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Mrs. Polgar’s Kindergarten Blog

Welcome to my Classroom Blog

I am looking forward to meeting my Kindergarten class and parents this year! On Monday, August 19 and Tuesday, August 20 we will start the Jump Start program. The purpose of the Jump Start program is to transition your child into Kindergarten prior to starting school on Monday, August 26th. Students will arrive at 8:50 am to meet their teacher and will be dismissed at 12:00. It is not mandatory for your child to attend.

School will officially start on Monday, August 26. Students will attend for a half day and be dismissed at 12:15. No lunch or bus services will be offered on the 26th.

After school care will be available until 3:35 pm on August 27, 28 and 29 through our Kids Club program. Please let me know, if your child will be attending Kids Club.

Kindergarten students will attend a half day of school the remainder of the week through Thursday, August 29. Dismissal will be at 12:15. There will be no bus available for 12:15 dismissal on these days. Buses will be available in the morning on Tuesday through Thursday. Lunch will be available Tuesday through Thursday. Students will have the opportunity to buy lunch or bring a bagged lunch on these days.

There will be no school on Friday, August 30 and Monday, September 2.

On Monday, August 26 the Kindergarten teachers will be scheduling assessments for Kindergartners. The assessments will be 20 minutes and scheduled on the half days after dismissal on Monday through Wednesday. There will be a sign up sheet on the first day for you to schedule a time to bring your child in for assessments.

Suggested School Supplies for Kindergarten

1 Backpack – regular size (no wheels)

1 box of 24 Crayola crayons

4-6 pack of Elmer’s glue sticks

1 large eraser

1 Expo dry erase marker – Black

These items will be shared by all at community learning centers.

Extra appreciated items; the items below are some other suggested supplies we will use throughout the year, if you would like to donate, it is greatly appreciated.

Kleenex tissues

White printer paper

Thank you.

Mrs. Polgar

News for the Week of May 27 – 31

News for the Week of May 27 – 31

Dates to Remember:

Monday, May 27 – No school. Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 28- There will be a sub in my classroom for a short period of time. Teachers will have in-house meetings/planning throughout the day.

Wednesday, May 29 – We will prepare for the NWEA math assessment on Thursday.

Thursday, May 30 – In the afternoon students will take the NWEA math assessment and later we will attend the Brainstormer’s Writing Assembly.

Friday, May 31 – Students will take the EOY Math Assessment for Kindergarten. We will also take the last spelling test of the year. Final day for all library books to be returned.

Upcoming vacation days; no school on: 

Monday, June 3

Tuesday, June 4

Wednesday, June 5

Friday, June 7 – Donuts for Dads in honor of Father’s Day. Held from 7:45 am – 8:45 am. Dad’s can come by our classroom and pick up a special remembrance for Father’s Day.

Monday, June 10 – Howard Field Day. More information will follow.

Wednesday, June 12 – Class/Family Year End Picnic  11-12:30 pm. More information will follow with a donation list for picnic.

Friday, June 14 – Last Day of School – Half day.

Peek at the Week:

Last week of Spelling words – “et” word family – pet, set, bet, met, wet, fret, let, get, net. Sight word – were

Daily Five/Literacy – review comprehension strategies and review word parts, beginnings, endings and blends.

Writing – Non-fiction unit on Ocean Animals.

Math – Finishing up with Module 6 Geography. Lessons 5-8.

Composing and Decomposing Shapes. Lesson 5 – Compose flat shapes using pattern blocks. Lesson 6 Decompose flat shapes into two or more shapes. Lesson 7 Compose simple shapes to form a larger shape described by an outline. Lesson 8 Project.

Enjoy your long weekend! Happy Memorial Day!!

Mrs. Polgar


News for the Week of May 20 – 24

News for the Week of May 20 – 24

Dates to Remember:

Monday, May 20 –  We will take part in the city wide clean -up parade at 9:30 am. If you would like to join us we will be lining up in front of the school at 9:30 am. This year our theme is Dr. Seuss – The Lorax.

Wednesday, May 22 – Library – this will be the final week to check out a book from the library. We will go to the library on Wednesday this week due to their not being school on Friday. Next week all books are to be returned.

I will be out in the morning on Wednesday and return in the afternoon.

Thursday, May 23 – We will take the spelling test on Thursday.

Friday, May 24 – No school

Monday, May 27 – No school

Peek at the Week:

Spelling words – “ug” word family – bug, dug, slug, rug, tug, jug, mug, snug, plug, hug.  Sight word – where

Daily Five/Literacy – reviewing “str” blends – string, stream. Working on fluency in reading and practicing reading smoother. Practicing short fluency passages along with comprehension skills.

Writing – continue informational writing unit on insects.

Social Studies – study Memorial Day. Why do we celebrate this holiday?

