Live Instruction Updates

Hello Lindbergh and Howard Families,

As I am sure that you are aware at this point in time the district has had to suspend the use of live Google Meets as a platform for teaching due to some very unfortunate behaviors from students at the middle and high school levels. I was so very sad and upset to hear this last Friday, as during the pandemic this is one of the only ways to still see and hear my students in real time allowing me to actually teach content through discussion and feedback. However, I stand behind the district’s decision as the safety and well being of all students is paramount and must guide decision making. Due to this fact, all live reading group sessions will be cancelled on Google Meet until I am informed otherwise. There are some extenuating circumstances in which I may be able to still meet with certain students, if your child qualifies for that I will inform you personally. I am looking into another secured platform supported by the district (as are many teachers) and will inform you if we move forward with it. Unfortunately Zoom has had similar problems to Google Meet in terms of security and misuse and is not a safe option at this time. In the interim, I will continue to post recorded lessons that I would like students to complete on their own time and I will be making phone calls home to speak with students as well just to check in on them (I miss them!).Thank you all for your understanding, please stay safe and well. 

Please also see the attached memo from the superintendent regarding this matter and subscribe to his blog for more up to date information moving forward.

Click HERE for the superintendent’s blog link


Mrs. Anthony

How are you feeling?

Hello Families!

I just wanted to take a minute to acknowledge that although we are very focused on our physical health (as we should be) we also need to remember our emotional and mental health at this time. It can be very difficult and overwhelming to be stuck at home and tackling all of these new things at once for the students and for you! I have attached a couple of resources for decompressing below, I hope you find some of them helpful!

Firstly, for an article about how to talk to your children about COVID-19 from PBS click here

Next, teachers LOVE this website called Go Noodle click on the link and register for a free account. There are tons of great activities for kids to get moving on this website, but I would like to point out the FLOW category in particular where different mindfulness and calming activities can be found that are developmentally appropriate for students of elementary age.

Also, this youtube channel cosmic yoga has many different videos for kids with developmentally appropriate yoga using fun stories.

For all of the parents! The Headspace and Calm apps found in any app store are wonderful and both have free trials. These can also be used with teenage children.

Finally, although we are necessarily somewhat isolated connection is still important! Having you child talk on the phone or google hangout to a friend or family member, or make a card for someone or play a board game with a sibling is a great way to stay connected.

I hope at least one of these suggestions was helpful!


Marika Anthony

Food Distribution

Hello Howard and Lindbergh Families,

I have posted the communication we received from the district today about food distribution. We know many families rely on our schools for food, so please use the following information if needed.

Food distribution will begin tomorrow at the following schools from 10-12, Dearborn High, Edsel Ford High, Fordson High, Woodworth, Salina Inter. & McCollough/Unis This will be as “grab & go” breakfast and lunch bags,students do not need to pick-up, one person from a family can go and pick up food bags for all children 18 and under in their family.This will be on the Honor System, no lunch cards will be needed!

About Me!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Marika Anthony and I am the new Title One resource teacher at Lindbergh and Howard. I am a Dearborn resident and It is my first year working for Dearborn Public Schools and I am so happy to be here! Prior to this I was a Kindergarten teacher for 3 years, a First grade teacher for 1 year and a young 5’s teacher for 1 year. My job is to help all students reach their potential in reading and math through small group and individualized instruction (I will be primarily working with first and third graders this year). I plan to use this blog to post tips and ideas to help students in math and reading throughout the year, as well as keep you updated on what’s going on at Howard and Lindbergh.

Thanks for stopping by!


Marika Anthony