing this week that will surely bring the Holiday Cheer.

This week we are kicking off a Random Act of Kindness  (RAK) Week. Students will be giving back this holiday season by doing a random act of kindness each day as a Kindness Elf. Ask your child what the RAK activity is for each day!

Along with the RAK week, our class will be receiving 5 gifts from Ms. Robey for the 5 days leading up to Winter Break. Today, your child received a week that is homework free! Keep asking about these friendly gifts that they receive!

We also will be having a festive Holiday Party this Friday from 2:30-3:15. Please see the Holiday Party Post for more info!

Reading- Comparing and Contrasting, Point of View, and Character Traits. Students also will be discovering verb tenses and antonyms this week! A special Grinch Day will be this Thursday to celebrate holiday cheer!

Writing- Holidays Around the World Research and Project. Remember our project is due this Friday! Holiday Celebration will be held Friday afternoon!

Science- Climates within America and engineering weatherproof buildings ! Our test will be held on Wednesday. Study Guides went home last week, and are on the blog if needed.

Social Studies- Native American Legends and French Explorers

Math- Rounding two digit and three digit numbers to the nearest ten and measurement

Spelling- No spelling this week.

Leader in Me- Big Rocks and prioritizing

Upcoming Events

Tuesday- Concert Dress Rehearsal 2 pm (please bring concert clothes in separate baggie to school) and Holiday Concert at 7pm in the school auditorium.

Wednesday- Science Test

Thursday- Grinch Day! Where your favorite Grinch inspired clothes to school or dress like a who!

Friday- PBIS reward of Bingo and Holiday Party starting at 2:30. Make sure to bring a Secret Santa Gift!

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