There is NO SCHOOL tomorrow December 14. Have a cozy and safe day off!

As part of our International Holidays unit, I presented the Nutcracker Ballet today. The children were read the story and heard some of the music. They were also able to look at 2 nutcrackers we have in our classroom. On Friday, we will combine the book and music and dance to the Nutcracker. If you have a nutcracker at home, your child may bring it in for sharing. Please do not run out and buy one. We look forward to the fun activities we will be doing with the Nutcracker.

Today was the Holiday Boutique. Children who had money were able to purchase gifts and will be bringing them home. They were supposed to be able to purchase tomorrow, however P.T.A. was nice enough to let them purchase today. The children without envelopes or envelopes without money will be able to purchase tomorrow. If your child is sick, they will be able to purchase on Wednesday. *When your child wears snow boots to school, please make sure they have shoes to change. Not only do their feet get hot in snow boots but salt gets on the carpet. Thank you for your understanding.

Good Morning! Today we will be previewing the Holiday Boutique. Purchases may be made tomorrow. Pizza lunch will be provided by Ana’s family. Ana’s mom will be giving an International Holiday presentation this afternoon. It is not too late to do a presentation. Please see a teacher if you are interested.

Don’t forget we will be celebrating Ana’s birthday tomorrow (Monday, December 11) with a pizza lunch. Please DO NOT pack a lunch. We will be going out this winter if the temperature or wind chill is above 20 degrees. Please have your child dress accordingly. When there is snow on the ground, make sure your child has snow boots and snow pants. They will have to stand along the fence without those two items. This makes for some very sad kids. We do not have the staff to stay in with kids that are not dressed appropriately. Everyone will go out! Also have your child put on their own winter gear at home. We are trying to foster independence. Every child knows how to take on and off their coats. We only direct them, and not do it for them. Of course, we do realize that some can not do buttons and zippers and we will help or have them ask a friend. Parents and teachers work as a team to help the child grow and mature.

Ana will be celebrating her birthday this Monday, December 11 with a pizza lunch. Please DO NOT pack lunch for that day. Also on Monday is our Holiday Boutique. Your child will be previewing gifts to buy on that day. They will be able to purchase these gifts on Tuesday. Please make sure your child has the envelope given them on Monday.

Good Morning! We have an assembly today. If you are late, you will need to check in at the office and walk your child down to the gym. Remember we are having a pizza lunch today from Rishik’s family. Have a great weekend!

If your child will not be in school, please call or email. We have several children not coming to school lately, and we do not know if they are sick or what the reason can be. Thank you!

Starting January 8 we will be taking registration for 2018-2019 school year. We will be doing it early this year due to the high demand of our program. If your child will be in preschool next year, and you plan on returning please register between January 8-26. We will have a discount of $25 off the $200 registration fee for you. Open registration will be February 26. If your child is entering kindergarten registration for the lottery will be later on in the school year. Please register for preschool as soon as possible since our program fills up fast.

CORRECTION: Rishik’s birthday will be celebrated with a pizza lunch tomorrow, December 8 not the 6. Please DO NOT send your child with a lunch. We will also be celebrating Noor’s birthday tomorrow, Jenna’s birthday today, and Ana’s birthday Monday. All these birthdays just add to December’s fun filled month. Happy Thursday and stay warm!