Ms. Runyan- Art Teacher

By Fatima Mteirek

Ms. Runyan is a new art teacher for Lowrey Middle School. Ms. Runyan started teaching during the Covid pandemic when everybody was online in 2020-2021. So this year is her actual second school year here. Ms. Runyan teaches all of middle school (6th, 7th, 8th) and is a very talented artist. Lowrey School isn’t the only school she has taught at.  She’s also worked for a non-profit group for 9 years in Detroit.

Ms. Runyan completed her teaching degree at College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. This year Ms. Runyan has befriended all the middle school gym teachers, Ms. Suttles, Mr. Waddell, and Mr. Williams. Ms. Runyan’s favorite part of Lowrey so far is being able to share her fun projects with her students. She also enjoys practicing her art outside of Lowrey and binge watches shows a lot at home in her free time. Ms. Runyan has a younger sister, and an extended family she’s super close with. It’s very exciting to have such a fun, creative, new teacher here for Lowrey students.   Lowrey staff and students are grateful to have such a talented staff member in the building.  

Halloween Costume Contest

By Fatima Mteirek        

  Lowrey was ALIVE with the 5th Annual Halloween Costume Contest.  Students dressed up in their Halloween costumes on October 29, 2021 with a chance to win the BEST COSTUME contest and some prizes. The winners of the contest were, 6th grade student Lama Said, who dressed up as a Pirate, 7th grade student Mohamed Almahmoodi , who also dressed up as a Pirate, and 8th grade student Ala Saleh, who dressed up as the Grim Reaper.  The prizes these students won were a, “Decorate-it-yourself, Halloween Cookie House, and a box of popcorn and candy, all sourced from Target.

       Lowrey Elementary and Middle School teachers also participated in the costume contest. The middle school teacher who won with the best costume is, PE teacher, Ms. Suttles, who dressed up as Harley Quinn.  Mrs.Cheaib was the Elementary Teacher winner who dressed up as The Mad Hatter.  Ms. Suttles and Ms.Cheaib  both won a Target Gift card. The staff members that helped choose Lowrey student, and teacher winners were Ms. Mohsen, Mrs. Fawaz, Ms.Sareini, Ms.Khreizat, and Ms. Hassan

New Middle School Staff Member: Mrs. Samia Fawaz

By Fatima Mteirek

   Mrs. Fawaz is a new teacher to Lowrey Middle School this year.  She used to teach Lowrey Elementary, grades 4 and 5, before moving upstairs. This is her first year teaching upstairs in the Middle School but has been here at Lowrey teaching  for 10 years total

Mrs. Fawaz teaches 6th grade Language Arts.   She earned her degree for teaching at the University of Michigan, Dearborn. Some staff members Mrs. Fawaz is friends with are most of the resource teachers, Mrs. Hassnah Sobh (who teaches 6th grade Global Studies), and Mrs. Berro who is a 4th grade teacher. 

This year Mrs. Fawaz has enjoyed the Halloween Costume Contest, and the Christmas Ugly Sweater Contest this year. She stated, “ I like to be involved”. Outside of Lowrey Mrs. Fawaz loves to go shopping, she reads,  but mostly spends time with her family. Mrs Fawaz has 6 sisters, 1 brother, and 21 nieces and nephews that range from ages 1-30! She’s been married to her husband Shady for 5 years and her son Zayn is 2 ½. She is currently awaiting the birth of her 2nd baby this May.  We welcome Mrs. Fawaz to Lowrey MIDDLE School!

Lowrey Boys Basketball

By Fatima Alnasser

During the Fall of 2021, the annual tryouts for the Lowrey Boy’s Basketball Team took place. Although the season is over, it was an exciting experience for all of the team players and coaches.

Ayoub Abdulsater was one of the 6th grade basketball players that made the team. Ayoub’s position on the team is point guard. A point guard is one of the 5 positions in a basketball game. The point guard is usually one of the team’s strongest dribblers and passers. They also defend the opponent’s point guard and try to steal the ball. Ayoub’s favorite part of being on the team was having his friends on his team that supported him. His experience this season was difficult. He shared that some teams they had played were very difficult to beat-  but there were also easy games.  Ayoub felt that his coach wasn’t too tough, but they did have a good relationship with each other. When asked about his toughest competition this season, he stated, “Bryant!  But, hopefully we get them next time”.

