Purpose of Polar Express

By Sarah Mallah

Polar Express is a writing club where members work to  report about special events, sports news and many more things happening at Lowrey School. The advisors are Mrs. Wiedyke, and Ms. McCarthy who are both Lowrey teachers.  Mrs. Wiedyke runs most of the meetings, and Ms. McCarthy takes care of the technical items and difficulties with the Blog Site.   Wiedyke said that Polar Express is to help by enriching the school community and to also allow members to have a voice and practice writing. Currently, Polar Express has approximately 10 staff members.  Covid cases have made regular meetings with the whole staff difficult-  but all of the writers are working hard to share important news at Lowrey.  Sixth grade writer Ishl Wasfy said she joined the student newspaper because she loves writing.  Seventh grader writer Fatima Mtierek said she wants to be part of something that allows others to know about the great things happening at Lowrey.  The staff looks forward to readers logging in and seeing their hard work and diverse articles.