What we are learning this week…

Hello Families!

We will soon see the beauty of the autumn colors on the trees as their leaves change color. As you take walks with your children feel free to bring in fall colored leaves they find!

There will be no school for Young 5s and Kindergarten on Friday, Sept. 22nd! Teachers will be at a meeting! Thank you!

Reading: This week we will continue to practice the Three Ways to Read a Book. Your child can read a book by: 1. Reading the pictures, 2. Reading the words, 3. Retelling a familiar story. We will also begin Daily 5. This is our Literacy program that teaches the children valuable reading strategies as well as independence during work time. We will practice Read to Self and Work on Writing.  We are doing the letter Mm this week as well.

Math: We will introduce various math tools to the students this week. In addition, we will work on counting to 30 and recognizing numbers and their quantities 1 to 5. This week we will practice writing the numbers 1-5! We will also review basic 2D shapes.

Science: We will begin learning about the 5 senses. These are see, hear, smell, taste, touch. You child will also learn what it means to be a scientist.  This will tie into our APPLE ORCHARD FIELD TRIP!

Social Studies:  We will begin a unit called “How to Get  Along with Others”. This week we will continue to talk about the importance of rules and review what good choices we should be making at school.

Writing: We will learn about what a writer does. We will also learn how to use and care for the writing materials in the classroom. We will begin writing through drawing pictures and telling a friend about the story it depicts.

Please remember to check and empty out the Oakman folder daily and review the letters in your child’s name as well as practice writing their first name each evening!  (A tracing paper and marker will be coming home tomorrow (Wednesday.)

The children need to wear gym shoes (shoes that tie or Velcro) EVERYDAY. Gym days are Monday and Friday but we go outside to play EVERYDAY.

Thank you for all you do!!! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to see me!

Mrs. Rawson

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