Don’t forget we will be celebrating Ana’s birthday tomorrow (Monday, December 11) with a pizza lunch. Please DO NOT pack a lunch. We will be going out this winter if the temperature or wind chill is above 20 degrees. Please have your child dress accordingly. When there is snow on the ground, make sure your child has snow boots and snow pants. They will have to stand along the fence without those two items. This makes for some very sad kids. We do not have the staff to stay in with kids that are not dressed appropriately. Everyone will go out! Also have your child put on their own winter gear at home. We are trying to foster independence. Every child knows how to take on and off their coats. We only direct them, and not do it for them. Of course, we do realize that some can not do buttons and zippers and we will help or have them ask a friend. Parents and teachers work as a team to help the child grow and mature.

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