Matthew Waddell was the coach of this year’s Lowrey boy’s basketball team. A coach is someone who works and instructs students (and sometimes adults) to prepare them for upcoming games and competitions. Mr. Waddell has been coaching the sport of  Basketball for a good 15 years. Their team roster consisted of 15 boys.  Mr. Waddell agred that the team’s toughest competition was Bryant. When asked about highlights of this season, Waddell states, “The highlights of this season were players getting better and improving on their skills”. Mr. Waddell thinks that the team needed to improve on teamwork and their overall knowledge about basketball earlier in the Fall. The team’s MVP was 7th grader Hassan Charaf.  Coach Waddell said, “ Hassan had a great season for us and was a force down low by the basket. Overall it was a pretty good season. Our regular season record was 6-4-1. The boys learned a lot, got better with their skills and had some fun”.

The last regular season basketball game was on January 11, 2022, and the team advanced to the playoffs.  The first playoff game was 1-18-22 against Woodworth.  Lowrey took the win with a score of 49-23.  The next playoff game was 1-20-22 against Salina, and the Polar Bear Boys took the win with a score of 36-30.  Obviously, the boys continued on, played as a team and made it to the Championship game!  The City Championship game took place on 1-21-22 at Smith MIddle School against Bryant.  The boys succeeded and took the Dearborn MIddle School City Championship title with a score of 65-54.  Many teachers, students, parents and Lowrey staff members attended the game to support and cheer on the team!  8th grader and team member Ahmed Albiraihy stated, “It was such a good experience.  We had a tough season.  We lost almost half our players at one point in the season because they were out sick with Covid.  That resulted in a bad record for our team.  I think we lost to Bryant the first time because we did not have a full roster.  We battled back though after our team mates were able to rejoin the team.  We beat Bryant in the final game, it was great”.  

Everyone at Lowrey School is so proud of Mr. Waddell and his hard-working team!  Congratulations to all the team members for making Lowrey District Champs!

Jamal Abdel6th
Mohamed Alsoofi7th
Mohamed Alesseng7th
Ali Bazzi7th
Saleh Madani6th
Ahmad Taha7th
Laith Aljanaby7th
Adam Bandar7th
Mohamad Aoun7th
Hassan Charaf7th
Azzam Obaid7th
Ayoub Abdulsater6th
Ashmail Muthana6th
Ali Hassouneh7th
Mossa Aldalali7th
Hussien Abdulsater8th
Ali Ashkar8th
Ahmed Nasser8th
Ahmed Albrayhe8th
Hassan Almayahi8th
Mahdi Bouzeid8th
Alhassen Ghalib8th
Kassem Aldubaishi8th
Hassan Taha8th
AliRidha Alsaidy8th
Hussein Aoun8th
Ali Hachem8th
Hamza Ahmed8th

Ali Saad – team manager 8th grade 

Abbas Bazzi – team manager 8th grade 

Lowrey Thanksgiving Break

By Fatima Mteirek

Lowrey students were thrilled when the Thanksgiving break came.  Students were off school in Dearborn from Wednesday November 24 through Sunday November 28, 2021. During this break a lot of students traveled and others stayed home and enjoyed their time off. Aya Fares is a 6th grade student who had extra fun during this break. Aya went to New York to have adventures and see relatives. She also went sightseeing and saw New York’s beautiful structures. She quoted, “New York is known for its amazing structures and buildings. I usually go for family, or just to travel every once in a while. The places we visited were Times Square, The Empire State Building and Central Park. These are just a few things off the top of my head. We walked in Times Square for hours looking at the amazing buildings and bright colors. I got to go ice skating outdoors with purple lights around, there was also a huge christmas tree, but it wasn’t lit and decorated yet. While we were taking a bus, we passed a lot of skyscrapers and in the background, you could see the Empire State Building.” Aya also states that she hadn’t seen her aunts in New York for almost a year, and that they rarely come to visit.  This trip helped her see them longer and to spend more quality time with them.

