Homework and Reminders 1-13-21 ***Learning labs are one-on-ones for reading assessments, please be on time and ready!

Math Schoology VIDEO assignment for today:


**REMEMBER**Click the book to open the online assignment “UNIT 4 WEEK 2” and then click the yellow circle for “done”– you can do a few activities each day– TRY YOUR BEST! This is part of your  FRIDAY BENCHMARK SCHOOLOGY VIDEO ASSIGNMENT!! DUE  FRIDAY January 15, 2021!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TODAY AS PART OF BENCHMARK VIDEO!!!

Reading Online Assignments through CLEVERPLEASE go on rainbow “e” for 10 minutes each day on reading path and 10 minutes each day on math path. KEEP doing reading eggs daily also, 10 minutes each day! THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK! 

***REMEMBER RAINBOW “e” READING PATH AND Reading Eggs are great ways to “study” and prepare for NWEA READING COMPUTER TESTS that will be taken THIS WEEEK (Wednesday morning)!!!!!***

***We will NOT take the NWEA MATH TEST until Spring… so Let’s focus on REAdING PRACTICE these next days using rainbow “e” reading path and READING EGGS!!!!! Great programs to practice on your own!!!


Reading high frequency word cards:

Make sure you add cards: “on” “you” “up” and “in” this week and practice all 25 words to know by sight (MEMORIZE!!) you will be tested on these at one on one learning learning labs THIS WEEK during one-on-ones!! You must add the words “he” and “dog” you can make seperate cards or ADD these works to the other cards for this week… “it” and “and”. You will be tested over all 25 words this week during learning labs!!


Today you have Science ENRICHMENT !! Please go to courses and click Science ENRICHMENT. Please watch videos and do any assignments listed for Science ENRICHMENT .

Go to your COURSES in schoology and find SCIENCE ENRICHMENT as shown below:

Email the Science ENRICHMENT teacher if you have any questions about Science:

Lisa Grucz


WRITING/SOCIAL STUDIES: complete in your notebook and be ready to show tomorrow… how can we use water… to drink… to cook, to swim… to take a bath/shower…etc.—- be ready to share tomorrow at morning meeting!!!

Learning Labs this week will be ONE ON ONES and we will be doing reading and math assessments. Please be on time and ready- the waiting room will be enabled to make sure we stay focused and on track– please wait until I let you in!!! DO NO LEAVE!!

Looking forward to great learning labs this afternoon!!! Please be ON TIME!

GREAT JOB on NWEA reading testing this morning!!!! So proud of ALL of you for trying your best and showing what you know!!

NWEA scores and reports will be sent with report cards. I cannot access the reports until tomorrow.

Maryam A, Maryam H, Mehdi, and Su Su will finish their tests on Thursday morning with Ms. Bost.

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Mrs. Fowler

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