News for the Week of October 14-18

Dates to Remember:

Wednesday, October 16 – Late start students start school an hour later.

Friday, October 18 – Fall Picture Day

Monday, October 21 – Zoo Field Trip. If you have not turned in your permission slip and money for the zoo, please turn in by Monday. If you plan on being a chaperone or volunteering in the classroom please fill out a chaperone form in the office.

Peek at the Week:

Letters of the Week – Pp (pumpkin, pool, picnic) Ss (swim, snow, soft)

Sight Words – a, the ( I see a pumpkin. I see the pumpkin.)

Daily Five/Literacy – Comprehension – retelling stories with beginning, middle and end. Identifying characters and setting in stories. Informational learning about pumpkins. Reviewing syllables and rhymes. Learning first sounds (initial sounds) in words. We started Listen to Reading and students really like the on-line book site – Epic books.

Writing – We will learn about opinion writing and making an opinion statement such as; I like orange pumpkins.

Science – Review 5 senses with pumpkins.

Math – Lesson 28 – Acting out story problems. Lesson 29 – transitioning to 2D objects by ordering and matching numbers with 2D objects. Lesson 30 – understanding one more by building and linking cube stairs. Lesson 31 – building one more with numbers 0-10. Assess students – writing numbers 1-10 with correct formation, recognizing numbers 1-10 and counting numbers 1-10 in a circular, line and scattered formation. Adding one more to numbers -0-10.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Polgar

News for the Week of October 7 – 11

Dates to Remember:

Wednesday, October 9 – PBIS Kick-off Assembly. Introduction to Positive Behavior Intervention in school.

Friday, October 11 – Half day of school. Students are dismissed at 11:45 am. All teachers will attend district professional development workshop.

Monday, October 21 – Zoo Field Trip. Please sign and send in permission slip for zoo along with admission fee of $8.00. (Cash only) Children 1 yr old and under are admitted for free. If you would like to chaperone a small group of students (2-3) please sign on permission slip along with $8.00 fee.

If you would like to meet us at the zoo and just wish to chaperone your child and have other children attending please indicate on permission slip or note. Please send in money for your children and yourself for group rate of $8.00. More information will be sent regarding time and such.

Peek at the Week:

Letters of the Week: Kk (kangaroo) Gg (goat) Sight word – like (I like candy).

Phonics/Phonemic Awareness: Rhyming two words. (bat – cat). Counting syllables/clapping syllables. (el-e-phant, gar-den, Oc-to-ber)

Daily Five/Literacy – Last week I introduced Read to Someone and students loved reading to a buddy. This week I will introduce Listen to Reading. Students will listen to stories read aloud on Epic Books (a free website for educators with many book titles). We continue to build stamina in Daily Five and have been working hard in centers.

Reading Comprehension – We will focus on an Apples this week with reading/writing. Focus on sequencing a story, looking at poetry with apples and noticing text features.

Writing – we will continue working on narrative writing. Last week we read narrative stories to understand a narrative has a beginning, middle and end. We will write a narrative piece this week about going to the park. Learning to write with a beginning, middle and end with pictures/words.

In the beginning of the year in Kindergarten writing is labeling with letters and words. We are still learning to stretch words/sounds. Listening to the sounds in words and writing down what we here. We are also learning about writing a sentence and the parts of sentence. Sentences start with a capital letter, there are spaces between words and we end sentences with punctuation (period).

We practiced writing sight words we have learned and wrote those in a sentence about fall. I see a red leaf. For most it was the first time writing a sentence. I thought the class did really well!

Math – Finishing up with number 8 and learning different configurations and finding number/counting paths. Topic F will focus on numbers 9-10 and organizing/counting 9 with shapes. Writing 9 and counting in a circular and scattered configuration. Writing number 10 and counting in all configurations.

Science – we continue to learn about the five senses. How do scientists use their senses in science?

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Polgar

News for the Week of September 30 – October 4

Dates to Remember:

Monday, September 30 – Math homework packets are due.

Friday, October 4 – Kindergarten will host an after school bake sale. We are looking for volunteers to help out and in need of donations of baked goods. For more information a note was put in your child’s folder last week.

Upcoming Field Trip planned on Monday, October 21 at Detroit Zoo. More information will be posted soon.

Peek at the Week:

Letters of the Week – Letter Dd and Oo. Read/write/sound. Sight word of week: (see) I see mom. I see flowers.

