New Music Assignments Posted Tomorrow 4/27

Hello all!

Tomorrow new assignments will be posted for music class. Each student needs to complete one assignment thought each week there are three options. Attending our live lesson and sing along, completing the video lesson or completing the reading and writing lesson.

Here is the schedule for live lessons

Monday 4/27 – 5th grade – 1:30 4th grade – 2:00 3rd grade – 2:30. Kindergarten/1st grade sing along – 3:30

Tuesday 4/28 – 2nd grade – 11:30am

Friday 5/1 – 1st grade – 11:00 Kindergarten – 11:30. 2-5 sing along – 3:00

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Mr. Ochoa

2 thoughts on “New Music Assignments Posted Tomorrow 4/27

    • If you scroll down past this post, you will find a post with directions on how to register for your grade level classroom and for the sing along classroom. Each require a unique code which is listed, you will only need to enter the code once. Let me know if you have any more questions. Have a great week!

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