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MaGruder’s American Government


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Magruder’s American Government Textbook Glossary



McGruder’s American Government-Textbook PDF (2010 Edition)

Chapter 1-Priniciples of Government

Chapter 1-Principles of Government-Textbook-PDF


Chapter 2-Origins of American Government

Chapter 2-Origins of American Government-Textbook-PDF


Chapter 3-The Constitution

Chapter 3-The Constitution-Textbook-PDF


Chapter 4-Federalism

Chapter 4-Federalism-Textbook-PDF


Chapter 5-Political Parties

Chapter 5-Political Parties-Textbook PDF


Chapter 6-Voter and Voter Behavior 

Chapter 6-Voter and Voter Behavior-Textbook-PDF


Chapter 7-The Electoral Process

Chapter 7-The Electoral Process-Textbook-PDF


Chapter 8-Mass Media and Public Opinion

Chapter 8-Mass Media and Public Opinion-Textbook-PDF


Chapter 9-Interest Groups

Chapter 9-Interest Groups-Textbook-PDF


Chapter 10-Congress

Chapter 10-Congress-Textbook-PDF


Chapter 11-Powers of Congress

Chapter 11-Powers of Congress-Textbook-PDF


Chapter 12-Congress in Action

Chapter 12-Congress in Action-Textbook-PDF


Chapter 13-The Presidency


Chapter 14-The Presidency in Action


Chapter 15-Government at Work-The Bureaucracy

Chapter 15-Government at Work-The Bureaucracy-Textbook-PDF


Chapter 16-Financing Government

Chapter 16-Financing Government-Textbook-PDF


Chapter 17-Foreign Policy and National Defense

Chapter 17-Foreign Policy and National Defense-PDF


Chapter 18-The Federal Court System

Chapter 18-The Federal Court System-Textbook-PDF


Chapter 19-Civil Liberties-First Amendment Freedoms

Chapter 19-Civil Liberties-First Amendment Freedoms-Textbook-PDF


Chapter 20-Civil Liberties-Protecting Individual Rights

Chapter 20-Civil Liberties-Protecting Individual Rights-Textbook-PDF


Chapter 21-Civil Rights Equal Justice Under the Law