Two more students that enjoyed this Thanksgiving break are 6th grader, Musa Sofyan, and 7th grader, Nada Alshamery. During the break Musa Sofyan hung out with his cousins and got to see his dad for a longer time than normal. Musa’s dad lives 2 hours away, so he usually gets to see him a few days a week. So during the break it gave him a chance to see him longer.  While Musa was with his dad,they played cards and watched a movie. 

Last but not least is Nada Alshamery. During the break she went over to gather with family and friends and had Thanksgiving dinner. On the other days of the break, she went ice skating with cousins and family, and had sleepovers with cousins and friends. Nada also said that taking a break from school helped a lot. She stated, “It was nice to take my mind off of school and help my brain relax. Instead of stressing with homework, I got to sit and think on what I could do to improve in school.”

Thanksgiving Break was a much needed break for Lowrey staff and students.  It was time to rest, relax and prepare for the end of the semester.

New Teacher Interview: Ms. Jennifer Curran

By Noor Algsasid

Mrs. Jennifer Curran has been working at Lowrey since December 2021. She teaches 7th and 8th Language Arts. Mrs. Jennifer Curran first worked at a police station as a dispatcher.  Her friends at Lowrey are Mrs Fawaz, Mrs Salameh, and Mrs Sleiman. The college she attended was OAKMEH UNIVERSITY. She enjoyed the Holiday Lock In at Lowrey and she would like to know more about Lowery school in general. Her hobbies are playing video games, reading, playing sports, and sometimes sitting outside. She has a son who is 16 and his name is Andrew.  Ms. Curran also  has one pet rescue dog whose name is Cliff and he has one eye. Welcome Ms. Curran-  Lowery is lucky to have you as a staff member.

Purpose of Polar Express

By Sarah Mallah

Polar Express is a writing club where members work to  report about special events, sports news and many more things happening at Lowrey School. The advisors are Mrs. Wiedyke, and Ms. McCarthy who are both Lowrey teachers.  Mrs. Wiedyke runs most of the meetings, and Ms. McCarthy takes care of the technical items and difficulties with the Blog Site.   Wiedyke said that Polar Express is to help by enriching the school community and to also allow members to have a voice and practice writing. Currently, Polar Express has approximately 10 staff members.  Covid cases have made regular meetings with the whole staff difficult-  but all of the writers are working hard to share important news at Lowrey.  Sixth grade writer Ishl Wasfy said she joined the student newspaper because she loves writing.  Seventh grader writer Fatima Mtierek said she wants to be part of something that allows others to know about the great things happening at Lowrey.  The staff looks forward to readers logging in and seeing their hard work and diverse articles.

Mrs.Suttles’ Haunted Hallway: A Halloween Celebration

By: Jana Nasser 

On October 29, 2021  Mrs.Suttles hosted a Haunted Hallway for her Gym students. She started this awesome event by just getting a couple decorations,  and then proceeded from there. The Haunted Hallway takes place every year and Suttles always wants to add more decorations and jumpscares. Ms. Suttles explains that it was so difficult to set this year’s hallway up, and that it took her 4 ½ hours. She had the help from 8 students from her classes. 

Students, principals and teachers tried out the Haunted Hallway such as Mrs. Fawaz, Ms. Mohsen, Mr. Bazzi, Mr. Dakhlallah,  Mr. Waddel and Mrs. Younes. Mrs. Suttles’ favorite part was the starry night/ fog effect. A 7th grade student Arwa Hussein said,

”I loved the haunted hallway, but I just wish that she didn’t jumpscare us with her Harley Quinn costume. My favorite part was the flashing lights. My least favorite part was the scarecrow”.   Another 7th grade student Fatima Mteirek said, ”I loved the haunted hallway and it was SO fun. My favorite parts were the fog and flashing lights. I loved every part and didn’t wish for anything to change.” 

Lowrey is lucky to have such a creative teacher that loves Halloween so much!  Thank you Mrs. Suttles for making Halloween more spooky!

