Learning can happen without the use of a screen. Check out these fun ideas:

It’s important to get time away from screens. Choose several things from this list to brighten your day! Connect (with each other), explore, create, and move!  How many can you check off?

Read!Find a comfy corner to curl up with a book (maybe in your blanket fort)
Read a story to a family member
Read to a pet 
Listen to an audiobook while you color or draw here.
Read a book outside
Play! Play a board or card game with your family
Play hide-and-seek
Hide a treasure for your family to find and draw a treasure map
Have a tea party with your stuffed animals
Build a fort out of blankets and pillows
Play with your pet
Create! What art supplies do you have? Paint? Crayons? Colored pencils?
Make cards to send to a family member or friend.
Act out a favorite story for your family
Draw a picture of yourself
Decorate Easter eggs
Make finger puppets of favorite book characters
Maker Challenges – multiple screen-free STEM challenges for home (printer helpful)
A free downloadable coloring book
Go outside!STEM Outdoors BINGO board
Go for a walk with your family
Search for shapes, numbers, or words in your
Draw on the sidewalk with chalk
See how far you can get a hula hoop to roll.
Run to catch it before it falls.
Blow bubbles
Move!Create a dance for a favorite song and teach it to a family member
Make an obstacle course
Place tissues on your heads and see how long you can dance around without letting it fall off. Who made it the longest?
See how far you can jump.
Mark your spot with a piece of tape and see if you can beat your last jump.
Make a hopscotch game with chalk outside or tape inside 
Help!Plan a menu with your family
Help to prepare a recipe, practicing measuring ingredients
Tidy your room
Sort your dirty clothes into light and dark colors
Help your brother or sister with their work
Keep your workspace clean and organized
Train your pet to do a new trick

special thanks to Mrs.Rydlicki and Mrs.Pelaccio for these great ideas.