Math – new unit on Geometry. Learning about ordinal numbers and constructing a flat shape with ordinal number directions. Building flat shapes with different lengths and sides. Building solid shapes with flat shapes and identifying positional terms with shapes.

Have a great day!

Mrs. Polgar


News for the Week of May 13-17

News for the Week of May 13-17

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Amazing Mother’s!! 

Dates to Remember:

Monday, May 13 – Class scheduled for NWEA reading assessment.

Wednesday, May 15 – Late start. School starts an hour later.

Thursday, May 16 – Greenfield Village field trip. Please remember to pack a brown bag disposable lunch for your child. We never know what the weather will be like. So, be sure to check out the weather for the day and dress your child appropriate to the weather. We will be outside all day. If you volunteered to be a class chaperone, please meet in class in the morning for group assignments/plans.

Monday, May 20 – Clean-up Parade. Please save any empty paper towel holders for our parade. We will be using them to make Truffula trees in Dr. Seuss Lorax.

Peek at the Week:

Spelling words – “ub” family – sub, tub, cub, hub, rub, club, stub, scrub.

Sight words – red, blue

Daily Five/Literacy – Correcting grammar by identifying mistakes in sentences and fixing them. Understanding parts of a sentence along with punctuation. Continuing making words with s-blends; spl, spr (splash, spring)

Writing – This week we will start a new informational writing unit on insects.

Math – Representing teen number compositions and decompositions as addition sentences.

Representing teen number decompositions as 10 ones and some ones, and find a hidden part.

Decomposing teen numbers into 10 ones and some ones and composing 10 ones and some ones into a teen number.

Social Studies – Identifying a public issue and how to resolve it. Environmental issues with our Earth.

Have a great day!!

Mrs. Polgar



News for the Week of May 6-10

News for the Week of May 6-10

Thank you all for the flowers, cards, and the beautiful bulletin board outside our classroom for Teacher’s Appreciation Week. I have been truly blessed this year with the sweetest and kindest Kindergarten class! 

Dates to Remember:

This week we will prepare for the upcoming NWEA assessments. We are scheduled to take the reading assessment on Monday, May 13. Refer to my previous Blog post for sites to prepare for the NWEA.

I have a few more DRA assessments to do this week and I will be finished. Hooray!! These assessments are very time consuming because I have to test each student individually. As a student passes a reading level I have to continue testing to the next level. The good news is all students are at grade level or above grade level for end of year reading goals.

Book bags did not go home last week as I was doing DRA reading assessments. If a book bag does not go home have your child go to Raz Kids for reading enrichment.

Friday, May 10 – Field Trip Permission slips/money to Greenfield Village are due. 

Thursday, May 16 – Greenfield Village Trip – If you signed up to chaperone for a group of students, please meet in the morning for the field trip information and group assignments. The bus will leave between 9:00-9:10 am. Students will ride the bus and parents will meet us at the village. If you are meeting us at the village, please meet at the entrance to the ticket booths. Remember to pack a brown bag lunch for your child.

Parents can bring their family and meet us at the village. You can also chaperone just your child at the village. Please indicate on permission slip.However, all students must ride on bus to village and back to school on bus.

Peek at the Week:

Spelling words – “og” word family – log, dog, frog, jog, clog, smog, fog.

Sight words – some, so, from.

Daily Five/Literacy – Focus on identifying problems/solutions in stories. Identifying key information in informational text. Learning new vocabulary in informational text. Reviewing parts of speech, nouns, verbs, adjectives, word endings, di-graphs, vowel teams.

Writing – Informational writing unit on Frogs. Students will write about interesting facts about frogs with various sources of information on frogs.

Math – students will extend the Say Ten Way and regular count sequence to 100. Practice counting up and down by tens to 100. Count within tens by ones. Count across tens when counting by ones to 40. Count across tens by ones to 100 with or without objects.

Science – study how pollution effects our Earth. We will be having a clean up parade on Monday, May 20 and the class will be walking in the parade with the theme of Dr. Seuss Lorax. We will need paper towel holders for our Truffela Trees from the Lorax. So, don’t throw out or recycle your paper towel holders (tubes). Save them and bring them to school for our parade.

Have a great sunny day!

Mrs. Polgar




News for the Week of April 29 – May 3

News for the Week of April 29 – May 3

Dates to Remember:

Tuesday, April 30 – If you have a child who will be attending Kindergarten in the Fall. Scheduled Parent-Kindergarten Meetings will be held during the school day. Kindergarten Teachers will present at meeting.

Thursday, May 2 – Curriculum Night at Howard – Join us for educational games, prizes and more from 5:00 – 6:30 pm.

