Homework & Reminders 1-15-19

  1. Oakman Folder-Sign and return behavior calendar for JANUARY!! 
  2. Reading/Math Bag-Please take 15 minutes to “read” each night and practice sight words… New books for reading pictures, listening and asking/answering questions (use bookmark), finding sight words, etc. were given in see through reading bag.

** All sight words on ring are: I, the, can, see, like, to, look, at, come, and, a, we, go, my, in, is, has, for, are, here, you, dog, up, on, have, said and new sight word IT–. ***ALL should be memorized for reading and some should be able to spell on own.— check folders for how they did on a practice test with their buddy today!!

***STUDENTS WILL BE TESTED OVER THEIR SIGHT WORDS on January 25th so keep practicing EACH NIGHT— spelling tests will begin next month too!  STUDENTS WILL ALSO BE TESTED WITH MS. BOST THIS WEEK!!!

  1. READING GROUP BAG—> read NEW black and white book 3 times remembering to point to each word as you read AND extend to asking questions such as: “Find a sight word on this page. Point to word that starts with the /s/ sound. ETC.”

Sign reading log for new books! 

  1. Math- NO NEW HOMEWORK ASSIGNED, I checked books and ONLY students who need make up a homework page will be bringing home green workbooks tonight—- use this time to go on ZEARN or extact math and doing “math learning math” on CLEVER.   



We are collecting $$$ for the burn drive… please send in a donation to help the Dearborn Fire Fighters!! 

Please send in a snack for January. We have 18 students in the class.

Thank you,

Mrs. Rawson

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