Phonics/Phonemic Awareness: Counting syllables/clapping syllables. Identifying two words that rhyme. (bat, cat)

Daily Five/Literacy: Comprehension – working on retelling/sequencing short stories. Learning how to sequence (First, Next and Last in short stories). We will focus on comprehension with the season of Fall with Fiction and Non-Fiction books. We continue to build stamina in Daily Five with Read to Self, Work on Writing and Work on Word. I will introduce Listen to Reading with Epic Books and Read to Someone this Week. Students are enjoying working in centers during our Literacy Block.

Writing – During writer’s workshop we will focus on narrative writing. Last week we focused on labeling pictures with the first letter sound we hear and we stretched out letters we hear in words. This week we will focus on writing sight words we have learned along with writing sounds we hear in words.

Science – Last week Science was introduced. What is Science? and What is a Scientist? We learned a scientist uses their five senses (smell, sight, touch, taste and hearing). This week we will explore each of our senses so we understand how we use our senses in daily living and in Science.

Math – New Math homework packets will go home sections 18-22. Students new learning this week; Lesson 18 – Count 4-6 objects in circular and scattered configurations. Writing numbers 1-6 in order. Lesson 19 – Count 5-7 cubes in linear configurations. Matching number 7. Lesson 20 – Writing number 7 and showing different ways to make seven ( ten frame, dice pattern, tally marks, etc.) Lesson 21 – Compare counts of number 8 and matching number 8 in different ways. Lesson 22 – Writing number 8 and showing different ways to configure number 8.

Along with our Eureka Math program we are learning Calendar Math. We our practicing counting 1-30 on the calendar. Counting by 10’s and 5’s to 100. Working on number of the day – teen numbers or numbers in twenties. Learning about place value – ones and tens. Showing the number of the day in different ways – dice pattern, ten frame, tally marks, etc.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Polgar

News for the Week of September 23-27

Dates to Remember:

Monday, September 23 – Math Homework packets will go home and will be returned the following Monday on September 30. Please make sure your child write’s their name on their math packet.

Also, I went on the Zearn math-site that aligns with Eureka Math and you need a class code YK6P2U in addition to student log-in. Please let me know, if you have any problems logging in. (I have advanced the assignments to numbers 1-20). We will take the NWEA math assessment in the morning. NWEA is an assessment tool used in the district to monitor academic progress in the Fall, Winter and Spring.

Wednesday, September 25 – Late Start. Students start school one hour later.

Friday, September 27 – No school for Kindergarten only. Kindergarten teachers will be attending a district professional development workshop.

Peek at the Week:

Letter of the Week: Letters Aa and Tt (read/write/sound) Sight word: can

Friday’s I typically do an assessment of letters to check if student’s can read, write and make the sound of the letter. We will be building a ring card of sight words each week for our book bags.

Literacy/Daily Five – Focus for the week will be understanding what a character and setting is in stories. A character is someone who is in a story. The setting is where the story takes place and when it takes place.

We will continue to build stamina in our Daily Five/Literacy block of time. This week we will add Work on Writing to our Daily Five block of time. Students will work in centers on Word Work, Read to Self and Work on Writing. Work on Writing is student choice of writing (making lists, labeling pictures, making a poster or writing a story).

We will begin reading groups and getting students familiar with working in a reading group and learning beginning reading strategies in groups. We will start sending book bags home on Monday, September 30. It is important students are familiar with working in a reading group and practicing reading strategies and can model this at home.

Writing – We have been working on adding details to our stories and a setting. This week we will focus on labeling our stories and adding words to our stories. Pictures and words tell stories.

Please continue to work with your child on writing their name correctly starting with an upper case letter followed by lower case letters.

Math – This week’s focus: Lessons 14-16. Writing numbers 0-3 and decomposing numbers 1-3. 3=2+1 3=1+2. Ordering and writing numbers 4 and 5 to answer how many by sorting and counting. Writing numbers 1-5 in order. Decomposing numbers 1-5 without equations. Assessment on writing numbers 0-5 and counting objects up to 5. Please work with your child on writing their numbers 0-5 to ensure proper formation of numbers.

Science – We will start Science and learn What a scientist is and What do they do? What is Science? will be discussed. Learning about our 5 senses.

Have a great weekend and enjoy!

Mrs. Polgar

News for the Week of September 16-20

Dates to Remember:

Thursday, September 19 – Parent Informational Meeting 4:00-4:30 pm. Parents please come to the Parent Kindergarten meeting so you can learn about our curriculum program at Howard in Kindergarten. It is also a good time to address any questions you may have about Kindergarten. Hope to see you on Thursday!

