We are currently accepting preschool enrollment for next year. We have the registration forms and the packets. We also have the $25 off coupon. This means your deposit will only be $175. This amount can be paid with personal check, cashier’s check, or money order made out to Dearborn Public Schools.

Mia’s mom has also volunteered to help decorate our door. Thank you to the moms of Mia, Arlo Graham, and Ali. I am hoping they will be able to meet together and coordinate something. We really appreciate you doing this.

Good Evening

I hope everyone had a great break. I was not only very productive but spent nice time with family.

Wow can’t believe March is almost upon us. It will be a very busy month. First of all we will be taking registrations for next year’s preschool starting this week. We will keep you posted as to when the kindergarten lottery will be. Please register for preschool as soon as possible, since new families will enroll starting March 9. Tuition will remain the same, NO increase!

March is also reading month. This year’s theme is “Books Around The World.” Each class has chosen a book from a different country. We chose Ireland, and our book will be “Jamie O’Rourke And The Big Potato.” There is a contest for the best decorated door in the school. The winning class will receive a pizza party paid for by P.T.A. The committee is asking that parents help with the door. So if a couple parents can help, we would really appreciate it. If you need to borrow the book for ideas, we can lend it. We can also help provide the paper and other decor, we just need your artistic ideas.

There will be reading logs to fill out and send back each Monday. The students should have 20 minutes of reading each night. When the log is turned in, they will get a participation ticket. This enters them into a bike drawing. There will be one girl’s bike, and one boy’s bike. Parents can also sign up with us to come in and read a book or two to the class, at their convenience. Kids always love when a parent or relative does this. Let’s have great parental and student participation! It would be nice to win the door competition or see one of our kids win a bike!

I also do a Community Helpers unit in March.We will be talking about different occupations. In the past we have had parents come in to do a short presentation about their jobs. Again, the kids are always proud when a parent can do this. Please consider a short presentation regarding your occupation. Let us know when so you may sign up for that also.

Please remember to not only bring in rest items tomorrow but an extra change of clothes.

Enjoy the rest of your evening!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Thank you very much to everyone for your gifts. We really feel special to receive candy, cards, presents, and gift cards. The kindness is so very much appreciated.

Today the school has been asked to have a “locker clean out’. Your child will be bringing home everything in the locker. Please remember when we return from break to bring back extra clothes.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun break. Stay warm!


We will be celebrating Leila’s birthday tomorrow with a pizza lunch. Please DO NOT pack lunch for your child.

Friday, we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day. Please make sure your child has a valentine for each classmate. There are 13 children. You may bring in treats or goodies for classmates to take home.

Monday, February 17-Friday, February 21 we will be off for mid winter break.

Have a good day!

Good Morning

Tomorrow is the kindness assembly. It starts at 9:00. Parents are welcome to come, but it is not mandatory. If you do come, please have your child remain with our class. It will be too hard to keep track if everyone is sitting somewhere else. The sale of items made by artisans in Africa starts after the assembly. Your child may also shop before school in Room 126, or after school in the cafeteria.

This Friday, February 14, the children will be passing out valentines to friends. Please have your child sign each valentine themselves. Please do not personalize to any particular child. This may cause hurt feelings plus it is somewhat time consuming for us. You may also bring in treats if you choose, however, they will be sent home with your child. Keep in mind our nut free policy.

There is NO SCHOOL next week for mid-winter break. We hope everyone enjoys the break.

Have a good Monday!


I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Sunday. It’s giving me Spring fever!

Book club orders are due tomorrow. Please order ASAP so we can get them before the mid winter break.

This Wednesday, February 5 is a late start day.

Friday, February 14 is Valentines Day. We have 13 children. Please bring in one for each child, and have your child sign the Valentine their self. This is a good way to practice penmanship. You may bring in treats to pass, but please make sure to adhere to our no nuts policy. We can not accept anything without a label either. This includes homemade and bakery goodies. This is life threatening, and we appreciate your cooperation.

Mid winter break is Monday, February 17 thru Friday, February 21. NO SCHOOL all week.

Lastly, we enjoyed conferencing with all of you. It gives us more insight into the children, and we get to know you better.

Good Morning

Please remember there is no school tomorrow, due to conferences. Please be courteous with your 15 minute slot. We try to keep on schedule with no one waiting for their appointment. If you can not make it, please call or email. We can always reschedule. We can also extend the conference to another time, if you feel 15 minutes is not enough. Thank you in advance for your cooperation! Have a great Thursday!