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Music Schedule for Schoology

Posted by on November 3, 2020

Hello musicians! Please see below your schedule for completing the music assignments on Schoology as well as your live music lesson schedule.

My assignments are open all week but it’s best if you use the time from 1-1:50 on your music day to complete the assignments. There will be 2 short assignments every week to complete. If you need help, make sure to come to your live music lesson or email me,

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MONDAY 1-1:50

K –Bartolomei (Live Lesson on Zoom 1:25 -1:40)

K – Newsted (Live Lesson on Zoom 1:00 -1:15)

5th – Mosed (Live Lesson for both 4th and 5th on Zoom 2:25-2:40)

5th – Habhab (Live Lesson on Zoom 2:00-2:15)

TUESDAY 1-1:50

1st – Ceiko (Live Lesson on Zoom 1:00-1:15)

3rd – Earle

3rd – Hespen (Live Lesson on Zoom 1:25-1:40)


1st – Talluto (Live Lesson on Zoom 1:00-1:15)

1st – Wolski (Live Lesson on Zoom 1:30-1:45)

4th – Elward (Live Lesson on Zoom 2:00-2:15)

4th – Logel (Live Lesson on Zoom 2:25-2:40)


Y5s – Mehrohf (Live Lesson on Zoom 1:00-1:15)

K – Fowler (Live Lesson on Zoom 1:25-1:40)

K – Rawson (Live Lesson on Zoom 2:00-2:15)

FRIDAY 1-1:50

1st – Hoffman (Live Lesson on Zoom 1:00-1:15)

1st – Younce (Live Lesson on Zoom 1:25-1:40)

2nd – Earle (Live Lesson for both 2nd and 3rd on Zoom 2:00-2:15)

2nd – Kdouh (Live Lesson on Zoom 2:25-2:40)

If you do not know how to access the Music Course on Schoology, please see the video below.

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