February 5

Assembly 2/11/19

We will be having an assembly Monday morning.  The assembly is free except if students would like their picture taken with an animal.  Then, the cost is $10.00.  I will be collecting money and permission slips in Science and Social studies classes over the next few days.  All money and forms are due FRIDAY, 2/8/19.  Students were sent home with permission slips today, but I am attaching one to the post. In addition, I am attaching the link to the Barnhill Preserve website for you to preview.

Barnhill Preserve Website


Permission Slip

Roo Merch 2018





February 1

2/1/5 B Day Homework: Brainpop Immune System and Lymphatic System

The directions are in google classroom, but I will post them here again

Watch the videos for the immune system and the lymphatic system. Take the quizzes for both and hand them in Tuesday. Absent students you made download the forms or pick them up Tuesday from the absent work folder.
login for brainpop: bryantmiddle
password: pop1

Brainpop link  https://www.brainpop.com/search/?keyword=Body+Systems

Worksheets:    Immune system WS    Brainpop immune system     Lymphatic System WS     Brainpop-lymphatic system 



January 9

Test Retakes

Test Retakes will be next Wednesday, 1-16-19 before(, after school , or by appt at another time.


Anyone who had a 90% or below is eligible.  However, the highest possible score is 90%.

You may take the iLearn part, the written part, or both.

You must see me for an entrance ticket. I will not post one on the blog.  You need to advocate for yourself and Be Responsible

You must provide 2 pieces of evidence that you re practiced for the test.

One of those pieces of evidence can be attending a reteaching session, Friday 1-11 from 3:00-3:30pm

or Tuesday 7:20-7:50am