Veteran’s Day: Recap

By: Sarah Mallah

      It was Veterans Day 2021. The 6th grade teachers were asked to bring their students to Lowrey’s  91st Annual Ceremony. When the students got ready and wore their coats, then they went outside for the event. Everyone was waiting patiently out in the front of Lowrey School for the ceremony to begin.

      The school counselor, Dr. Hassan Dakroub, gave the introduction. After that, the student council officers went next to the stand by the microphone and recited the Pledge of Allegiance. The dignitaries, students and  the teachers also said the pledge along with them and put their right hands on their chest. When it ended, a girl named Mariam Habhab was chosen to sing the National Anthem. She went next to the microphone and started singing. When the song ended everyone applauded.

        Then it was time for Chaplain Rick Nevue to pray. Mariam Habhab stepped down so Chaplain Rick Nevue could come to the microphone and pray. When that was done everyone was clapping. Next Mr. Doyle’s Music Connections Students performed by singing a song. The song was called “America The Beautiful.” Mr. Doyle played the piano when the students sang. Flag Raising and calling colors are after that. This is where the Ritual Team brings the flag and the Dearborn Allied War attach the flag on to the pole and raise it up. The Veterans Council called the colors when the flag had been raised.

        Dr. Hassan Dakroub talked and  recognized the  guests. He called all the dignitaries’ names and introduced them.  Everyone clapped at each person he introduced. Then the principal, Mrs. Younes and a lot of other veterans gave remarks/comments.  Some of the  guests at the ceremony were Mr. Adam Martin, Executive Director of Student Achievement/Dearborn Public Schools –  Mrs. Susan Dabaja, Dearborn City Council President-  Mr. Abdullah Hammoud, Mayor Elect for the City of Dearborn- and Mr. Tom Pitock, the Commander of the Dearborn Allied War Veterans Council.

         It was finally time to give the roll call. The Lowrey Assistant Principal, Mr. Samir Dakhlallah called the 47 names of the veterans who were once Lowrey students.  They all served in the military and had passed away.  When he was calling the names, current Lowrey students were putting white, blue, and red flowers at the base of the flagpole.  After that event it was time for the Honor Guard Salute which was held by the Dearborn Allied War and the Veterans Council also known as DAWVC. The veterans in this group saluted and then they shot their guns (with fake bullets) into the air three  times. They did this to honor anyone who died serving the U.S.A. in the military. Next, Jim Helka (DAWVC) used a bugle horn to play the song TAPS. It is a traditional song used in the armed services . Last but not least, Mrs. Maha Fayad, Lowrey’s  Administrative Intern, gave the closing remarks. Everyone clapped and the ceremony ended successfully.  Lowery takes great pride in upholding this tradition and honoring the veterans in our community.

New Teacher Interview: Ms. Mai Bazzi

by Ishl Wasfy

Ms. Mai Bazzi started working at Lowrey during the summer of 2021 when she taught 5th graders for the Lowrey Summer Program. She now teaches 7th Grade Math and 8th Grade Science. She’s worked at many private schools, where she taught 4th and 5th graders.  Ms. Bazzi has also taught 6-8th grade Math and Science. Ms. Bazzi has been teaching for 14 years total.

Ms. Mai Bazzi had connections at Lowrey School before she started working in the building.  She and Ms. Fawzieh Bazzi (8th Grade teacher at Lowrey)  were in high school and college together.  In addition, another Ms.Bazzi, her sister, is a long term substitute at Lowrey. She earned her bachelors and master’s degrees from The University of Michigan-Dearborn. She cheers for blue. In her free time Ms. Mai Bazzi  reads, meditates, and does yoga. Ms. Bazzi also enjoys studying about how the brain functions and photoshopping.  When asked how she feels about working at Lowrey school, she replied,  “I enjoy that everyone here is a family and willing to help each other.  Administration is always willing to support staff and students- and that has been very helpful.” Her real family consists of her two sons Mohamed Ali who is currently eighteen years old, and her younger son Mahdi who is fourteen years old.

Ms. Mai Bazzi is a welcome addition to the Lowrey School Family!