High School

Best Cell Phone Plans

11th/12th Grade Math

A high school Math lesson.  Students will collect data about different cell phones companies to compare rate of change and y-intercept to decide which one is the cheapest phone plan. Then they will graph the different companies plan to see graphically which plan is better.

Best Cell Phone Plans – Project Design Overview and Student Learning Guide

Helmet Design for Healthier Brains

10th/11th Grade Conceptual Physics

A high school conceptual physics project.

Students will engage in teams and learn about the interaction of forces to develop a safer helmet design that reduces momentum of a hit on the head in football. They will analyze different types of sports-related head injuries, analyze the current state of helmet design, and design and conduct an experiment to test model helmet designs. They will share their finding and use their new knowledge to make recommendations to improve the performance of helmets.

Helmet Design for Healthier Brains – Project Design Overview and Student Learning Guide

All Aboard for Abroad!


Students show pride in their country and culture in writing. Students create a brochure in which they highlight the most prominent features/places/traditions/beliefs/foods/celebrities related to their home country and culture. Students integrate technology by doing research relevant to their topic, looking at sample brochures and embedding YouTube videos into their presentations. Students create artifacts that represent different aspects of their culture (brochure).

Project Design Overview

Construction Project

10th Grade Honors Integrated Math

Use their skills from Geometry and Algebra, and their perspective of their learning environment, to plan a renovation to improve the school.  I tell them the budget is unrestricted and the entire property is up for grabs, but it has to be reasonable and make sense. They have to pretend they’re presenting to the school board and so the ideas and prices they come up with have to be realistic.

Project Design Overview

Newcomer Guide to Navigate Through Fordson High School

9th Grade EL World History

Students will be placed in groups of 3 and draw and day a layout of their designated hallway.  Each student must draw what they see as a map maker and decide which map best takes scale and distortion into account.  Students will use their maps and begin to prepare to make a video of a scenario of a new student navigating through the school to make it from class to class.

Project Design Overview

French Revolution Memorial

9th Grade World History and Geography

Students take on the roles of historians and monument designers that are putting together a proposal for a new monument in Paris that memorializes the French Revolution. They will need to include four symbols in their monument design that are rooted in firsthand accounts of the event. Each symbol will need an explanation that justifies how/why it connects with how the French Revolution was experienced by someone who lived through it. The plaque explaining the monument will have to synthesize these competing accounts into a cohesive statement about the nature of the revolution. The Parisian mayor’s representatives (guest judges) will review the proposals and select the most suitable.

Project Design Overview

Planning for a Dance

Special Ed- Grade 14

Students will work closely with staff and be given choices to determine appropriate means of budgeting, planning, and fund-raising in order to engage and expose them in creating an authentic experience for students, staff, and family members alike.

Project Design Overview