Homework and Reminders 10-28-20

****ZOOM PARENT MEETING TOMORROW— Thursday, October 29th at 9:00-9:30– Please plan to attend if you cannot make it, please email me at rawsonm@dearbornschools.org—- thank you!!!

*****Ms. Bost, Mr. Abu Rus, and I look forward to seeing PARENTS on ZOOM tomorrow with their child!!! 🙂 :)****

PLEASE GET ALL OVERDUE ASSIGNMENTS ON SCHOOLOGY IN BY FRIDAY MORNING— this includes MUSIC, GYM, ART, and SCIENCE!!! Teachers are starting to work on report cards so get those assignments submitted on SCHOOLOGY ASAP!!!!!— check each course… for example… check MUSIC course if any overdue assignments, check GYM course, check ART, check SCIENCE!

Math- Lesson 36– watch video on schoology if you missed it on ZOOM this morning then do your VIDEO ASSIGNMENT FOR today!!– make sure to use your NUMBER CARDS—given to you AND they ones you made– to show me your math fluency task. See picture for work from blue book that we did together today and use the sentence stems show to “talk” about your pages.

Fluency Example… use your words to explain the pattern you see (like sentence stems on white board)

BENCHMARK ONLINE READING ASSIGNMENTS: Please do your Benchmark assignment for letter s and t games by the end of the week SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 1st. It is DUE. It looks like this when you click BENCHMARRK LIBRARY AND ASSIGNMENTS link on Schoology…

Then click assignments and find your assignment for this week:

Click the book to open each game and then click the yellow circle for “done” after each game so you can go onto the next one… complete ALL 4 games by the end of the week.

*****MAKE SURE ALL BENCHMARK ONLINE ASSIGNMENTS ARE COMPLETE BY FRIDAY— end of marking period!!!** Should look like this with ALL green check marks for ALL assignments!!

Reading: please go on READING EGGS for 15 minutes of independent work!! Here is a how to video… this is a great program paid for by the district so PLEASE make sure your child is going on EACH DAY for 15 minutes!!! I will be checking in to see that everyone is going on for at least 15 minutes EACH DAY!!   Still some zeros, so make sure to go on today and spend some extra time if you missed yesterday!! Shout outs to Kareem, Nour AlBsoul, Ibrahim, Nour Silmi, and Zain who all have been on over 1 hours already this week!!! EVeryone should be at about 45 minutes by today!!!!!

Reading high frequency word cards:

Make sure you add cards: “the” and “go” this week and practice all 6 words to know by sight (MEMORIZE!!)


Writing: Please do the next page in your writing packet. Watch the “R song” to pick 3 words that start with R!!! and then write your Rs and r’s neatly in your packet— remember packets will be dropped off/turned in when complete so do your best!!

Yesterday you had ART !! Please go to courses and click ART. Please watch videos and do any assignments listed for ART .
Go to your COURSES in schoology and find ART as shown below:

Email the ART teacher if you have any questions about ART:
Ms. Torres

If you have ALL 6 of your ART assignments done for 1st marking–see picture!! ;)– you can play the art game Ms. Torres showed us today at this link:


Today you have Science !! Please go to courses and click Science. Please watch videos and do any assignments listed for Science .
Go to your COURSES in schoology and find SCINECE as shown below:

Email the Science teacher if you have any questions about Science:
Lisa Grucz


ALL LABS WEEK WILL BE ON ZOOM!! We will do MATH one-on-one assessments WEEK OF October 26th.  You will need your counting cubes, white board and marker, and number cards.

Here is the weekly schedule for one on one leaning labs this week:

Here is the schedule for today on ZOOM and materials you will need whether in-person or on ZOOM make sure to be ready and ON TIME!!

Ms. Bost also meets with orange group today at 3:35-3:55 for READING GROUP!

Please email me if you have ANY questions about learning labs!! Thanks for all your cooperation and support as we navigate this TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!

Excited for one on one MATH sessions on ZOOM this afternoon!!! AND for science day tomorrow!!! as well as our PARENT MEETING ON ZOOM at 9:00am!!!!

Looking forward to our ZOOM parent meeting tomorrow at 9:00 SHARP!! 😉


Mrs. Rawson

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