Category: Class News

Good Morning! This Thursday, January 25 we will be celebrating Layla A.’s birthday we a pizza lunch. Please DO NOT pack lunch on Thursday. NO SCHOOL this Friday. We will be holding Parent/Teacher conferences. Please make sure you arrive on time so that we can stay on schedule. Even though we would love to chat longer with each and everyone of you longer, we are only limited to 15 minutes. If you need to cancel, we are more than happy to reschedule, or do a phone conference. Thanks for your understanding!

Kindergarten applications will be posted on Howe School website on February 1. They must be submitted by April 9. There will be a lottery for K on April 10. Please remember your child must be 5 on or before September 1 of that school year.

Good Morning! Please DO NOT pack lunch tomorrow. We will be celebrating Ali’s birthday with a pizza lunch. Today, your child is bringing home information on how to keep them healthy this winter. We have noticed that with the crazy weather, and a lot of them are in school for the first time, we are seeing more illness this year. Please make sure they get plenty of rest. It is recommended that a child of this age get between 10-13 hours of sleep every night. Also monitor diet and exercise. Lastly, we all know how important hand washing is. We put a lot of emphasis on it in our classroom. Please make sure you register for next year soon. You will get $25 off the registration fee, if you do it early. Also, field trip money is due next Friday. Siblings are welcome.

A big thank you to everyone who made sure we have enough snack. We really appreciate your kindness. Also thank you to all those who ordered books today. Each child will be receiving a free book. Have a great night!

Good Morning! Since we did not make our $100 book club order goal, for the kids to each get a free gift. I will give it another day to order.

Good Morning! Book orders are due today. Thank you to everyone who has ordered so far. Also thank you to Jenna’s family for bringing in extra snack. It is truly appreciated. This Friday, January 19, we will be celebrating Ali’s birthday with a pizza lunch. Please DO NOT pack lunch on Friday. Today the conference sign up sheet is with the sign in sheet. The conferences are Friday, January 26. There will be NO SCHOOL on that day. Have a great Tuesday!

A big thank you to Noor’s family for filling in some of our snack spots. We really appreciate it! Remember you should be contributing 10 snacks during the school year. Book club orders are due tomorrow, January 16. We hope everyone enjoyed the 3 day weekend and stayed warm.

We have become very low on snacks. If you have not signed up, please do so. We have spots open for January. We need them a.s.a.p. Thank you! There will be NO SCHOOL Monday. Book orders are due this coming Tuesday. Please take time out of this long weekend to order books. If we have $100, every child in our class will receive a free book. A field trip permission slip is coming home today. It is to Michigan DNR Adventure Center for February 9. This is due January, 26. Have a great weekend!

IMPORTANT: Starting today we will be accepting registrations for the 2018-2019 school year. We are doing it early this year due to high demand from the outside. You have the chance to reserve your spot before it opens up next month. You will receive $25 off the $200 registration. Remember your child must be 5 on or before September 1 of the school year to enter kindergarten. More information for those going to kindergarten will be available at a later date. Please register a.s.a.p. if your child will be in preschool again next year.

Your child will be bringing home Scholastic Book Club fliers today. These will be due next Tuesday January, 16. If our orders total $100 or more this month, every child will receive a free book. Please take advantage of this wonderful oppurtunity!