Friday, September 20 – Half-day for all students. Students will be dismissed at 11:45 am. There will be no lunch served on half-days.

Thank you for coming to Open House on Thursday. I enjoyed meeting all of you! I can’t thank you enough for the donations of supplies for the class room too!! We made it through our first full week of school and students did really well. Most students are finding time flies when your learning and having fun.

Please let me know if you are not subscribed to Class Dojo or my Class Blog these are two important communication tools I use throughout the year.

Peek at the Week:

Letter of the Week – Mm – Reading/Writing/Sounds

Daily Five/Literacy – Learning about the cover of a book, back of a book, where the title is located on a book and what does the title tell us? Reviewing what an author is and what an illustrator is. We have started Daily Five which is a Literacy Block of time – students are engaged in Writing, Reading to Self, Working on Word Work and Reading to Someone along with Listening to Reading. We will continue to build our stamina in Read to Self and Word Work this week.

Writing – Writing about what we love. We will make a chart of things we would love to write about. Each day we are writing stories and adding details to our writing. This week we will continue to add a setting to our stories. A setting is where the story takes place – outside, inside, at the park, at the beach, etc. The beginning of Kindergarten you will find writing is drawing pictures or labeling and writing words with a picture.

Math – We are moving along with counting within circular and scattered dot configurations of numbers 3,4,5 and finding hidden partners. We will model and decompose the number 3 with materials, drawings and expressions. 1+2 and 2+1. Understanding the meaning of zero. Writing numeral 0. Ordering and writing numerals 0-3 to answer how many questions.

Social Studies – This week we will focus on preparing for drills (fire, tornado and lock-down drills). As well as build on character units with Fairness. What does it mean to be fair? Modeling and applying fairness in and out of the classroom.

Please continue to work with your child at home on writing their name beginning with a upper-case letter and the remaining letters in lower-case.

Have a great weekend!!

Mrs. Polgar

News for the Week

Howard will be having an Open House for families to attend on Thursday, September 12 at 6pm.

Please join us so you can meet your child’s teacher, visit their classroom and visit the other classes they attend (Gym, Music, Library, Art, Media).

There will be sign-up’s in your child’s classroom so you can be updated on classroom events, school-wide events and more.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

Mrs. Polgar

News for the Week of September 2-6

Monday, September 2 – No school – Labor Day

Tuesday, September 3 – We will start a full day of school for the week with dismissal at 3:35 pm.

After school on Tuesday Howard PTA will host a Welcome Back to School Picnic from 4-6 pm. The event will be held at the field behind the school. Cost is $5 per person for PTA members and $7 per person for non-members. (Join the PTA at the picnic or before and save!) The cost includes pizza, salad, drinks, dessert and Bounce House. An information sheet was put in your child’s folder last week.

The following is the weekly Special Schedule (On Gym days please have your child wear gym shoes).

Monday – Media 9:50-10:35 Art 2:40-3:25

Tuesday – Music 9:00-9:45 Gym 1:00-1:45

Wednesday – Gym 1:00-1:45

Thursday – Music 10:40-11:25

Friday – Library 9:35-10:00 Art 1:50-2:35

Peek at the Week:

Letter of the Week – Letters make up words and our name. Letter of the Week – Mm

Math – Learning about attributes that are the same and not the same. Identifying patterns by color, size, shape.

Social Studies – Learning about Classroom Rules – Why do we have rules?

Writing – Introduction to Writer’s Workshop – What tools/skills do you need to be a writer.

Literacy – Introduction to Daily Five – Literacy Block. We will take a look at 3 Ways to Read a Book. Read the Pictures-Read the Words-Retell a Story. Students will also learn how to Read to Self and build stamina in Daily Five.

Have a great long weekend!

Mrs. Polgar

Mrs. Polgar’s Kindergarten Blog

Welcome to my Classroom Blog

I am looking forward to meeting my Kindergarten class and parents this year! On Monday, August 19 and Tuesday, August 20 we will start the Jump Start program. The purpose of the Jump Start program is to transition your child into Kindergarten prior to starting school on Monday, August 26th. Students will arrive at 8:50 am to meet their teacher and will be dismissed at 12:00. It is not mandatory for your child to attend.

School will officially start on Monday, August 26. Students will attend for a half day and be dismissed at 12:15. No lunch or bus services will be offered on the 26th.

