5.1 Book Section

Sorry kids—they changed the way the iblog functions and I cannot find the button I used to use to upload files. I have taught myself way too much technology these last few weeks to even take the time to figure this our or deal with it. 5.1 was attached to my email and there it shall stay.

HW #5

  1. Hello again! Today’s HW will review the Chebychev Rule.
  2. I have attached a YouTube video if you need some review before doing the assigned problems, which are attached below.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMgK000XFhA
  4. Nothing will be assigned over the weekend, but expect some review every M-F, except during spring break in April.
  5. Please let your classmates know to come here as well. Every day we will do some small college or stats review. On days where even I am bored, you will get some puzzles like HW #4.
  6. Take care!!!

Coronavirus HW #3

  1. Thank you to all those that are turning in the homework. I will be updating grades soon.
  2. Today for college review, I have some factoring practice!! Yay!!
  3. If you are having issues opening my word docs, I can try to send as PDFs. I have attached other important info below!
  4. Comcast is offering free internet service for low income for 60 days call 1-855-846-8376 or sign up https://www.internetessentials.com/covid19 

Edsel Ford High School will be begin loaning out Chromebooks for Edsel Ford students remote learning needs tomorrow — Thursday, March 19, 2020 from 10am-2pm

We will be located at the teacher’s entrance sliding doors off of Pelham Road

Here is the plan for the handout:

·         To get a Chromebook you must be an Edsel Ford Parent or student that is 18 years of age (ID will be checked) Please have ID ready

·         Please enter off the Pelham Road entrances- Chromebooks will only be handed out at the Teachers Sliding Door entrance- There will be signs (Please keep in mind that the Food Distribution will be going on as well behind the cafeteria between (10-12noon)

·         We anticipate handing out hundreds of Chromebooks – please be patient while waiting

·         Parent or 18 year old student will receive 1 Chromebook per family

·         Parent or 18 year old must fill out two copies of a Parent Acknowledgement  Sheet

·         Edsel staff will verify your ID and Info

·         Parent or 18 year old student will receive 1 Chromebook and a copy of the Parent Acknowledgement Sheet as you prepare to exit

·         Edsel staff will collect 1 copy of the signed Parent Acknowledgement

·         After receiving your Chromebook we must ask everyone to exit to avoid violating the 10 person crowd rule and keep the line moving

Coronavirus HW #2

  1. Today we are going to review the Empirical Rule–as it is used in chapter 5.
  2. Please watch this video from Khan Academy to review the Empirical Rule.
  3. https://www.khanacademy.org/math/ap-statistics/density-curves-normal-distribution-ap/stats-normal-distributions/v/ck12-org-normal-distribution-problems-empirical-rule
  4. I have attached a few problems along with the number line we used in class. Take a pic of your work or just reply to my email with your answers.
  5. Once I have checked in your HW, I will send you the work with answers so you can see how you did.
  6. I AM putting this in the gradebook. If you are able to, please contact other stats students and let them know in case they are not checking their school email.
  7. Stay safe and healthy! But also do some school work 🙂

Coronavirus Assignment #1

Hello everyone! I hope this finds you safe and healthy! We have been instructed to assign daily work and check 2 assignments a week. Your first assignment is come college review problems, attached below. Email me your answers (and work, if possible). I will check that you have done your best to complete the assignment. Once you email me your assignment, I will actually send you the answers with explanations!!!

Since I am not sure if everyone has access to technology, I will not be moving on with the stats material. We will do college review. Let’s see how many of you remember your basics!! hahahahahah. I mean…..good luck!

Please take care of yourself and your family. Do your best to not follow the news and social media too much–take a break and try not to get too anxious about stuff. Hope to see you all soon and we WILL figure all of this out. In the long run, it will just be something else we talk about to our kids, like JFK, 9-11, Pearl Harbor.

Now–get to some math! This is from the accuplacer test.