Hello There!

My name is Marika Anthony, and I am the Title One Resource Teacher at Howard and Lindbergh Elementaries.

My page is designed to be a user-friendly resource to all Howard and Lindbergh families especially during the extended school closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please visit the resources pages if you are in need of activities or information that may be helpful at this time.

Although I am a resource for all families and students, my primary focus is targeted literacy instruction for first and third grade students. If your child works with me one on one or in a small group, please check out the page pertaining to their grade level as information there may be most helpful for you.

Remote Teaching Info:

Below you will find the Google Meet schedule for the students that I work with. All Google Meet invites are sent to student’s emails and hosted through Google Classroom. Please be sure to check there for your child’s specific live group time or email me if you are unable to find it.

All students that I see in small groups will be invited to 1 live lesson per week and have 1 pre-recorded lesson posted to their Google Classroom.

*Live lessons schedule:

Group GradeTimeBuilding
Group A 1Mon. 12:00-12:20Lindbergh
Group B1Mon. 12:30-12:50Lindbergh
Group C1Mon. 3:00-3:20Lindbergh
Group A1Tues. 3:00-3:20Howard
Group B1Tues. 3:30-3:50Howard
Group A3Mon. 2:00-2:25Lindbergh
Group B3Mon. 2:30-2:55Lindbergh
Group A 3Wed. 10:00-10:25Howard
Group B 3Wed. 10:35-11:00Howard

*Pre-recorded lessons:

All pre-recorded lessons will be posted directly to your child on Google classroom. All lessons are designed to take no longer than 20 minutes including the teaching and the work or activities assigned. For example, if a writing response is assigned that is designed to take about 10 minutes, then the teacher will also take 10 minutes. All students will have 1 week from the post date to complete the pre-recorded assignment.

*Option for 1:1 instruction:

If you have a specific concern or you are interested in your child receiving one on one instruction, you can sign up for open sessions weekly under the by clicking on the form here. Sessions will be scheduled first come, first serve and will last 15 minutes for students grades K-2 and 20 minutes for students grades 3-5. All requests will receive a response within 48 hours.

*Office Hours:

If you would like to speak with me via Google Meet or a phone call, you can do so during my office hours. Please complete the form here and I will send you an invitation within 48 hours. If you choose not to complete the form that is fine as well, but please understand that if you reach out at this time and I am already meeting with another parent they will take precedence. Filling out the form also allows me to gather any information or documents that may be pertinent to our discussion.

Mon.Tues. Wed.Thurs.Fri.
9:00-10:00 am9:00-10:00 am2:00-3:30 pmNone9:00-10:00 am

If you contact me outside of my office hours you will receive a response within 24 hours. Please note that the contact information that I use to reach parents is found in Mistar, so if you would me to contact you at a different phone number or email you will need to provide me with that.