Homework and Reminders 5-7-2021

Please fill out the ONLINE health screener before your child comes to Oakman on the Hybrid days. Thank you. This is much appreciated to keep everyone safe and healthy!


^^^^The link above is the online health screener that MUST be filled out before your child comes to school. Thank you!

stay safe
our voices have power face mask

Math Schoology DAILY VIDEO assignment:

***ALL assignments will are due by the end of the week (Friday).  It is suggested to manage your time and try to still do about “1” a day… 


**REMEMBER**Click the book to open the online assignment “UNIT 7 WEEK 3” and then click the yellow circle for “done”– you can do a few activities each day– This is due  (Tuesday, May 11, 2021.)

PLEASE READ 10-15 minutes EACH DAY and record on your log — BONUS, you can do the writing activity on the last page in your WRITING BOOK.

****This bag will leveled books and papers— log and retell rope— will need to come TO SSCHOOL on your A/B day so we can read together and I can check reading logs— thank you!!!

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REMEMBER!!!! You should also be spending 10-15 minutes EACH DAY on CLEVER online resources, reading eggs (10 min.) and Rainbow “e” MATH PATH (10 min.) and READING PATH (10 min.) ****If your path are not working (students who started the year late did not have paths assigned)**** Please go on the abcya.com site and choose games for letters (reading) and Numbers (math) for about 30 minutes each day. Thank you!

Remember rainbow “e” is great practice for the NWEA test!!! The program uses NWEA scores to give students their learning path and uses the language and question style like the NWEA test. This is a great learning tool to use at home!!!

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NEW Reading high frequency word cards for this week ***ADD to your star bag:

Please practice at home and make sure to bring in these cards to school

each day you come!!! THANK YOU!!

New Spelling Words

***Test Monday, May 10 and Tuesday, May 11, 2021.***

Thursday: FUN sentences!!! Write your OWN sentences and underline the spelling word you use in each sentence!!! This is great practice to be ready for the BONUS on our test!!! The second sentence, they now need to write on their OWN!!!!!!

****Please Note that ALL MATH VIDEO SCHOOLOGY assignments will be DUE by the end of the week (Friday).  We are posting 1 a day as before but will ONLY do the BLUE book pages at school… Yellow and Red books will be done at home… the video links are available for you to go back and watch if you have any questions and the homework helper page in there too!!!

****BENCHMARK Reading assignment will not be assigned and due until NEXT WEEK but you can start working on the ONLINE ASSIGNMENT this week as well as your PACKET Pages— these will be done at home on your own—DUE May 11, 2021.

In class we will focus on the booklet  pages and spelling/phonics work in addition to writing in your blue notebooks.

**Please make sure your backpack is packed and ready for in person learning- below are the supplies you will need:

Picture below are the supplies you will need for school:

***Make sure you bring your NEW math book— only need the blue one for school.

***Make sure you bring your NEW Benchmark booklet (Unit 7)!!!

***Make sure you bring your NEW leveled books and reading log, and retelling rope papers— keep together in large Zip Lock Bag.

***Make sure to bring your white board and DRY ERASE MARKER— please get new if you need over the weekend– thank you!

PLEASE make sure you have a pencil box or bag to keep crayons, pencils, scissors, glue, dry ease marker, easers, and cubes!!

PLEASE make sure you have a pencil box or bag to keep crayons, pencils, scissors, glue, dry ease marker, easers, and cubes!!


Group B- when you get home, here is your homework:

  1. Math VIDEO Assignment for Module 5 Lesson 19 and Lesson 20 we did in class the blue book pages, so do the yellow book fluency on your own as well as red book homework pages on your own and SUBMIT your Schoology VIDEO assignment.
  2. Spelling FUN sentences— please do this in your SPELLING NOTEBOOK – remember your sentences should be perfect- use your checklist!!!- this is practice for your BONUS #2 on your test!!!
  3. Benchmark assignment— choose an assignment to complete and/or packet pages— assignment is due Tuesday, May 11th.

Have a Happy Friday and a GREAT WEEKEND!!!

See you back at school and on ZOOM next week for a short week— ONLY MONDAY AND TUESDAY— remember SPELLING TESTS will be on Monday, May 10th and Tuesday, May 11th and your BENCHMARK ASSIGNMENT (Booklet, Packet Pages, and ONLINE assignments) will be due on Tuesday, May 11th!!!



Mrs. Fowler

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