We are so happy with the beginning of the new year. The children seemed to have matured, and have been following rules. This will be the only week for a Friday folder. The reason is we are working on progress reports for conferences on January 26. DO NOT pack lunch tomorrow. We are celebrating Layla S.’s birthday with a pizza lunch. There is no school this coming Monday. Have a great Wednesday!

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a nice break and stayed warm. It is so nice to see all the kids again. This Thursday, January 11, we will be celebrating Layla S. birthday with a pizza lunch. Please do not pack lunch that day. Next Monday, there will be NO SCHOOL due to Martin Luther King holiday. Also mark your calendars for January 26. Even though the rest of the school has a half day, we will be cancelling preschool that day. We will be having Parent/Teacher conferences. We will have a sign up sheet soon.

Ms. Nadine will not be able to cover our lunches January 8,9, and 10. Normally she stays in our classroom from 1:15 to 2:15. If you would like to volunteer for one or all 3 hours, we would appreciate it. You would be in the classroom with a teacher during rest time. Please let us know if you can help out. Thank you!

The Green Team is raising money to buy hand dryers for our bathrooms. There will be a sale after school tomorrow. They will be selling pizza, baked goods, crandles (crayon candles), and small shaped crayons. Please buy something for this worthy cause.

More info: The holiday party on Thursday will be from 9:30-10:30. The children are now eating in the cafeteria instead of the classroom. They need to be in there at 10:45. If you need to come in before 9:30 to set up, you are more than welcome. Also all library books are due this Friday. The children will not be checking out books this week, because of the holiday break. If you have a missing book and can not find it please let a teacher know.

Good Morning! The countdown is on for Winter Break. We plan on having a fun-filled week ahead. Today, Joseph’s mom will be coming in the afternoon to do an International Holiday presentation. Tomorrow morning Noor’s mom will be doing one. Wednesday is late start. Thursday is our holiday party. Again, many thanks to Joseph, Youssef, Mia, and Ana’s mom for providing a craft and doing it with the children. On Friday, (pajama day) we will be watching a holiday movie. Looking forward to a fun filled week!

There is NO SCHOOL tomorrow December 14. Have a cozy and safe day off!

As part of our International Holidays unit, I presented the Nutcracker Ballet today. The children were read the story and heard some of the music. They were also able to look at 2 nutcrackers we have in our classroom. On Friday, we will combine the book and music and dance to the Nutcracker. If you have a nutcracker at home, your child may bring it in for sharing. Please do not run out and buy one. We look forward to the fun activities we will be doing with the Nutcracker.

Today was the Holiday Boutique. Children who had money were able to purchase gifts and will be bringing them home. They were supposed to be able to purchase tomorrow, however P.T.A. was nice enough to let them purchase today. The children without envelopes or envelopes without money will be able to purchase tomorrow. If your child is sick, they will be able to purchase on Wednesday. *When your child wears snow boots to school, please make sure they have shoes to change. Not only do their feet get hot in snow boots but salt gets on the carpet. Thank you for your understanding.

Good Morning! Today we will be previewing the Holiday Boutique. Purchases may be made tomorrow. Pizza lunch will be provided by Ana’s family. Ana’s mom will be giving an International Holiday presentation this afternoon. It is not too late to do a presentation. Please see a teacher if you are interested.