2nd day picture, Dojo QR code, and Important Parent Meeting Date

We had a great 2nd day!! The kids enjoyed having lunch is the lunch room and LOVED getting to play on the playground!!! We also learned how to be a “Strong Listener” today and listened to Pete the Cat Too Cool For School! We also practiced the letter formation for Aa.

Please try to download the Dojo APP to your phone and use the QR code sent home today so we can stay better connected!! Dojo is a super easy way to share pictures with parents! Once you join, I will send your child’s 1st day of school picture to you directly. You can also see “stories” from the day!!

NEXT TUESDAY— September 7th, we will have a short parent meeting in the gym at 11:15-12:00— students will be at lunch during this time and will be dismissed with you after the meeting.

***This is a VERY important meeting, please try to make arrangements to attend!  Your support is very much appreciated!!!

Thank you!!!! 


Mrs. Rawson

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