Healthy Living Initiative ( Healthy Minds & Bodies)

District-Wide Substance Prevention Education Model



  • To increase student awareness about the biological, environmental, behavioral, and social causes and consequences of drug abuse and addiction
  • To teach students strategies to prevent drug use and its negative consequences
  • To minimize the stigma surrounding drug abuse and provide hope via education, identification and treatment
  • To teach parents how to recognize signs of substance abuse and initiate a conversation with their child and get appropriate help

Our Community Partners Will 

  1. Provide at least one face to face instructional experience for each student in a classroom setting grades 3 through 12
  2. Provide at least one interactive school assembly
  3. Provide at least one parent education meeting at each            school
  4.  Increase visibility at Parent Teacher Conferences, Open       House, PTA, Orientations and other school related events

School Coordinators

  • Each principal has identified a Healthy Living Coordinator in each building
  • The designated coordinator will connect with the community partner assigned to that school

Collaboratively, they will

  • Create a schedule of classroom visits for substance prevention education
  • Schedule one parent education meeting and one assembly (grade level or targeted)
  • Identify opportunities for the community partner to be visible with resources at one or more of the following school events; Parent Teacher Conference, Open House, Orientation and other school related events

ACCESS will service the following schools


Miller, Lowrey

Middle School

Bryant, Lowrey, Salina Intermediate

High Schools


LAHC will service the following schools


Cotter,Salina Elementary

Middle Schools


High Schools

Edsel Ford (9th -12th) and Fordson ( 9th only)

C-ASIST will service the following schools

Michael Berry Campus – DCMST, STEM, Magnet, Howe 3-5

Henry Ford Early College

Whitmore Bolles, Snow

Suicide Prevention Education will be provided to the high schools (Dearborn, Edsel Ford and Fordson)

SAFE will provide service to the following schools


Becker, Duvall, Henry Ford, William Ford, Geer Park, Haigh, Howard, Lindbergh, Long, Nowlin, Oakman, River Oaks, Maples, McDonald

Middle Schools

Woodworth, Stout, Smith, McCollough Unis

High School

Fordson – 10th-12th

Premier Power Partners


ACCESS: ASAP Community Coalition 


  • To provide students with the knowledge and tools to live a substance free life.
  • To increase awareness regarding the use of substance to the body, mind and community.
  • To educate students so that they can be the leaders that will make a difference in their schools.


  •  To link the gap between parents and students in what is going on in schools and the community.
  •  To educate parents on the signs and symptoms of substance abuse.
  •  To be able to discuss critical issues at home with their kids.
  •  To minimize stigma regarding substance and provide the proper resources regarding addiction.

              LAHC Substance Abuse Prevention Program 


  • To increase awareness through school-linked/ evidence based strategies.
  • To educate youth about the consequences of substance use, risks, and protective factors associated with substance abuse behavior.
  • To equip youth with the necessary skills to develop personal, interpersonal, and drug resistance skills.
  • To break down perceived barriers and increase the willingness to seek help.


  • To provide bilingual and culturally sensitive family-based prevention programs to enhance parenting skills training, communication, and family rules regarding substance abuse.
  • To increase access to mental health and substance abuse treatment resources while breaking the surrounding social stigma.
  • To collaborate and build effective partnerships with community partners to encourage prevention efforts in the community.


  • Community outreach organization stands for: Advocate, Support, Inspire, Service and Teach
  • Mission is to ASIST underserved communities with a focus on mental illness awareness, substance abuse & addiction, and suicide prevention.


  • Bridging the Gap Ending the Stigma Campaign (08/2016): due to increase of mental illness, substance abuse/addiction and suicide among youth.
  • Speak Up & Reach Out Program & QPRE Suicide Prevention Program (02/2018) came to Dearborn Public Schools.
  • Social workers, mental health counselors & QPR-Certified instructors discuss youth mental illness, dangers of substance abuse/addiction and awareness around suicide and preventions.
  • Sessions are conducted once a month to learn to recognize signs and symptoms of mental illness including depression and anxiety.
  •  Sessions discuss where/how to seek help and treatment.
  •  Sessions provide clarity on dangers of opioid addiction and substance abuse.
  •  Student assemblies, PTA and educator meetings held in high schools to discuss warning signs and prevention of suicide.



  • To empower our students with the necessary knowledge and resources to make positive life decisions
  • To increase their understanding and awareness about the mental, physical, and social impacts of substance use
  •  To engage our students in a manner that offers a platform for them to voice their concerns and make a difference
  • To offer training on coalition building and legislative advocacy


  •  To increase their involvement in the everyday lives of their children outside of the home
  •  To educate them on the importance of understanding the social factors that impact their child decision making ability
  •  To build and progress a platform for parents to use SAFE as a resource for their concerns
  •  To reduce cultural/religious stigma through education and real life experiences in regards to substance use and addiction related issues

Positive Messaging – Classroom Instruction

The facilitators for each class session will discuss the following and provide the students with a certificate at the elementary and middle school level.

Elementary Education Sessions  

(20-30 minutes) 3rd -5th grade

  • Increase Awareness (marijuana, prescriptions, alcohol) – visuals
  • Discuss the effects of drugs on the brain & body
  • Provide concrete examples about how to walk away – verbiage to use
  • Suggest options for help – adults

Middle School & High School Sessions

(1 class period) 6th – 12th grades

  • Increase Awareness (marijuana, prescriptions, alcohol, opioids) – visuals
  • Include the hookah when appropriate
  • Discuss the effects of drugs on the brain & body – visuals
  • Discuss peer pressure and how to walk away while remaining cool
  • Suggest options for help – adults

Community Organization Key & Leaders: 

  1. LAHC – Leaders Advancing and Helping Communities   Wassim Mahfouz, Mariam Ismail
  2. ACCESS ASAP – ACCESS Substance Abuse Program  Mona Hijazi, Ahmad Ballout
  3. C-ASIST – Nancy Berry, Zeina Berry
  4. SAFE – Safe, Addiction, Family, Education – HPYE affiliation – Ali Sayed, Hassan Abdullah, Alexis Baer