After school care will be available until 3:35 pm on August 27, 28 and 29 through our Kids Club program. Please let me know, if your child will be attending Kids Club.

Kindergarten students will attend a half day of school the remainder of the week through Thursday, August 29. Dismissal will be at 12:15. There will be no bus available for 12:15 dismissal on these days. Buses will be available in the morning on Tuesday through Thursday. Lunch will be available Tuesday through Thursday. Students will have the opportunity to buy lunch or bring a bagged lunch on these days.

There will be no school on Friday, August 30 and Monday, September 2.

On Monday, August 26 the Kindergarten teachers will be scheduling assessments for Kindergartners. The assessments will be 20 minutes and scheduled on the half days after dismissal on Monday through Wednesday. There will be a sign up sheet on the first day for you to schedule a time to bring your child in for assessments.

Suggested School Supplies for Kindergarten

1 Backpack – regular size (no wheels)

1 box of 24 Crayola crayons

4-6 pack of Elmer’s glue sticks

1 large eraser

1 Expo dry erase marker – Black

These items will be shared by all at community learning centers.

Extra appreciated items; the items below are some other suggested supplies we will use throughout the year, if you would like to donate, it is greatly appreciated.

Kleenex tissues

White printer paper

Thank you.

Mrs. Polgar

News for the Week of May 27 – 31

Dates to Remember:

Monday, May 27 – No school. Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 28- There will be a sub in my classroom for a short period of time. Teachers will have in-house meetings/planning throughout the day.

Wednesday, May 29 – We will prepare for the NWEA math assessment on Thursday.

Thursday, May 30 – In the afternoon students will take the NWEA math assessment and later we will attend the Brainstormer’s Writing Assembly.

Friday, May 31 – Students will take the EOY Math Assessment for Kindergarten. We will also take the last spelling test of the year. Final day for all library books to be returned.

Upcoming vacation days; no school on: 

Monday, June 3

Tuesday, June 4

Wednesday, June 5

Friday, June 7 – Donuts for Dads in honor of Father’s Day. Held from 7:45 am – 8:45 am. Dad’s can come by our classroom and pick up a special remembrance for Father’s Day.

Monday, June 10 – Howard Field Day. More information will follow.

Wednesday, June 12 – Class/Family Year End Picnic  11-12:30 pm. More information will follow with a donation list for picnic.

Friday, June 14 – Last Day of School – Half day.

Peek at the Week:

Last week of Spelling words – “et” word family – pet, set, bet, met, wet, fret, let, get, net. Sight word – were

Daily Five/Literacy – review comprehension strategies and review word parts, beginnings, endings and blends.

Writing – Non-fiction unit on Ocean Animals.

Math – Finishing up with Module 6 Geography. Lessons 5-8.

Composing and Decomposing Shapes. Lesson 5 – Compose flat shapes using pattern blocks. Lesson 6 Decompose flat shapes into two or more shapes. Lesson 7 Compose simple shapes to form a larger shape described by an outline. Lesson 8 Project.

Enjoy your long weekend! Happy Memorial Day!!

Mrs. Polgar


News for the Week of May 20 – 24

Dates to Remember:

Monday, May 20 –  We will take part in the city wide clean -up parade at 9:30 am. If you would like to join us we will be lining up in front of the school at 9:30 am. This year our theme is Dr. Seuss – The Lorax.

Wednesday, May 22 – Library – this will be the final week to check out a book from the library. We will go to the library on Wednesday this week due to their not being school on Friday. Next week all books are to be returned.

I will be out in the morning on Wednesday and return in the afternoon.

Thursday, May 23 – We will take the spelling test on Thursday.

Friday, May 24 – No school

Monday, May 27 – No school

Peek at the Week:

Spelling words – “ug” word family – bug, dug, slug, rug, tug, jug, mug, snug, plug, hug.  Sight word – where

Daily Five/Literacy – reviewing “str” blends – string, stream. Working on fluency in reading and practicing reading smoother. Practicing short fluency passages along with comprehension skills.

Writing – continue informational writing unit on insects.

Social Studies – study Memorial Day. Why do we celebrate this holiday?

Math – new unit on Geometry. Learning about ordinal numbers and constructing a flat shape with ordinal number directions. Building flat shapes with different lengths and sides. Building solid shapes with flat shapes and identifying positional terms with shapes.

Have a great day!

Mrs. Polgar


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