Welcome to Building Better Behaviors

Creating a school environment that is conducive to learning goes far beyond the day-to-day management of complaints, disagreements, and other student related issues. The environment in a school is ever changing. Student behaviors are influenced by local, national, and world events; their peers; their family life; and of course their own unique personalities. Simply labeling all behavior as “Bullying” is not only inaccurate, but doesn’t even come close to addressing the underlying issues that may be causing the behavior.

For many years the Dearborn Public Schools has taken advantage of, and had success with, several programs that focus on correcting unacceptable behaviors. In more recent years, the District has added several new programs that go beyond simple discipline and help students understand how their behaviors impact others and how changing behaviors will help them become better students and better citizens.

This blog is dedicated to sharing information on the various programs used by the Dearborn Public Schools to create a school environment that is safe, a school climate that is welcoming to all, and a school culture that nurtures learning on all levels resulting in all students being academically and socially successful.