Friday, May 3 – Muffins for Mom’s will be held in celebration of Mother’s Day at 7:45 – 8:45 am.before school on Friday. You can bring your child to school and they can join you for refreshments before they go to class. Mrs. Polgar’s class would like to invite you after to come back to our classroom. Your child will have a special remembrance for you in honor of Mother’s Day.

Monday, April 29 – Friday, May 3 is Teacher Appreciation Week. We have an amazing staff at Howard that are highly dedicated to their careers in education. So, I thought it would be nice if the students in my class could draw a picture or make a card and bring it to school to give to their Art, Gym and Music teacher. I feel very blessed to work with the staff at Howard and I know my class loves the staff at Howard too!!!

Thursday, May 16 – Save the date we are going to Greenfield Village in Dearborn. More details will be coming. I thought I would put the date out there for parents who would like to chaperone or spend the day with us at Greenfield Village.

Peek at the Week:

Spelling words – “op” word family pop, top, mop, stop, plop, flop, shop, chop. Sight words – down, up.

Daily Five/ Literacy – Reviewing parts of speech nouns and verbs. Learning about adjectives and how we use adjectives in writing. Recognizing nouns, verbs and adjectives in texts. Working on reading words with blends, digraphs, cvce words and vowel teams in fluency passages. I have been focusing on reading fluency along with comprehension for year end.

Writing – Last week we wrote animal riddles and used adjectives and verbs in our writing. They really enjoyed writing riddles and reading their riddles to one another!! This week we will continue with descriptive writing using adjectives in poems.

Science – Last week we learned about ways we can save the Earth and keep it clean. We learned about the 3 R’s – reduce, recycle, reuse. This week we will learn about pollution and more about recycling garbage. We will make posters to show what we have learned.

Math – How to build a Rekenrek to 20. Writing numbers 11-20 and using numbers 11-20 in tower configurations increasing a pattern by 1. Representing numbers 20-11 in tower configurations and decreasing a pattern by 1. Counting and writing answers to how many questions in linear and array configurations. Counting and writing to answer how many questions with up to 20 objects in circular configurations.

NWEA assessments will be coming up in May for Reading and Math. I have the following times scheduled:

Monday, May 13 – 1:15-2:00 pm. Reading

Thursday, May 30 – 12:05-1:10 Math

I have some websites listed that will be helpful for your child to use to prepare for NWEA testing. The sites are very useful to build skills and review concepts we have learned through the year. Please consider using these sites as additional support for learning outside of the classroom. We know students love to work on the computer and play games!! – Questions similar to NWEA assessment. Look at Kindergarten and First grade levels under skills, standards and grade level. There are games that go along with skills also. – Great site for Math and Reading/Phonics. – another great site for Reading/Phonics. – math games – math games – another site where questions are very similar to NWEA assessment. Look at Kindergarten and First grade levels under math and language arts for skills.

Lastly, I will be taking the next few weeks to finish up with DRA reading assessments. During this time I will not be doing reading groups. However, I will be putting books in book bags so students will have some books to read during the week. Book bags can be turned in at the end of the week.

I apologize for how long my Blog is. It is the end of the year and a lot is going on. I see so much learning and growth. This time of year is amazing!!

Mrs. Polgar




News for the week of April 22 – 26

News for the week of April 22 – 26

Tuesday, April 23 – Howard Elementary School Spirit Fundraiser hosted by Famous Hamburger in Dearborn from 3-10 pm. When you visit Famous Hamburger a percent of your purchase goes towards Howard Fundraiser.

Wednesday, April 24 – Late start. School begins an hour later.

Friday, April 26 – Howard Carnival hosted by Howard PTA from 5-7 pm. Everyone is invited! Admission is $5 per person. Admission includes: DJ, games, snack and refreshments held in the gym. A registration form went home on Thursday, please sign and return by Wednesday, April 24. Payment can be made at the door. 

Peek at the Week:

Spelling words: “ot” word family pot, hot, tot, spot, trot, dot, slot, shot.

Sight words – got, not

Daily Five/Literacy – Continue to review different text types, author’s purpose, asking questions about literature, making connections with stories, learning about parts of speech such as; adjectives. Learning how to use adjectives to describe in writing.

Writing – generating an informational writing piece about animals in riddle form. Using descriptive words and forming a riddle. (I am striped with a long tail and I can live in the zoo or tundra).

Math – Lesson 6 – 10.  Modeling objects and representing numbers 10-20 with place value. Modeling and writing numbers 10-20 as number bonds. Modeling teen numbers with materials from abstract to concrete. Drawing teen numbers from abstract to pictorial.

Science – Learning about living and non-living things. Focusing on Earth Day and learning about recycling and keeping our environment/earth safe and clean.

We will be preparing for the NWEA Spring Assessment in reading and math the next couple of weeks.

