April 17

Homeworkfor B Day 4-17-19

For homework remember you need to do the visuals and vocabulary section of your THIEVES worksheet.  Just write down the vocabulary words for pgs. 54-67. Write down 3 things you already know about them. The write three questions that could be answered about the words.  Think about making true/false, multiple choice or fill in the blank questions

March 29

Science Fair Update

We are progressing through the science fair projects.  Projects are due April 15th.  This will be a summative grade for the fourth marking period.  If a student(s) does have their project complete by then, they will not be able to compete in the annual Bryant Science Fair.  They will still need to complete the project however and the best possible grade they can receive at that point would be a 90%.

We have been spending a good portion of class time working it lately.  Some experiments will need to be done at home.  I have advised students to talk with group mates over break and possibly get together and work through their project.  I have told students if they complete something send it to me by scanning it and taking a picture of it on their phone and emailing it to me.  i can take a look at it and give them feedback and let them go onto the next part.  I will be attaching forms for the kids to download if they  need them.

The school is providing the display board, but if the kids wan to decorate their boards, they need to supply those materials.

I will be showing students samples and continuing work next week April 8th.

Our schedule will be slightly different that week

Monday: A day    Tuesday: B day   Wednesday- Friday A day 46min B day 46 min(science and social studies)

I will also be available after school Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and possibly Friday from 3-4pm to work on projects with students

Again, The more they can do at home the better.

Opening Letter

Dear 6th Grade Bryant Parents

Hypothesis and Materials Form

Hypothesis & Listing Material Section (1)

Lab Report Form


Science Fair Rubric and Guide For Setting Up Your Display Boards ( The school is providing the tri-fold board).  You have to provide materials to decorate the board)

Science Fair Rubric




March 29

Make up Missing work

I will allow students to make up these assignments if they have them missing.  However, they need to turn them into me before advisory starts at 8am Monday April, 8th. They have to bring them to me.  I will not be asking for them.  I already asked at least 1 time for them.   I will also be taking off 20% for being late.  I will only be accepting these three assignments for late work.  Please do not ask me to make up anything else

Labeling Respiratory system

Labeling Respiratory System

Respiratory Shuffle

Respiratory Shuffle

Heart Diagram-Use google classroom to help you label the heart.  Color, Label, and draw arrows just like you see in the picture


March 22

Quiz over Circulatory and Respiratory System

We will be having a quiz over they circulatory and respiratory systems on Wednesday for B day Students( I don’t want you taking it on Spirit day) and Thursday for A day students.

This will be our last summative grade of the marking period.  I will give you 2 attempts, but I will not have time for retake.  YOU HAVE TO STUDY!!!! I AM GIVING YOU MULTIPLE RESOURCES TO STUDY WITH. Please prepare properly!!!

Circulatory system review sheets with answers

circ rev key1     circ rev key2

Respiratory system review sheets with answers

resp review key 1   resp review key 2

Link to Quizlet


Links to Brainpop     Login:bryantmiddle  Password: pop1



March 22

Science Fair Update

Dear Parents,

I wanted to update you on the progress of our Science Fair Projects.  Most students are progressing through the Scientific Method quite well.  Some are getting very close to conducting their experiment.  The experiment part should be done at home as if possible.  I can help them analyze their data and make conclusions, but it would be very difficult for me to do over 60 experiments and help them make observations and record data.  Please ask your child what they and their group members plan on doing for their project.  During Spring Break would be an excellent time to get the experiment done.

Next week I will stay after school on Thursday from 3:00-4:30 to help students with experiments if needed and if they are ready.  That means their background research, hypothesis, materials list, and procedure is done.  I have room to accommodate 10 groups I think.

I will provide the same sessions on April 9,10,11  and possibly the 12th as well.  The project will be due April 15th. Please see previous posts for details.  What is not complete April 12th will have to come home with students and be completed. Attached are some guidelines for each component.

Science Fair Lab Report

March 7

Science Fair: May 1rst

We will be having our annual Science Fair on May 1rst.  Students will be completing a majority of the work at school, but they will have to do work at home.  Please review the following letter with child.  Most groups already has their question complete, but some need encouragement.  The due date is going to be April 15th.

Science Fair Letter

Science Fair Letter 2

Attached are some websites that may with finding ideas if you are discovering. I’m including two website that may have some potential ideas.  You don’t have to use these.  There are MANY sites you can use.

I saw a lot of neat ideas on this site


These site also looked like they had some potential


Science Fair Projects for Middle School