*****RAIN PLAN IN VIDEO UPDATE!!! on Schoology–

Quick version! Students please come to school 9:30 Group B and 10:00 Group A… we will do GAMES INSIDE beginning at 10:00, then have lunch INSIDE, and at 11:15 PARENTS CAN COME TO DOOR 10 by the cafeteria to watch the certificate ceremony and our songs!!! Following the ceremont inside (wear a mask) we will go outside to get our ICE CREAM from the ice cream truck and then it is dismissal from there!!!

**Please bring ONLY your 20 goodies if you want to contribute to the friendship goodie bags.  NO BACKPACKS or BLANKETS will be needed!

***Dress for inside “field day” type games!!!

Let’s have a great LAST DAY of kindergarten!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mrs. Fowler

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