Have a great long weekend!

Mrs. Polgar


News for the Week of April 15-19

News for the Week of April 15-19

Dates to Remember:

Thursday, April 18 – Last day to turn Spring pictures in. We will take the spelling test on Thursday.

Friday, April 19 – No school.

Peek at the Week:

Spelling words – “ip” word family – rip, ship, sip, skip, hip, lip, dip, hip.  Sight words – did, do

Daily Five/Literacy – 

Reviewing “s” blends ( new – sk – skip, sm – smart) Learning about parts of speech – identifying nouns and verbs. Continuing are learning about text types – stories, poetry, fiction/nonfiction. Author’s purpose – understanding the author’s purpose; to entertain, inform or persuade. Making connections; How do I connect with a story? What does a story remind me of?

Writing – Informational writing. Students will work on writing information about plants.

Math – Starting a new unit – 5. We will learn about grouping tens and ones for understanding of place value. We have been working on place value during calendar time and on our morning work. So, this will unit will lend to a better understanding of place value.

Science – We will continue our unit on plants. What plants need to survive, parts of a plant, living and non-living things.

I will be testing students in reading. I will let you know what DRA level your child is at by the end of the year. We still have months to go and this gives me time to work on areas for growth. I will also start preparing the class for the NWEA Spring assessment in reading and math. Students will take practice screeners during Media to help prepare.

I am thrilled with the progress in reading and writing in my class. The Spring season is always the time of year where students bloom in different learning areas. Usually the reading and writing all comes together and starts making sense to students – comprehension, building words, recognizing word parts and writing with purpose.

I really have some budding writers and they love writing during writer’s workshop and during Daily Five. The class really enjoys writing and they love sharing stories with their friends. At the end of the year, you will take home your child’s writing folder and journal so you can read their wonderful stories.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Polgar



News for the Week of April 8 – 12

News for the Week of April 8 – 12

Dates to Remember:

Monday, April 8 – Students return to school from break. 

Wednesday, April 10 – Parent-Teacher Conferences 4-7 pm.

Thursday, April 11 – Kindergarten-Round-up Meeting 5:30-6:30 pm. If you have a child entering Kindergarten next year please attend informational meeting for kindergarten school year.

Peek at the Week:

Spelling words for the week: “in” family  in, fin, win, tin, bin, pin, spin. 

Sight words: into, will, this.

Daily Five/Literacy: Reading comprehension – learning and recognizing different text types – story books, poetry, fiction/non-fiction. April is poetry month so we will be introducing poems. Understanding author’s purpose is it to inform, entertain? What is the author’s message in a text. What does the author want you to know? Word work – working on (s) blends – st and sp blends (start, stain, stamp, space, spat, spare)

Math – finishing up with the end of unit 4. Reviewing addition and subtraction with mixed problems. Subtraction and addition up to 10.

Writing – Opinion writing – Spring. Do you like Spring? Plan – writing about what we do in the Spring.

Science – Learning about plants. How do they survive and what do plants need to survive.

I hope all of you enjoyed your break. Looking forward to the Spring weather!!

Mrs. Polgar


News for the Week of March 25 – 29

News for the Week of March 25 – 29

Dates to Remember:

We are going to celebrate Dr. Seuss in Mrs. Polgar’s classroom the last week of school.Take a look at the activities for the week.

Monday, March 25 – Cat in the Hat. Wear a hat to school.

Tuesday, March 26 – Hop on Pop. Get ready to rhyme with the “op” family.

Wednesday, March 27 – Wacky Wednesday. Crazy dress-up day. Wear your clothes inside out, crazy hair, two different shoes, socks. You choose make it a Wacky Wednesday.

Thursday, March 28 – Fox in Socks. Wear some crazy socks to school.

Friday, March 29 – The student council will be hosting a wear your pajamas to school day. If you would like to wear your pj’s to school donate $1.00. We will be having our end of the month March is Reading Madness assembly in the afternoon.

Spring Break: No school April 1-5. Students return to school on Monday, April 8.

Peek at the Week:

Spelling words for week: “ig” family big, wig, dig, fig, jig. Sight words – one, two, come

Daily Five/Literacy – Reviewing rhyming – Dr. Seuss week. Continue with work on “r” blends. (br, tr). Reviewing silent e words and long vowel sounds.

Narrative Writing – focusing on beginning, middle, endings in stories and using transition words such as; once, next, then, last.

Math – Solving addition problems with total unknown and putting together unknown problems with totals of 9 and 10. Represent subtraction problems by breaking off, crossing out, and hiding a part.

Science – Learning about plants. Understanding what plants need to survive. List the needs of plants; water, sun, soil, air and space.

Social Studies – review map directions; cardinal directions – North, South, West, East.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Polgar